Cafe 95

“Any living people inside?”

After the zombies in front of him were all killed. Li Yalin shook off the blood on the blade, and then knocked on the door that was nearly deformed.

Seeing the sign hanging on the door frame. This should be teacher’s office, is it a students hiding or a sensei trapped in it?

Li Yalin couldn’t help but speculate before meeting the others.

“Yes! There are living people! Outside… is it safe outside?”

Li Yalin’s voice just fell, and there was an excited voice in the office. This voice sounded very young, but it didn’t seem to be a student, it should be a very young woman.

Is it a female teacher in the office?

“The zombies have all been killed.”

Obviously, the young woman in the office was in a state of extreme panic. After hearing Li Yalin’s words, the sound of heavy objects falling was immediately heard in the office, and the office door soon was opened.

Looking at the door, the one who appeared in front of him is a young woman in a suit and skirt with a long hair and a ponytail draped behind her head. The facial features looked very delicate, and she had a pair of glasses on the bridge of her nose.

Is the typical 2D glassess type female sensei?

Li Yalin’s mind conducting its assessment.

“They… you killed them?”

The zombies’ bodies were still scattered in front of the office door. This young female sensei could easily see it, and her tight nerves finally relaxed because of this.

“Yes, are you okay?”

Li Yalin just nodded, he then saw the female sensei’s body went limp and was about to fall to the ground.

Fortunately, Li Yalin’s hands were quick, he reached out to support her in time, otherwise she would fall to the ground.


The experience she had just now must be like an escape from death for her. Tears flashed in the corners of her eyes, it can be seen how agitate her heart was.

It’s no wonder that the experience of the zombie hitting the door just now must have caused a great psychological impact on her, it’s normal to have this reaction.

It is a pity that there is no time for the female sensei to continue her excitement.

“Let’s go inside first.”

Staying in this corridor is undoubtedly a very dangerous thing. Even if the surrounding zombies are cleaned up, don’t forget that the zombies in the canteen are still wandering, and zombies will gather again after some time.

Therefore, it is better to enter the office first. Just being able to resist that long is enough to prove that the office is relatively safe.

At least when there are no zombies around, it is much safer than the corridor.

After entering the office with the female sensei, Li Yalin first took a look around the surroundings. He found that the room was a mess, but fortunately, the mess was not caused by zombies. There was no blood stains.

Looking at the archive cabinet next to the door, it is probably due to its credit the zombie failed to break in. In that case, let it continue to play its role now.

He pulled the archive cabinet to the office door. As long as there is no loud noise, there will be no more zombies coming in a short time.

Walking to the window, he turn his gaze towards the playground outside the window, Li Yalin found that there were no signs of a living person running around. Except for some zombies lying on the ground biting and eating, the other zombies were wandering around aimlessly.

Just ten minutes ago, he clearly still heard many voices, but now…

Is this the horror of biohazard?

People wouldn’t understand the cruelty of such a disaster without experiencing it themselves.

Having said that, how does this green-collar and green-skirt sailor uniform look so familiar? Could it be that this is the legendary apocalypse world with shaking breast as fanservice?

Li Yalin has been able to quickly adapt to various situations since transmigrated to a world where various 2D characters appears. Like this crossing world rescue mission, he wouldn’t be surprised if he enters the story world in a novel, manga or anime.

After all, this is infinite crossing in another sense. He had read such novels before.

On the contrary, he was full of expectation after discovering this possibility. After all, big breasts are justice. There is nothing wrong with this!

“Excuse me… are you not a student of this school?”

Li Yalin was lost in his fantasize because of school uniforms, and subconsciously ignored the female sensei, but her attention was all on him when he ignored her.

Li Yalin was dressed in a regular dress before crossing, with a knife at the waist and a backpack in his back. It is impossible for him to be a student of this school.

This female sensei must have doubts on why an outsider would appear here.

The most important thing is that she has to know who saved her.

Although he seemed completely uninterested in herself.

“Oh, um, I just happened to pass by here. I felt something was wrong so I came in. I didn’t expect to encounter this kind of thing.”

“By the way, my name is Li Yalin and I am currently undergoing traveling practice.”

The female sensei’s words made Li Yalin reacted. Only then did he remember that he seemed to be a paratrooper and had no identity in this world.

But he wasn’t too bothered with this issue. After all, it is a biohazard. He can just act in a perfunctory manner if someone asked his origin.

“Traveling practice? Li Yalin this name… a Chinese? That practice is… Chinese Kung Fu practice?”

“I am sorry for being rude. My name is Kamiyama Akiko. I am teaching English in this school. Nice to meet you.”

The female sensei was slightly disappointed hearing his explanation. Traveling practitioner is something that is rarely heard, and his name doesn’t seems to be Japanese.

Did she meet a foreigner?

No, now is not the time to think about this. She can’t be rude when others have introduced themselves.

The female sensei said her name while doing a slight bow to him a few times, her attitude seems to be sincere.

He was her life-saving benefactor after all.

“Hello Kamiyama sensei, nice to meet you as well.”

This female sensei… Kamiyama Akiko’s attitude is very good, Li Yalin also feels that he has not saved the wrong person, and feel somewhat fortunate.

Fortunately, he saved her. He can’t imagine such a young female sensei becomes a dead body or a zombie.

This is really great.

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