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“No, I’m not going to put Cat’s Eye on the magazine for serialization. If there’s no accident, I would choose to serialize on the internet.”

Shook his head gently, Li Yalin denied Chino. He had considered this issue from long ago.

Magazines serialization is indeed the best choice for manga work to raise. Using the resources of excellent magazines, you can make your work familiar to more readers.

But the problem is that there is a premise that it takes a lot of time.

Yes, even if Cat Eye is an excellent work, so what? Li Yalin has no acquaintance in the publishing industry. To publish a work, it must go through a series of processes such as submission review.

How much time will it take, who can tell?

If there is no time limit, Li Yalin doesn’t mind spending a little time to submit. But time doesn’t wait for anyone, so he can only choose another method – Internet serialization!

“Internet serialization?”

For Chino, internet serialization manga is definitely a new thing because she rarely contacts the internet. Kafuu’s house does not have a computer or internet. If the system hadn’t brought Li Yalin with an identity card and a smartphone when his identity was arranged, he might not be able to search about this world.

So earn money then buy a computer for himself!

No… buy two! One for him and one for Chino!

After feeling the pain of not having a computer, Li Yalin set this goal very seriously. Unfortunately, he is so poor that nothing remains in his pocket.

No way, the system has given Li Yalin bank card, the card balance… really miserable.

Drawing manga also needs money, other than pen, ink, and tools. He still need a lot of tools. It was too difficult for him to buy a computer.

All the bets are placed on the Cat Eye work. This is a battle that only allows success and no failure!

Well, putting aside on how to make money later. Let’s talk about why Li Yalin chose internet serialization.

Now the Japan district has become part of the empire. Although Japanese is still used as the district language, but Chinese and its writing are also required courses, which is very similar to Cantonese.

The magazines in Japan district can be divided into district and national distribution.

Only the works of manga magazines issued nationwide are the most popular. But similarly, the threshold of that kind of magazine is too high, and it is very troublesome to review. It is not Li Yalin’s first choice.

So how to let readers see mangaka’s works in the fastest time? The answer is as above, which is what Li Yalin called internet serialization.

As said before that the technological development of this world is not inferior to the world where Li Yalin was originally located. The internet is naturally very developed, and major publisher have established exclusive manga websites.

Because not all magazines in Japan district can be distributed nationwide, there are many works that are not seen outside the district. To make these works accessible to more readers, serialization on the internet will naturally become the first choice.

It is better to say that the profits created by internet serialization are far more powerful than imagined.

The copyright awareness of this world is very strong and the empire has also vigorously combated piracy. So readers want to read manga, either buy a magazine or tankōbon, or spend money to read on the internet.

In this case, the publishers put the serialized works on the internet is to look for more readers.

This is not only manga, but also novel. The business models of the two are almost the same, and the difference is limited to details.

But please note that the manga on the internet is not only the works serialized in the magazines. In fact, there are many that does not meet the publishing qualifications, or have been brutally axed but do not want to end their work.

It’s just that there is no website to promote such works, and the quality is not good enough. Even if it is put on the internet, it is just to earn a little extra money. Many manga authors didn’t even get their money back.

After all, the manga industry’s royalty is only a small amount. The real money is from copyright or additional product, such as adaptation of anime or work in that area.

But it’s hard for mangaka to get there.

Back to the topic.

Li Yalin chose internet serialization, mainly because the internet serialization uploading is simple. If the quality of the work is good enough, it will spread quickly. It will not take much time for Cat Eye work to produce result.

After all, the threshold of manga is still slightly higher than that of novels. In this case, an excellent work is more likely to be recognized by readers.

So without further ado. After explaining a little about the serialization to Chino, Li Yalin quickly selected a website – a manga website belonging to Elite Press, Weekly Young Fiery.

He choose this site mainly because Elite Press’s Weekly Young Fiery belongs to a major magazine that can be distributed nationwide, and the website’s traffic is the top kind.

The most important thing is that there is no need to sign a contract with the website for uploading works on this website. As long as it passes the review, you can manage the works independently. Whether it cost a fee or not is entirely up to the author.

In other words, uploading manga on this website, the manga author has considerable autonomy, and the revenue will also be split 7-3 with the website. The author takes the bulk, equivalent to using the platform of the website.

But this way, such works will not be able to obtain the promotion resources of the website, and can only rely on the author’s own operation.

This seems fair, but the non-magazine serialized works want to be on trending can be said to be infinite close to zero. Like Li Yalin does not submit his work to magazines, but directly uploads on mangaka website is definitely the first in history.

Li Yalin’s approach can be described as adventurous, because he uploaded his work to the internet, basically eliminating the serial hope of this work. If this work really sinks into the sea, it may not cause any ripples.

So in order to ensure a sufficiently high success rate, Li Yalin made sufficient preparations.

First of all, he drew an exquisite colorful picture as the cover. In the picture, Kisugi 3 sisters wore colorful tights clothes and put on a sultry pose. This can definitely catch the reader’s attention.

Li Yalin has absolute confidence in this cover. He can guarantee that as long as the reader sees this cover, they can’t help but click it.

And after they read chapter 1, they would definitely can’t wait to read chapter 2!

Facts have proved that Li Yalin’s choice is extremely correct. If he really chooses an ordinary cover, Cat Eye will spend more time to get enough attention. In just two days, Weekly Young Fiery’s Cat Eye storm triggered on the website forum!

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