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Although the bloody smell made him want to vomit, Li Yalin finally calmed down.

The situation is now very clear. This is a zombie-ridden biohazard world, and it should be in the initial stage of virus spread.

What would he do if become the protagonist?

Become superman to save everyone?

He does not mind becoming savior if he had that ability, but it is a pity that he does not have that ability.

Even though he has system-rewarded skills and even had superior grade weapons in his hands, but he is still an otaku. Maybe he can kill a few zombies, but what about afterwards?

When his physical strength is exhausted, when he can no longer swing the General Blade, what else can he do?

This was not a peaceful world full of laughter, but a doomsday full of death and killing!


Stealth activate!

Leave this place right away!

There are many works with zombies setting. Li Yalin does not know what kind of zombies this world has, so he must tread carefully.

There are at least more than 20 zombies wandering in this corridor. They looks relatively slow, but he will put himself to danger if they had some explosive ability.

In this case, he need to activates stealth skill. Although it didn’t makes him completely invisible, at least it can makes him move without sound.

Generally speaking, the deterioration of eyesight and hearing should be in all zombie evolution. He can avoid these zombies as long as he did not make too much noise.

His idea is very correct. The surrounding zombies have not approached him again once he started sneaking. Leaving this corridor would be a breeze if he maintained this state.


Li Yalin sneaked all the way to the hall at the center of the corridor. When he was about to pass through the school entrance and left the school through the main hall door, he heard the sound of impacts one after another at the end of the right side of the corridor.

Zombies… hitting the door?

The end of the right side of the corridor is not far from the hall. The rooms are separated by several classrooms, Li Yalin can see it very clearly.

He knows that the only thing that can attract zombies to hit the door is the fresh ingredients in their mouths – living people!

From the very beginning, the piercing screaming sound has gradually disappeared, which proves that the living human beings are constantly being preyed by zombies. He can say with certainty that the only living people in this corridor other than him, one is in the room being hit.

The zombies strength is quite great. Under their constant strike, it is only a matter of time before the door is broken. After all, this is a very typical Japanese school. The room doors are horizontal sliding doors, which can be said to be very fragile.

It won’t help much even if the people inside are holding the door. At least without someone help, the person hiding in that room will definitely die.

What to do?

Standing in the hall at the center of the corridor, Li Yalin began to hesitate. He did not have much capital to interfere. This is not the time to be a saint, and the most important thing now is to protect himself.

But…is it really necessary to ignore the life and death of others because of his own abandonment?

Yes, he can’t be a savior, but what if it is within the scope of rescuing others?

When he just cut off the neck of the zombie, Li Yalin had regrets in his heart. He wouldn’t be in this damn place if he didn’t choose to take this crossing world rescue mission.

But soon, he understood that it is useless to regret what he has done. Since he has made a choice, he should continue to walk according to his choice!

So… will he regret it after giving up saving lives?

Yes, maybe not now but he will regret it later. So in order not to left any regret, should he make the most correct choice now?

After all, he had just arrived, and still very new to this world. It is best to have someone to act as a guide.

Well, that’s it, so… I’m going to save people!

This is for myself!

Saying this to himself, Li Yalin clenched the knife handle around his waist. At this moment, he firmed up his conviction. Now that he has decided, then go for the best!

Stay sneaky!

The closer the distance, the clearer Li Yalin sees. There are five zombies that are hitting the door at the moment, and there are three zombies in the middle aisle corridor. As for the school canteen and the kiosk on the right side of the corridor, a lot of zombies must be hiding there.

First solve the three zombies in the corridor!

Having had previous experience, Li Yalin did not hesitate in his heart. Without making the zombies aware, he quickly walked behind a zombie.

According to the experience in film and television works, the best way to kill zombies is undoubtedly to cut off the head. But even if Li Yalin holds a superior grade weapon in his hand, the continuous large-scale beheading will consume a lot of his energy.

So according to the current situation, it is best to first try to destroy the zombie spine system.

Taking out the General Blade from his waist, Li Yalin aimed at the back neck of the target zombie, hit there!

He stabbed with both hands, and the sharp blade easily stabs into the neck of the zombie without any hindrance.

The method is feasible!

After quickly retrieving his General Blade, Li Yalin discovered that the neck of the zombie he pierced fell to the ground and completely lost its vitality, proving his idea are not wrong.

The most important thing is that his backstab has very little consumption and more labor-saving than beheading. Not to mention the zombies in front of him. He can eliminate all the zombies in this school building as long as he was given enough time.

Well, as long as he has enough physical strength and does not attract the attention of the zombies.

Okay, now is not the time to think too much. After his strike succeeded, Li Yalin has no room to hesitate. The zombies not far away continue to hit the door, the people in the room will die once the door is broken.

Time is life, now he will perform a zombie assassination show!

That’s right, zombie assassination show.

Stealth, aim, stab, and switch to the next target.

Two times in a row, all three zombies in the hallway were solved. And then the same was done to the zombies that constantly hitting the door of the room.

It seems… much simpler than expected?

In a world full of zombies, this stealth skill is almost like a magical skill!

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