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“I can’t seems… to refuse Li-kun. In this case, wanna visit my home Li-kun?”

With the precedent of Maki and Atsuko, Haruka knew that she can’t refuse at all. In fact, she didn’t want to refuse his gift. For a woman who needs to do all the housework, the importance of a fully automatic washing machine is self-evident!

Since she can’t refuse, Haruka simply did not struggle, but instead generously invited Li Yalin to her home.

“Okay, then I will bother you.”

Facing Haruka’s invitation, Li Yalin did not hesitate to agree. Because he also knew that it was the most convenient way for him. Otherwise, it would be troublesome to do the sign if he was not in her house.

And this is a good opportunity to visit Haruka’s house. Wouldn’t it be a shame not to go to the legendary Minami’s house?

Now that he decided to go to Haruka’s house, what he need to do next is very simple. He called Uomi student president, Aoba and Nene, and told them that he wouldn’t be leaving with them.

After that they went together with the electrical companiy car to Haruka’s home along with washing machine. It was so simple and fast.

He just didn’t expect that he’d come to Minami’s house today.

He was filled with emotion when he first entered Minami’s house.

He knows that sooner or later he will come to her house if he befriends her but he never thought it would happen so soon.

Her house is actually the simplest house in the most common residential building in Japan district, but this family is full of happiness and laughter that people yearn for.

Of course, living in Rabbit House is not necessarily inferior to the Minami house. It’s a tough choices between the two with Chiaki also there.

Okay, this is not the time to feel sentimental.

“Thanks for your gift, Li-kun.”

After arrived to Minami’s house, Li Yalin and Haruka first instructed the porter to arrange the washing machine. After signing, they finally sat down in the living room.

As the head of the family, Haruka quickly handed over tea to the guests and also expressed gratitude for his present.

She really likes this new washing machine.

“Actually, I still want to thanks everyone. The game will not be able to sell so well without you guys.”

He drink the tea from the mug. It’s really worthy of Haruka’s tea.

She really not need to thank him though. In the final analysis, it is all mutual help between friends.

“I am back.”

“I’m back!”

The conversation between Li Yalin and Haruka did not go on, because they heard the door open when they just drink the tea.

From the voice… is it Minami family’s second daughter Kana and third daughter Chiaki he had met before in the coffee shop?

“Eh? Are there guests at home?”

Yes, Li Yalin in the living room are not wrong, only Kana and Chiaki will be back home at this time.

After opening the door as usual, the first thing Kana saw was the strange shoes at the entrance, which surprise her. It’s unusual for Minami’s house to have men’s shoes.

Because of this Kana frowned and touched her chin, she would looks like Holmes if she wore a hat and bit a pipe.

“Let me guess, who is this guest?”

“Don’t get in the way dumbass!”

It’s a pity that Chiana behind her just reached out and shoved her without waiting for Kana to finish her guesses.

No way, Chiaki is not as happy as Kana. Instead of doing silly guesses in the entrance, it is better to go in and see.

A fool is a fool after all and will only do the stupidest thing.

“Chiaki… you are so rude!”

Kana who was shoved by Chiaki couldn’t help complaining, but just as she complained, Chiaki had already passed the hallway and came to the living room.

“Hold on! I also want to know who the guest is!”

Chiaki would be the first to know the truth again before she could make her guesses, Kana immediately cried out in sadness.

It is a pity that her cry has no effect and Chiaki has already seen the guests in the living room.

Maki and Atsuko are acquaintances and nothing to say here, then next… it turns out to be him!

The pianist in the coffee shop, Haruka onee-sama’s friend, the schoolboy who is somewhat similar to her father!

Chiaki is a pretty amazing girl, she can subconsciously block those who are useless to her, such as the dumbass, dumbass, and dumbass, all of whom are ignored by her.

Because of this, there are very few people she would remember, and it’s pretty impressive that she remember Li Yalin.

“I know you! You are the man who plays the piano in the coffee shop!”

Although Chiaki recognized Li Yalin, it was not her who first call him out but it was Kana who came after her. It can’t be helped, the most lively in Minami-ke is Kana.

Well, calling her lively is just being nice, but for Chiaki she’s just an idiot.


Their arrival is quite sudden, but it is also expected. It’s time to go home from school. It is normal for Kana and Chiaki to back now.

Meeting again, Li Yalin of course greeted them with a smile.

“Yo, you guys are back.”

As regular customers of the Minami family, Maki and Atsuko have almost regarded this as their home. Fortunately, Atsuko still has a sense of being a guest, but Maki… she is lying on the ground looking at manga book, greeted Chiaki and Kana without raising her head.

You are really doing as you please.

Li Yalin wanted to tsukomi her, but Chiaki suddenly walked over to him before he could tsukomi.

“This… is my place.”

Pointing to where Li Yalin was sitting, Chiaki said this without much expression on her face. He always felt that she was very similar to Uomi student president in this regard.

But Chiaki is not corrupted like Uomi student president. This girl is very smart.


“Don’t be rude Chiaki!”

Li Yalin didn’t have much contact with Chiaki and didn’t know his image in this loli’s heart. She suddenly mentioned that he occupied her place so he thought it was better to move away.

At the same time, Haruka frowned at the side. Li Yalin might not care about Chiaki’s actions, but as the elder sister of the Minami family, she can’t just let her imouto being so rude.

Making the guests get up? I don’t remember educating Chiaki being such an impolite child!

“No need to move.”

Haruka was a little angry while Li Yalin was going to move away, but Chiaki suddenly shook her head.

Before Li Yalin could react, she stepped forward and sat straight into his lap.

“This is fine.”

Chiaki frowned a little at first, as if she was a little uncomfortable, but her brows soon loosened, and finally nodded gently.

She seemed very satisfied with this.

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