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Regarding the establishment of a game company, Li Yalin still attaches great importance to it. Unfortunately he has no time at all and had no opportunity to implement them, so he can only take this idea into mind for the time being.

As for now, let’s focus on this competition.

There is no suspense for the winner of this game. Compared to those simple and rough games, Li Yalin’s Generation XTH simply beats everyone. Not to mention in this competition, this game produced by high school club can even compete with the works of those large game companies.

So with the voting of the audience and the judges ended, Li Yalin got the champion in the bag and received a cash prize of 500,000 Japan currency. At the same time, Generation XTH will be officially on the game website SLEEP platform, and received a week-long free promotion opportunity.

“This is good. Eiryou High School gaming club is well-known in the gaming industry. I have gotten… at least seven game companies want to cooperate with our gaming club, would you consider it?”

Nothing unexpected happens during the competition. They win all the way without suspense, which is completely expected by everyone.

But after the end of the game competition, a problem arise. A high school club produced such an amazing game is enough to subvert the game industry’s cognition. Especially this novel dungeon turn-based game also aroused the interest of many gamers.

Well, the contest was just over. As the leader on the bright side, the major game companies come to find Uomi. Their purpose is also very simple, they want to cooperate.

Uomi is both happy and worried regarding this result.

Eiryou High School gaming club would become really famous after this incident, but she was worried that is it really the right choice to cooperate with those game companies?

“Cooperation? I don’t have time to cooperate with those game companies!”

Well, Uomi doesn’t have to worry about this, because Li Yalin has never considered working with those game companies.

Nothing can be done about this. He is still a high school student now, he will suffer a big losses if he works with those game companies with this identity, it would be strange if he was not swallowed whole by them.

Rather than getting into the so-called ‘cooperations’ with those game companies, better wait until he accumulate enough capital and find the opportunity to do it himself.

“You have such a great talent, why don’t you cooperate with those game companies? You’ll lose a big opportunity to not work with them…”

Even after Li Yalin express his stand, Uomi was still worried. After all, Eiryou High School is only a high school, and the gaming club is just a club of this school. They can get some influence for cooperating with those game companies. It is hard to tell whether they are good or bad influence.

Leaving aside the school and club, Li Yalin has a very high game-making talent. In just a few days, he can make such amazing game. Would it be more beneficial for him if he can cooperate with those large game companies?

At least in Uomi’s opinion, it is difficult for her to understand Li Yalin’s choice.

“Talent… I have so many talents, do I have to limit myself to just game?”

Hearing Uomi talking about talents, Li Yalin’s expression is a bit awkward. All the talents he have are benefits given by the system.

But in front of a girl, how could a man say he can’t? Therefore, he must find an excuse to muddle through the issue.

“So this is what it’s called genius’ willfulness.”

Seeing Li Yalin’s statement, Uomi nodded in understanding after faltered for a bit.

She knows clearly that this game was made by Li Yalin, it means that he has at least talents in many fields such as music art and computer programming… or ability.

In this case, he has many choices to choose from in the future and can choose any field depends on his own hobby.

As he said, his future simply cannot be confined by a single game, which is the so-called genius’ willfulness.

Uomi found that she could understand more of the other person’s thoughts.

“I’m not being willful okay…”

Li Yalin was puzzled seeing her understanding expression, what a genius’ willfulness? I’m not being willful, okay!

But it is a pity that Uomi did not give him a chance to justify, because soon, she took out two million Japanese currency and handed it to him.

“This is…”

Looking at the new two bundles of 10,000 bills in front of him, Li Yalin couldn’t help but raised his eyebrows.

What does this mean?

“The agreed share, this is what you deserve, I have said them before.”

Putting these two bundles of banknotes in Li Yalin’s hands, Uomi answered in a natural manner.

“Share? Didn’t you say half share before? Isn’t this too much?”

Uomi taken it for granted, but it made Li Yalin frown.

He knew that the profit from selling games before was 3 million Japan currency, but that was not a net profit.

Renting booths, printing posters, making game discs… the most important thing is the cosplay of the three girls, it all costs money!

To prepare for these things can cost a million Japan currency. So how much left for herself if she give him two million Japan currency?

Nothing left for her!

“That’s right, this is the result of the half share. I’ve got what I want. These are what you deserve.”

Looking at Li Yalin who frowning towards her, Uomi smiled. This half share is calculated according to her mind, if she felt that this is the half share then so be it.

This is enough.

“I understand.”

Looking at Uomi’s smile, Li Yalin has understood her thoughts. From the beginning, she didn’t care about money. The reason why she left 1 million Japan currency is just to make up for the previous expenses.

If he can’t accept this then he might get into argument with Uomi. In fact, he has no reason to do that.

He nodded slightly to indicate that he understood what she meant, he directly collected the two bundles of banknotes.

He will take it since it was his money.

So… the two million Japanese currency plus half a million bonus check, he got a total of 2.5 million Japanese currency.

Nevertheless, having this amount of money didn’t sit well with him. To round it off, how about spending some of it?

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