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The gifts everyone want that Nene brought back are considered normal, except Uomi’s wish for a book that he had no way to get.

So in the end, Li Yalin could only give her this necklace, in exchange for Uomi’s odd eyes.

“This necklace… isn’t cheap, right? Why you give me this necklace? Want to bribe the leader?”

Getting a gifts from Li Yalin made the other two members of the student council a bit flustered. The price of the gifts is not cheap, they do not know whether they should accept it or not.

But when Uomi said this, they can’t think much anymore.

Bribing the leader?

This gift cannot be accepted!

But… Li Yalin-kun as vice president need to bribe them?

Clearly, he should be considered a leader.

“I might be able to give a better response if you said it with a little more expression, but now… Uomi student president, be a good example and accept my gift.”

He can only sigh looking at the expressionless Uomi, what is this? Uomi-style tsukomi? Too many to retorts!

How can they calmly accept his gifts if you say it so ambiguously in front of them?

They were hesitant, OK?

Read the atmosphere!

“Since it’s not a bribe, is it to pursue me? I’m not such a frivolous woman. Dating need a serious consideration.”

While Li Yalin sighing helplessly, Uomi finally showed some expression. She uses her hand to cover her lips and makes a shy look. Other people might be tricked into not being able to respond if it wasn’t for her lack of expression.

“Shy girls didn’t use such expressions. I have limited time here. I have to go to Minami’s trio after this. Can we get this done quickly?”

With the deepening of contact with Uomi, Li Yalin had found a way to deal with this student president-sama. He just need to be the straight man and do his duty to tsukomi.

Although he didn’t want to be the straight man, but he had no other way!

“Get it done quickly? Are you that fast Yalin-kun? I didn’t see that coming…”

Uomi student president, is it really okay to stare at the lower body of a schoolboy while saying this kind of nonsense?

To be honest, although Li Yalin is accustomed to Uomi’s dirty talks, but there are two girls watching beside you. Is it really okay to say this?

Well, Mori Nozomi-san and Aoba Toori-san face already flushed red, he can’t even tsukomi now!

I say… can the three of you stop staring at my crotch!

“So that’s it. I am going to find Minami’s trio.”

He was very calm before, but now he feel very embarrassed, he can’t bear the sight of the three girls. Even if he knows that Mori Nozomi and Aoba Toori are just subconsciously followed Uomi lead, but it still makes him really embarrassed!

So it is better to leave as soon as possible!

“Wait! I can accept this gift! But you have to accept my request!”

Li Yalin wanted to leave as soon as possible, but Uomi didn’t let him go so easily. She rushed over when he just turned around, directly blocking his way.

“What do you want?”

Seeing Uomi’s expression, Li Yalin knew she was going to do something but he still nod.

No matter what the request is, he need to solve them quickly.

“My request is… to put this necklace to me personally!”

Looking at Li Yalin’s helpless face, a hint of a smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. She picked up the necklace in her hand, and swept the ponytail on her shoulder to reveal her pink neck.

It’s a really simple request to say the least, it just need a stretch of hand to put the necklace on her.

But don’t forget that a boy of Li Yalin’s age had a weak control. It is really hard to say whether they can make such an intimate contact with a girl.

Yes, this is a very intimate contact. Look at Mori Nozomi and Aoba Toori on the side. Their faces was blushing, with a bit of expectation in their eyes.

This… want to see Li Yalin feel embarrassed?

What kind of thought Uomi had at the moment, Li Yalin can’t really guess, but he is very calm about her request.

Yes, if he is really as the age suggest, he may blush and flustered because of Uomi’s words, even fall into confusion when holding the necklace.

But he was a self-proclaimed otaku who was nearly 30 years old. He didn’t feel any pressure at all helping a 16-year-old girl to put on the necklace.

“Okay, I had put the necklace. I am going to find Minami’s trio now. See you guys at the meeting time.”

It was very easy to put the necklace on her. From beginning to end, Li Yalin’s performance was very calm and not shaken at all.

And this is far beyond Uomi’s expectations, even when Li Yalin said goodbye to her, she hadn’t been able to react.

He… really put them on her?

Can he understand what this necklace means to her…

Looking at Li Yalin’s back, she subconsciously stroked the necklace on her collarbone. Although there was no expression on Uomi’s face, her mood… was far from the calmness of the surface.

“So bold… Li-kun actually put the necklace on student president.”

“Yeah, I thought he would flinch. I would probably flinch if it were me.”

“That’s why he was bold.”

As witnesses of the incident, the other two members of the student council whispered to each other. They were quite amazed by Li Yalin’s bold move.

“Nozomi-san… Toori-san…”

Although their voice was not loud, it could not be hidden from Uomi. Their body tenses up when they heard Uomi’s voice.

Not good!

Did they disturb Uomi student president?

Although Uomi student president is usually very approachable, but sometimes…

“Since we have nothing else to do, let’s stroll around this game fest together.”

While Mori Nozomi and Aoba Toori were worried, they didn’t expect that Uomi suddenly smiled without talking about the incident, as if nothing had happened.

Does Uomi student president didn’t care at all?

Or is she intentionally ignoring it?

Subconsciously looking at each other, Mori Nozomi and Aoba Toori are very sensible to not mention it again. Let’s just forget the incident since the student president didn’t say anything.

Otherwise, they would be dead…

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