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“This… isn’t this is too expensive? I can’t accept this gift!”

Li Yalin’s gifts for the girls are not cheap, Maki and Atsuko was not exception.

He learned through the secret agent Nene that Maki wanted a tennis racket and Atsuko wanted a bicycle. Such a simple gift is naturally easy to get.

Of course he need to use his brain even for a very easy-to-buy gifts. It need to suit them and not pricey. For this reason, he made his decision after going through several stores.

As can be seen, Maki and Atsuko are both sports experts. They can see at a glance the value of tennis rackets and bicycles. This is why they had a big reactions.

Especially Maki, she kept shaking her head, her reaction is too excessive.

Does she really want this tennis racket as a gift? That’s a limited edition racket. Only one is for sale. She was not moved even with such a racket in front of her?

Well, she does felt touched, but Maki also knows that she can’t accept such an expensive gift.

She don’t mind if it’s just an ordinary racket, but this…

This is a limited-edition tennis racket with an official price of 88888 Japan currency. It’s not a price she can afford!

“That’s Li-kun, we really can’t accept such an expensive gift.”

Not just Maki, but Atsuko also the same. In fact, they had the same reactions in front of these expensive gifts.

They are not a materialistic girl, this trait is quite rare indeed.

But again, he did not want them to refuse his thank you gifts.

Aoba and Nene accepted them. Uomi and the other two also accepted it. But you guys refuse them?

“Uomi student president and the others accepted my gifts, but it was rejected by Takagi-san and Ono-san. Is my sincere not good enough?”

“I see, it seems I need to present a more sincere gift in order for Takagi-san and Ono-san to accept them!”

Li Yalin nodded thoughtfully towards Maki and Atsuko who keep shaking their heads, then sighed as if he understood something.

Immediately after he turned around and wanted to leave, of course everyone knew what he wanted to do.

According to his argument, since the gift is not sincere (costly) enough (expensive), then it should be replaced with a more authentic (costly) sincere (expensive) gift.

Both Maki and Atsuko were startled after realizing this fact. After looking at each other, they hurriedly rushed to his side to stop him.

“No Li-kun! We actually like the gifts!”

“Yeah Li-kun, we really like this gifts.”

Whether it’s Maki’s tennis racket or Atsuko’s bicycle, the price is basically around 100,000 Japan currency. What kind of gifts he will give them if even this is not considered expensive?

Li Yalin is very rich. Just selling games in the morning has earned him almost three million. This is very clear to the girls, so they has no doubt about him having the ability to buy more expensive gifts.

Hundreds of thousands of Japan currency is already too much for them. Maki and Atsuko can’t even imagine what would happens if he really buy a gifts that cost hundreds of thousands or even millions!

Stop him!

He must be stopped!

“Really? You guys like this gift? Want me to change them to a more sincere gift?”

It feels good to be surrounded by two girls, but he still pretended to look hesitant on the surface, like not convinced by their answers.

“I like it! Really like it! This is my dream gift!”

“Yes! I like this the most!”

What else can Maki and Atsuko say? They can only nod now.

“I’m happy you guys like them.”

After getting the answer he wanted most, Li Yalin smiled with satisfaction. But Haruka who had a panoramic view of the scene, couldn’t help but laughed.

“Li-kun, you are really a bad person.”

Haruka who was not involved, watched the whole process from the side. Li Yalin’s trick was naturally seen by her.

His little ploy was seen through by Haruka.

“Bad guy? Haruka, you mean…”

They finally realize it after being reminded by Haruka. They realize that they are being tricked by him.

This is really…

“You guys already took the gifts, you can’t take back what you just said.”

Looking at Maki and Atsuko on the opposite side, Li Yalin’s smiled triumphantly. The gifts he had given were non-refundable, which was his purpose.

“You are unexpectedly strong in this situation…”

Li Yalin’s smile mades Maki slapped her forehead, how can they refuse now?

“Speaking of which, you gave me and Atsuko a gift. What about Haruka? You won’t forget her, right?”

Maki also knew that she could not refuse Li Yalin’s gift. But she felt weird that she and Atsuko both received gifts, but Haruka who was most active in helping Li Yalin received nothing.

What does this mean?

Did they had a fight?

Or he does not want to give her the gift in front of everyone? .

Whatever the possibility, she was very curious.

“How could I forget Minami-san, but the gift that Minami-san wants… I can’t give it to her now, that thing is too big after all.”

Li Yalin saw Maki’s cunning eyes and knew that she had mentioned Haruka on purpose. He was helpless about this matter.

Yes, he gave Maki and Atsuko gifts now but that does not mean he neglected Haruka’s, nor was there any hidden meaning.

He really couldn’t help it. She want a washing machine. That thing was heavy. He can’t carry it through the venue even if he bought it, right?

His small body would be crushed to death?

So Haruka’s gifts would be delivered last, and he also needs to confirm Haruka’s home address for the electrical shop.

This needs her approval and he also need to do the follow-up process.

It was his money after all. He must sign them after the goods arrived.

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