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“Why is this happening?”

Haruka immediately groaned seeing herself on TV. She has been very careful to avoid all the cameras, and she also specifically explained to others not to take shoot of her cosplaying. Why was it captured by the TV station’s camera?

Such a shameful appearance was seen by everyone?

“It’s amazing, Haruka onee-sama is on TV.”

Chiaki sitting on Li Yalin’s lap did not know the shyness of her elder sister. At this moment, her eyes that had been half-squinted suddenly widened, apparently surprised by Haruka appearing on TV.

My Haruka onee-sama is like a star!

“I’m on TV too!”

“So shameful, why I also get photographed…”

Maki was a little excited seeing the picture on the TV. She was not as shy as Haruka. It was a very novel and interesting thing for her to be able to appear on the TV screen.

Unlike Maki, Atsuko’s reaction was similar to that of Haruka. Although she only showed up in the picture and not cosplaying, she was still very shy.

As for Li Yalin…

“Uomi student president, did you call the TV station?”

Seeing his group appear on the TV, he subconsciously picked up his cell phone and called Uomi.

“TV station? What TV station?”

Uomi’s voice in the phone was a bit doubtful and wasn’t sure of what Li Yalin means.

“The TV just showed the picture of our booth, I thought it was student president who found a TV station.”

From Uomi’s reaction, Li Yalin knew that this should be an accident. It seems this is not her doing.

“So in Yalin-kun’s eyes, I’m that capable.”

Li Yalin’s answer made Uomi chuckle, she did not expect Li Yalin to rated her so high.

“It’s hard to say, you are Uomi student president after all. Forget it, I just want to report you this. You can also take this opportunity to conduct some publicity if you want.”

Calling Uomi is just Li Yalin’s subconscious behavior. In fact, he didn’t care if she really do it.

It’s also Uomi’s own decision if she want to take this opportunity to do some publicity. Li Yalin didn’t want to be a busybody, at best it is to give a suggestion.

“I will not miss this opportunity, thanks for reminding me Yalin-kun.”

“You’re welcome.”

“By the way, are you still at Minami-san’s house?”

“Well… something wrong?”

Li Yalin was ready to hang up the phone after giving her suggestion, but he didn’t expect the student president-sama suddenly asked about his location.

He had told Uomi that he’s going to Haruka’s house. Why she mentions this now…

“Minami-san’s gift has been delivered, right? Then next…would you like to come to my house Yalin-kun?”


Uomi’s sudden invitation baffled him, what she’s talking about?

“There is no one in my house tonight.”

Such a naked hint, what are you doing Uomi student president?

“Sorry, I still have work at the coffee shop. We can talk about this later.”

No one at home means that he will be alone with Uomi. Although this seems to be a golden opportunity, but he still need to refuse her.

He was not naive enough to think that what he imagined would happens if he went to Uomi’s house.

That is simply impossible.

So he need to keep his morals for the future.

Talking about the coffee shop, Li Yalin almost forgot that he had been in Minami’s house long enough, and it was time to go home.

“You are leaving? Otherwise, stay and have a dinner.”

Li Yalin is going to leave, but Haruka want him to stay longer. She just got his gift, so she want to invite him for a meal as a thank you.

“It’s quite late now, my family will be worried if I don’t go back now. I will try Haruka’s craftsmanship when I get the chance later.”

He was a little tempted to stay in her house for dinner, but he still reject her invitation.

Anyway, he has been to Minami’s house, and he will definitely come again in the future. He can eat her craftsmanship sooner or later, so no need to hurry.

At the coffee shop, Chino and Cocoa are still waiting for him to go back. As Chino’s future onii-sama, he can’t disappoint his own imouto.

“Okay… that’s settled then.”

Haruka still feels a little shy Li Yalin address her by her name.

But she does not feel contradict being addressed that way, it is better to say that she still likes it.

Haruka still feel regretful her invitation being rejected.

But as he said, they have the opportunity later.

It’s already decided.

“Haruka why are you wearing that kind of clothes? What is your relationship with that guy? Would he really be our brother-in-law?”

Although Li Yalin is gone, the daily life of Minami family is not over yet. For example like now Kana didn’t let Haruka go and asked for her explanation.

Kana has too many doubts. It was strange to have a schoolboy at home. They just talked about being more intimate, and Chiaki even took the initiative to sit on his lap. Now Haruka said goodbye to him at the door.

What exactly is going on?

How she feel like a lot of things have happened without her knowledge?

Finally… sure enough that guy is going to be her brother-in-law, right?

Otherwise, why would older sister show that smile?

“What are you talking about? Haven’t I said that I didn’t plan on dating a boy.”

Kana’s words made her blush. Although she didn’t really date Li Yalin, but it made her feel more shy when she bring it up.

Flicking Kana’s forehead, Haruka thought it was better not to let her silly imouto to continue.

“You fool, Haruka onee-sama is not ready to make boyfriend. Did you have a memory of a fish?”

Before Kana could speak. Chiaki on the side kicked her. She felt uncomfortable when they talked about Haruka’s having a boyfriend.

Since it’s uncomfortable, the fool Kana of course would suffers.

“Yes, Haruka onee-sama. That coffee shop…Yalin senpai, you can invite him to our home again.”

Chiaki feel a little refreshed after kicking Kana, and then said this to Haruka.

“Does Chiaki like Yalin-san?”

Haruka didn’t expect that Chiaki would take the initiative to invite schoolboy to home. What does this mean? Chiaki like Yalin-san?

Faced with Haruka onee-sama’s question, Chiaki shook her head first, then hesitated for a moment before finally giving the answer.

“It’s not like that, it’s more… like dad.”

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