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“Well done! Really worthy of Nene!”

How to spend part of the 2.5 million Japan currency is not a difficult issue for Li Yalin to decide.

The girls was a great help in this game fest. In order to express his gratitude to them, he want to buy a small gift for everyone.

With such idea in mind, Li Yalin sent Nene as a small spy to help him find out what everyone likes.

Facts have proved that his decision is very wise. Despite being a clumsy girl, it didn’t take her much time at all to finish the task excellently.

In this regard, he also gave Nene a very high evaluation.

“Club president, why you let Nene to ask everyone what gifts they like?”

Although Nene completed the task perfectly, Li Yalin’s action surprised Aoba. Why her club president asked Nene to help him find out the gifts everyone like?

“Of course to thanks everyone for their support and help. By the way Aoba and Nene, any gifts you want?”

“Ah? We also have a share?”

To Aoba’s surprise, Li Yalin wanted to buy a gift for everyone, not only the student council and Haruka trio, even her and Nene were no exceptions.

Buy gifts?

Us too?

She needs time to think about it.

“I want a laptop! Just kidding…”

Suddenly asked about what gift they want made Aoba didn’t know what she wants, but Nene on the side is jokingly speak out her desire for laptop.

Yes, she did not have any computer at home. She will be very happy if she can play games in a laptop.

But she also knew that it was impossible. The cheapest laptop was about 70,000 to 80,000 Japanese currencies. But that’s about one year of her pocket money, how can she get such expensive gift.

“So you want a laptop… what about Aoba? What do you want?”

Sakura Nene was joking and didn’t take it seriously, but Li Yalin still nodded to her half-heartedly, then turned his attention to Aoba.

“Me? I… just like Nene.”

Li Yalin’s gaze made her stunned. She could not think anything when asked what she wanted.

In this case, she pull her good friend over to share the responsibility.

That’s right, she didn’t mind getting the same gift as Nene.

There is nothing wrong with Aoba’s thinking, but when she sees two brand new laptops in front of herself and Nene, it’s really shocked her!

“Club president… what’s going on? This laptops…”

The meaning of Li Yalin’s taking out the two laptops is already very obvious, and Aoba’s head hung low because of it.

Not only Aoba, but Nene’s expression on the side was very weird. She couldn’t believe what she saw.

Although she jokingly said that she wanted a laptop, it’s just a joke okay!

How can they get such expensive gift!

“The two of you have worked hard today, and thank you very much for joining the gaming club. These two laptops can be regarded as gifts for joining the club. You cannot refuse gifts from the club president.”

It’s not a difficult thing for him to get these two laptops. This is a game fest after all, not only selling games, but also all kinds of electrical accessories.

What’s more, there is a large department store near the venue of the game fest, and everything is available there. Not to mention two laptops for Aoba and Nene. He also got the gifts for other girls in the shortest time.

He can give the gift to everyone in person later.

“Can’t refuse… club president, you are so cunning…”

Aoba should have known what Li Yalin means by now. They got a lot of money from the sell of Generation XTH in this game fest. For a normal company, it’s not a problem at all to give some of the money to reward employees.

But Eiryou High School gaming club is a club, it didn’t have much practical utility at all. But it will destroy his relationship with everyone once he takes all the money.

Taking all the money when everyone had contributes is not in his character, so the best approach is to give them a gifts.

In this way, Aoba could not refuse at all.

“This… this laptops is really for us?”

Compared to Aoba, Nene on the side could not keep her calm. In fact, she didn’t think that far.

She just made a random jokes, but she have never thought that she was really given a laptop, and it was a laptop model she dreamed of, which almost made her drool!

She subconsciously wanted to touch the laptop but then take it back again. She is now very tangled but also full of expectation. Her mood right now is very complex.

“Okay, don’t be entangled. It’s my gift for you, just accept it.”

Looking at the lovely reactions of the two little girls in front of him, Li Yalin couldn’t help laughing.

“I still need to give the others the gifts, so I can’t talk much with you guys. Remember to gather at the venue gate at 4 PM, now disband!”

Li Yalin have no more worries since the game competition is over. But no one expected the game would sell so well that the three-day work plan was compressed to half a day.

The car Uomi rented was set to pick them up at 4 PM in the afternoon. It’s very troublesome to call it in advance.

Since it is very troublesome, just wait until 4 PM. Anyway, this game convention is also one of Japan’s major events. He can take this opportunity to move freely and visit this game convention.

This is why Li Yalin asked Nene to ‘investigates’ and also take the opportunity to buy good gifts for everyone.

Now that he already gave Aoba and Nene their gifts, next is to give the student council trio and Haruka trio their gifts.

Li Yalin choose a decent one for their gifts. The price of the gift aren’t too expensive but also not that cheap, it should be around 100,000 Japanese currency.

Only Uomi must be different from others, so Li Yalin also took great pains to choose a platinum necklace of 230,000 Japanese currency for her.

Although the price is high, it is not a luxurious item even if it is worn by students.

Li Yalin can only choose this necklace for her as a gift. Otherwise he can only follow her original desire to buy a book…

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