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How much money is in the box that Uomi hold?

It’s actually not difficult to calculates. The price of a game disc is three thousand Japan currency. This time everyone brought one thousand game discs to the game fest.

This means that there should be three million Japanese currency in the box.

What does three million Japan currency means?

It can be said a lot but actually not much. The annual income of the ordinary working-class is almost this figure.

But it’s also not a small amount of money, at least in the eyes of these girls, this is definitely a huge sum of money!

“In just two hours… we made so much money?”

Looking at the banknotes in Uomi’s box, Maki’s eyes were rounded. The box contained almost a full year of her father’s income, but they actually earned them in two hours.

How can she keep her calm?

“What a mistakes, although I am very optimistic about Yalin-kun’s game, I’m still too conservative. If I knew this would happens, I should have ordered ten times more!”

Maki couldn’t believe her eyes, but Uomi holding the box full of banknotes was frowning slightly.

The game sold like hot cakes must be beyond her expectations. If it’s like this, even if she ordered more than ten thousand copies, it is definitely possible to sell everything in three days!

The customers around still didn’t leave yet, some people even asking if they would replenish the stock, which shows how popular Generation XTH is to the customers!

Clearly the fest just started. Why it’s so exaggerated?

“Ten… ten times?”

Uomi’s words startled everyone, increase to tenfold the three million they just made… 30 million?

Can high school students earn 30 million from making games?

Takagi Maki-san born in a working family has already started to breathe quickly!

“It’s been so hard now, can we still bear ten times the order? Not to mention, our goal is not to sell games at the game fest?”

To be honest, Li Yalin was very surprised they can get so much money at the game fest, but his expression is very calm unlike everyone.

Admittedly, he thinks Uomi’s statement is correct. Looking at the trend, they can easily sold everything in three days even if it’s really ten thousand game discs.

But is that really necessary?

It is not that he does not lack money, but he feels that they should get their priorities right. What they should focus their attention to is the next competition.

Generation XTH has shown enough potential on the first day of the game fest, whether they can get more profit now is not important.

“You are right… I almost forgot.”

With Li Yalin’s reminder, Uomi also reacted. She did not come here to make money. All of this is for the future of Eiryou High School.

This is her ultimate goal!

They should focus on the upcoming competition!

Speaking of this game competition, it can only be regarded as a small episode at the game fest. It’s just a game produced by high school students after all. With a little gimmick, it can attract the attention of visitors but that’s it.

Otherwise, the official won’t just give out a few hundred thousand Japan currency as the prize.

As for the additional online free promotion, it is a no-cost transaction, but it is only a week’s recommendation. What the harms for promoting a game made by high school students? Not to mention it can increase the number of topics on the internet.

Of course even if it’s just an event competition for entertainment, it can’t be too sloppy. A game that is truly qualified to take the stage to participate in the competition is definitely not something created by high school students.

In fact, every games that appears in this competition had a professional game team behind them, but whether they put any effort to their game is up to them.

So under normal situation, game higher than average and the most eye-catching in this competition will be chosen. The event is deemed successful as long as the game can attract people attention.

They can’t be too demanding to the kids, even not to expect anything at all, they have to look at it with tolerance.

The official judges who organized the game competition probably held this attitude before the start of the competition. In fact, they did intend to do so until they found that there was a far above average works in this competition, even a game comparable to the work of a large game company.

“What type of game is this? Dungeon game? Turn-based game? Role-playing game? Development game?”

“Imaginary world theme? What a novel concept!”

“This mechanism for setting the main characters ourself is really fresh. I never thought that I could create the main characters myself. It was like I entered the game myself!”

“It’s extremely playable, my god… how long does it take to finish the quest? How much time it take to make such a game?”

“I haven’t encountered a bug until now… it’s incredible!”

Admittedly, Generation XTH is a relatively trivial and uninnovative niche game in Li Yalin’s eyes, but many of it’s settings will makes people in this world excited.

At least these judges who are reviewing this game are being conquered by this game.

Well… even the gamers who came into contact with this game in the booth was attracted by this game.

Honestly, Li Yalin who saw this scene is quite speechless. A game like this can have such a big impact. If he make those classic games from his original world, what will the effect be?

Although he has long known that the game industry in this world still not fully developed, but it’s not easy to such a degree, right?

Yes, the game industry in this world is really promising. Due to the vigorous development and support, the Empire’s entertainment industry has the least taxes. For example, Li Yalin’s games sold at the game fest are not subject to taxes at all. It is simply full of benefits.

The most important thing is that gamers in this world are extremely inclusive. When your game quality is not good enough, they will give you an understanding. If your game has a bug, they hope you fix it. In short, there are very few demanding fans. It gives the game industry a very strong survival soil.

Seeing this scene, Li Yalin couldn’t help but feels excited. He really want to start a game company now, making all the classic games he knew.

This is not a joke, he is seriously considering this matter.

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