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There was a big event at the 3rd Japan District Game Festival. A game called ‘Generation Xth: Code Hazard’ appeared out of the blue. It was obviously a game produced by a high school club, but it swept the entire game industry in a short time.

It is reported that this high school club took out a thousand copies of physical game discs for sale on the day of the game fest. After a short period of sales, gamers with high expectations become disappointed because the goods are not refilled.

This is why this game occupied the top position on the list of the most anticipated game, with more and more people want to buy the physical disc.

But for the next two days, club called Eiryou High School gaming club seemed to disappear and did not appear at the game fest again.

If it is not the largest online game site SLEEP publicly promotes this game and sells it online, maybe this game will become something like urban legend.

So what kind of content does the game have that can cause such a sensation?

As the internet becomes more and more convenient, even gamers who have not been able to participate in the game fest will soon be informed of this news, and are full of curiosity about this game that attracts a large number of gamers.

In this case, Generation XTH’s online sales are almost instantaneous, it has reached an amazing number within a few days.

“120,000 game sales… for real…”

As the creator of Generation XTH, Li Yalin can clearly see the sales figures in the website statistic.

The game sales more than twelve thousand and seventy thousand copies. Although it can not be compared with large game companies work, not even the fractions of it, but don’t forget that this is only a few days of sales.

If it is one month later?

Two months later?

How much will this game sell?

How much money he will get?

Li Yalin is not clear about the potential of this game, but he knows that his task seems to be completed just like this.

Yes, when Generation XTH was launched, the official price he gave was 3,000 Japan currency. Except for the share and various taxes for the website, he earn at least more than 2,000 net profits by selling the game.

After all, this is a game that he completed independently. No need to do dividend with others, and no other cost. He earn them if it sold.

This means that the game sales in these days have actually increased his income by more than 200 million.

So it’s done?

The task of earning one hundreds million in three months get completed so easily?

After being aware of this fact, Li Yalin’s expression was difficult to describe in words. He had done so much effort before, from drawing manga, publish it to a magazine and even planned a tankōbon. As a result, he got it done with a game he completed in less than a few days?

It feels like… he’ll gets tired if he think about it.

Well, Li Yalin also knows that the potential of Cat Eye has not been tapped at all. As time goes on, Cat Eye will only bring more and more income to him, which Generation XTH cannot match.

Generation XTH is indeed very profitable now, but again, the potential of this game is consumed extremely fast.

Why is this game so popular nowadays?

The reason is very simple, because this is a type of game that has not appeared before. Gamers will naturally have a sense of freshness and expectation, coupled with the fever of online speculation, it’s normal for it to sell fast.

But is this game really that popular?

No, it is not like that. In recent days, Li Yalin got quite a few bad reviews on the internet. This game is quite fresh but it is absolutely impossible to conquer everyone with new ideas.

Therefore, the ultimate achievement of Generation XTH is also limited. Perhaps it can still be sold while it is hot, but it will be forgotten as time goes by.

However, that is not a problem he needs to consider, because what he should do now is to earn money and pay off all Kafuu family debt!

“You earned one hundred million? It’s really one hundred million?”

When he heard that Li Yalin really earned one hundred million, Tippy’s expression become weird. How to describe them, is it weeping with joy or surprise?

Using language to describe the expression of a rabbit is really difficult.

One thing is very clear, Tippy can’t believe everything he see, just like the one hundred million is a counterfeit money.

This cash clearly just withdrawn from bank.

“I made enough money according to the agreement.”

Ignoring Tippy on the side, Li Yalin’s eyes are now focused on Chino.

This is the promise he made to Chino before. Now he has fulfilled this promise.


Chino’s mood at the moment was also very complicated in the face of the one hundred million Japan currency that Li Yalin took out. The Rabbit House can be kept with that one hundred million, which naturally made her very happy. But she also did not know whether she could accept the money.

Although it has been said before, she still hesitates even with the one hundred million is really in front of her.

“Don’t think too much Chino. Paying off the debt is the most important thing. Rabbit House is our home. As long as we can keep our home, it is more important than anything.”

Li Yalin couldn’t guess what Chino was thinking, and he didn’t need to guess. He just needed to let Chino understand.

It’s enough if the Rabbit House can be saved so everyone can live happily in the future.

No need to think too much about anything else.


Looking at Li Yalin’s sincere eyes, Chino nodded subconsciously. She felt that she should say her thanks, but she could only turn it into such word.

It’s not that Chino is not grateful to Li Yalin. In fact, she is more excited than anyone, but she is really not good at expressing this feeling.

“Speaking of which, we are all a family. Chino, don’t you always call me Yalin-san, how about calling me onii-chan?”

He always feel that the atmosphere will be very awkward if he didn’t say anything now, so…like the previous expectations, he want Chino to call him onii-chan.

Li Yalin has been thinking about this for a long time and has not been able to put it into action. So Chino should not refuse if he bring it up now.

This is not taking advantage of the situation, okay?

Yes, definitely not count!

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