Cafe 92

Li Yalin is a siscon, and he never denies this.

As the only child in the family before being transmigrated, he always wanted an imouto, a cute imouto is the best!

But it’s just a wishful thinking, and it is impossible to realize them.

So transmigrated to the present world, having such a cute and smart imouto like Chino, he would have no regrets in this life!

Yes, Li Yalin feels that he had no regret in this life, but… that does not mean he wanted to die!

In a world full of zombies, in a world full of bloody corpses…

If life can be repeated, will he make the same choice?

Looking at the silhouettes running in front of him, listening to the screams and the desperate wailing, Li Yalin subconsciously clenched his fists.

Maybe… he will make the same choice.

Don’t regret it since he chose it!

In fact, he has no reason to regret them!


What happened, why did Li Yalin’s daily routine collapse into such a state?

Everything must be talked about after he got the task reward.

Rabbit House was saved after paying off the one hundred million debt, and now Li Yalin having a daily life without burden.

Nothing wrong with this.

However, paying off the debt also represents the completion of save the coffee shop main task. Of course he gets the three system lottery opportunities task reward.

He obtained the piano adept level option in the previous lottery, which is certainly a very good ability that he likes.

So what kind of rewards can he get from the three lottery opportunities?

Without too much suspense, let’s draw it!

Bring it on!

Triple draw!

Congratulations on drawing adept level stealth skill – from the world of ‘Cat Eye’.
Congratulations on drawing expert-level fighting skills – from the world of ‘Cat Eye’.
Congratulations on drawing superior grade weapon General Blade – from the world of ‘Generation Xth: Code Hazard’.

Congratulations on acquiring combat skills.
Combat classification unlocked.
Crossing world rescue mission unlocked.

Good stuff!

Absolutely a good stuff!

Adept level of stealth skill, expert level of fighting skills, it’s sounds super strong! In addition, there is the General Blade of the superior grade weapon. Although he won’t know what grade the superior grade is, it can’t be that bad, right?

Li Yalin was overjoyed after seeing the result of the draw. He was worried he can’t do anything with his otaku’s weak physique. Whether it is the stealth skill or the fighting skill, it’s an ability that he likes!


Did he unlocked the combat classification because he have acquired combat skills?

What is this combat classification?

Opening the interface of combat classification. It’s not as detailed as the life classification, it is simply marked with the two icons of stealth skill and fighting skill.

The skills of combat classification has the same options as life classification. It divided into five items: entry, proficient, adept, expert and master with the same proficiency setting.

Of course, there are rewards after reaching a level. For example, the adept level stealth skill he had now has a special bonus of hidden +3.

The combat skills that reach the expert level not only provide him with a close combat skill +3 bonus, but also give him exclusive items for combat skills – Battle Glove!

Wearing this Battle Glove, Li Yalin gained an extra close combat skill +5 bonus. That is to say, his overall close combat skill has been increased to 8!

This is a qualitative leap!

The only pity is that there is no introduction on the General Blade except for the weapon marked as superior grade, he wasn’t sure how strong this weapon is.

But since it is a weapon from Generation XTH, it is a weapon used to fight those aliens, how can it be weak?

Yes, this is true, but these rewards are not really the focus!

Crossing world rescue mission unlocked?

What the hell is this?

Although getting three rewards at once is indeed an overwhelming harvest, but the crossing world rescue mission being unlocked really made Li Yalin very concerned.

From the literal meaning, should it be to complete the rescue mission across the world?

He can go to other worlds, not just this world?

This means…he can go home?

Li Yalin came to this world was not long, but also not too short. Since he determined that he was transmigrated, he thought that he couldn’t return to his original world.

After all, being transmigrated is already a fluke, the probability of being able to go back and forth is just too low.

He has already accepted his destiny, but then a crossing world rescue mission appeared. What should he do?

Okay, he doesn’t need to think too much now, let’s first take a look at what exactly is this crossing world rescue mission is.

Crossing world rescue mission: Girls Eden.
Task content: Rescue the girls according to the side task and find a survival space for the girls.
Task reward: Single-person version of crossing world ability.
Task tips: The side task contains a lot of rewards, please try your best to find them. Because this mission is dangerous, it will be regarded as an automatic abandon when not accepted within three days. After giving up the mission, the crossing world rescue mission will no longer be opened.

Literally speaking, if Li Yalin chooses to accept this task, then he will go to another world to rescue an unfamiliar girls. Taking care of her…or provide them a living space, it sounds like a very difficult task.

What kind of world that can cause girls to lose their living space?

Li Yalin would like to ask the system about this issues, but the system didn’t give him any answer.

This is really troubling, isn’t it?

Of course, the system does not force Li Yalin to complete the task. He also has the choice to give up this task and continue to live a happy life in this world.

But… will he be satisfied with this happy life?

Once he choose to give up, the crossing world task will no longer appear. Then the single-person version of crossing world ability rewarded by the system…well, although the single-person version makes him want to tsukomi, it’s still crossing world ability, right?

Would he give up such opportunity?

Li Yalin couldn’t decide.

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