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Fuck! What the hell is going on?

Am I replacing Fujioka role? But my goal is not the silly second sister!

He was confused when Chiaki suddenly sat on his lap. This is not a strange scene to him. Logically speaking, shouldn’t this be Fujioka’s plot who likes the silly girl?

Why Fujioka didn’t show up instead to replace him as Chiaki’s seat?

What’s going on?

“Sorry Li-kun, I don’t know why Chiaki became like this.”

Looking at her imouto sitting in her friend’s lap, Haruka’s expression become awkward. She was not very clear about Chiaki’s thoughts, but she could see that her imouto seemed to like Li-kun very much.

Chiaki wouldn’t take the initiative to make intimate moves towards schoolboy, at least until she met Li Yalin.

But now… what’s happened?

“I don’t mind, as long as Minami-san’s… imouto is happy.”

Although he was surprised, Li Yalin was not completely clueless. Because he could guess that since he replaced Fujioka as Chiaki’s ‘seat’, it also proved that his position in Chiaki’s heart is close to father or onii-chan role.

Should this be considered an honor?

This is a good thing, and Haruka doesn’t need to apologize.

“Call me Chiaki.”

When Chiaki in Li Yalin’s lap heard that she was called Minami-san’s imouto, her eyebrows wrinkled subconsciously, as if she didn’t like his way of addressing her.

So she raised her head, looked up at Li Yalin’s chin for a moment, and said such a sentence.

“It’s also very troublesome if you keep addressing Haruka with her surname. How about taking this opportunity to call her name directly? Anyway, your relationship with Haruka is already very good, isn’t it?”

With Chiaki’s remarks, Maki suddenly made this suggestion.

There are 3 sisters in Minami family, it would be hard to distinguish if he address them all Minami’s.

Li Yalin and Haruka haven’t known each other for a long time, but their relationship is pretty good. In this case, it should be no problem to address each other by first name.

“You’re right, it would be very troublesome if I keep addressing with surname. But besides Minami-san, our relationship is also pretty good right? Why Takagi-san only counted Minami-san, but left yourself and Ono-san?”

Li Yalin has long thought that he didn’t want to keep calling them with their surnames, and he will be very happy to call everyone’s name.

It’s just he had known them for a short period of time, it would be too abrupt if he suddenly address them with their name directly.

So he didn’t change them with such thoughts in mind, because he is very clear that changing the titles means their relationship will be more intimate.

He thought that he will get the opportunity later to change this, but who would have thought he got them in this unexpected trip to Minami’s house today.

He must use this opportunity well. Not just Haruka, Maki and Atsuko are the same, take this opportunity to enhance each other’s intimacy!

“It’s just a surname. You can drop them if you want. I won’t stop you.”

Maki’s face suddenly flushed with a blush when Li Yalin said that sentences. Although she didn’t feel much when talking with Haruka, it still make her shy when her name were called by a boy.

But she can’t show them on the surface and must hold it to the end.

“So you don’t mind me call you Maki?”

From Li Yalin’s point of view, Maki’s reaction is really interesting. This shy look is really interesting! It’s hard not to tease her.

“Of… Of course, no problem!”

Maki’s expression was a bit stiff when she hear her name being called by Li Yalin. Perhaps this is her first time being called directly by men outside her family.

But she still pretended to be calm, which looked quite interesting.

“I have called your name, should you also call me by my name?”

Such a funny Maki, how can Li Yalin let her go?

No, of course he need to keeps teasing her.

“Of couse I can, Ya… Ya… Ya… Yalin!”

“So my name is Ya-Ya-Yalin.”

“You… you are intentional!”

“Okay Maki, don’t be mad to Li-kun…”

“Maki called my name, Atsuko why do you still call me Li-kun?”

“Eh? Me?”

In the Minami family’s living room, Li Yalin’s relationship with these girls can be described as a big step forward. To be precise, it should be more open to everyone.

But when everyone chatting and laughing, Minami’s family silly girl, Kana who was not able to integrate into this group felt bored stretching her hand out on the tea table with a very unhappy expression.

No way, who let Chiaki sit in Li Yalin’s arms first, and the following topics was always revolving around the surname.

The others talking happily, but Kana can’t get into that topic at all.

Propped her chin with her hand while looking at her elder sister, then look at the Chiaki sitting in the lap of her elder sister’s friend, Kana pursed her lips. She did not want to disturb everyone, because she knows very well that she’ll be seeking death if she makes trouble now!

Because her elder sister Haruka’s mood is very happy now. The end will definitely be very terrifying if she makes her elder sister unhappy at this time.

If she really get angry…

Forget it, it’s better not make her angry.

“Look! Haruka is on TV!”

Because Kana couldn’t get into the topic, she picked up the remote control and turned on the TV to change channels. It was originally an subconscious action being bored, but the screen suddenly flashed a picture made her mouth wide open.

What did she see?

Her sister even appeared on TV?

Kana’s exclamation immediately attracted everyone’s attention, and then everyone’s eyes were focused on the TV screen.

As can be seen in the picture, it was Haruka wearing Saintess Jeanne cosplay. In fact, not only her but Li Yalin group were also photographed by the camera.

It’s just that compared to Haruka, other people are not so conspicuous at all. The only one who can grab the camera with her is only Maki and Uomi who are also cosplaying.

What the hell?

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