Cafe 93

With his mentality, he actually doesn’t like to take risks. He prefers a peaceful life.

But he had to take this risk because he had a hunch that he would regret it if he gave up.

Then, to have no more regret, he must be fully prepared before starting this task!

This task has a certain degree of danger, but the system didn’t give any hint on how dangerous it is.

So Li Yalin felt that he should prepare for the worst.

Maybe it’s a world facing disaster?

Or some kind of huge crisis appears?

He had a lot of ideas from watching many disaster movies, and prepare many things.

Regarding fighting capacity, although his strength, physique and agility are lower than the average level of adult men, with the two skills of stealth and fighting, it should be enough for self-protection.

He has done various tests on this point, and thinks that it should be no problem.

Battle Glove with expert-level fighting skills and a superior grade General Blade should be sufficient in terms of weapons.

Li Yalin was still thinking about whether to get guns and ammunition through Rize. But after careful thinking, despite Rize like firearms, she only playing with airsoft gun and didn’t use a real gun. He also can’t explain it to her.

So he give up after thinking about it.

What else is more practical?

After careful consideration, Li Yalin prepared five days of compressed dry food and water. In addition, he also took some commonly used medicines and packed them in his backpack.

The backpack is not very big, this is also a decision after careful consideration. He wasn’t sure what world he will cross over, it is not good to bring too much cumbersome things.

So after preparing everything, how he explain this to Chino and the others?

How he explain it to them once he left?

Li Yalin didn’t bother for too long about this issues, because the system unexpectedly gave him the answer – the time flow of this world will stop completely after he left the world, and will only continue to flow once he return.

It was only a moment for them no matter how long he left so he can leave without worry and without any burden.

The system has given such consideration, what else can Li Yalin say?

He had no choice but to leave now.

Then… let me see this so-called crossing world rescue mission!

Everything is ready, Li Yalin took a deep breath, sorted out his backpack, and then held the General Blade tied around his waist.

Crossing world rescue mission starts!

As Li Yalin started his mission, a white light enveloped his body. His body gradually disappeared with this light, and at the same time his consciousness gradually faded into darkness.

After he was fully awake, he found that he was standing in a strange corridor. It seemed like a school corridor from the look of it, but…


“Do not kill me!!!!”


All kinds of screams suddenly came into Li Yalin’s ears. A scorching blood was sprayed directly on his face before he could react. A girl in a sailor suit was being bitten through her throat just in front of him by a girl wearing the same school uniform as her.

The gray face, and the bright red blood that was constantly pouring out of the body wound, all this made Li Yalin think of a noun – Zombie!

What is this?

Is my first crossing task turned out to be a biohazard?

And… he was thrown into a school where biochemical crisis broke out?

What a joke!

As an otaku who grew up in a peaceful age, all the blood and violence that Li Yalin see come from film and television works. This kind of zombie scene may be common in movies, but this is his first experience in real life.

The blood just sprayed on his face had not yet coagulated, and there was a zombie in the front who was chewing on the dead girl.

A lot of pictures flickered in front of Li Yalin like lantern lights.

One’s experience before dying?

Give me a break!

I have no plan to die here!

He wasn’t sure why the system put himself in such a scene. But Li Yalin didn’t plan to die without a fight, at least he didn’t want to be bitten into his throat like the girl in front!

Holding the blade of General Blade, try to move the foot…

No problem!

I can move!


You are first!

Li Yalin has no experience with swords, but before he started the mission, he had familiarize himself with the General Blade. It was a weapon that would accompany him into the mission world. How would he protect himself if he can’t even use it?

So this time, he had no hesitation in drawing the knife. And after he draw the knife, he accurately cut off the head of the zombie in front of him.

Although the zombie was still a female high school student in her adolescent before she died. But now she… no, it has become a zombie corpse with separated corpses.

Should he praise this superior grade weapon?

Clearly cutting off the zombie neck, but Li Yalin didn’t feel the slightest hindrance. It was as easy as cutting tofu.

He cut it?

Did I… just kill a person?

Had to cut off a zombie’s head just after entering the mission world. This had a huge impact on him.

The moment the zombie head fell to the ground, Li Yalin’s heart began to wonder..

These hands…

Clearly is a pair of hands playing piano, a pair of hands holding a paintbrush, and a pair of hands typing on the keyboard.

But now, these hands are actually used to kill…


That’s not a person!

That is a zombie!

A monster that used to be a person, but then feeds on people!

Li Yalin finally fixed his thoughts, he calm down quickly after experienced confusion.

Inhaled deeply, a strong bloody smell drilled into his nasal cavity. The strong smell makes him want to vomit.

Fortunately, he didn’t eat anything before coming here, or he would spit out everything otherwise.

Looking around the surroundings, Li Yalin couldn’t help but produce an idea.

What he should do now…

Sure enough, let’s leave this fucking place first!

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