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Congratulations on completing hidden task– Save female sensei Kamiyama Akiko. Hidden training tasks received.

Hidden training tasks: Physical fitness leap forward.
Task content: Kill zombies 0/150.
Task reward: Strength +3, Constitution +3, Agility +3.
Task tips: This hidden task has a time limit, it must be completed within one month. The task will fail when you failed to complete it within the time limit.

Li Yalin was certainly happy to save Kamiyama Akiko’s life, but he never expect that unexpected surprises were waiting for him.

The system didn’t say anything about hidden task before. It just say to discover the side task himself. But now a hidden task suddenly popped up, and rewarded him a hidden training tasks.

According to the content of this task, Li Yalin needs to kill 150 zombies, and his strength, physique and agility will increase by three points each.

But again, this task will be judged as invalid if it’s not completed within the stipulated time.

It is up to him to choose. He can ignore this task if he is not interested in raising his attribute. But that is a three strength, physique and agility point bonus! How could he be disinterested?

He already knows how bad his otaku’s physique is. How can he give up the opportunity to raise his physique?

He will complete this task at all cost!

What’s more, the time given by the system is quite generous. Killing 150 zombies in one month is an easy task.

Yes, it’s decided then!

“Hello, are you okay Sakura? Yes, I’m okay, I was in the office on the first floor. Yes, I was rescued by someone… are you on the rooftop? Are all zombies on the third floor? I know, I will contact you again later.”

The sudden system prompt put Li Yalin into silence, and this also made Kamiyama Akiko become awkward.

Is this the expression of a world wanderer, so she was ignored?

Although she was very puzzled in her heart, she dared not to say much, nor did she dare to bother him.

A zombie crisis broke out all of a sudden. As a young woman, Kamiyama Akiko’s first reaction was panic. Fortunately, she fled to the office in chaos and blocked the zombie attack.

She might die from the zombie later if he wasn’t there, but she survived after all.

Kamiyama Akiko’s heart was filled with happiness being able to survive, but she then began to worry.

She is safe but what about her friends? What about her family?

She busily took out her mobile phone and kept dialing the phone numbers in her address book. Unfortunately, except for one connected call, the rest of the calls were busy.

What does this mean?

The phone connected indicating that it is temporarily safe, otherwise…

Has most likely suffered an accident…

“Well…don’t be sad Kamiyama sensei.”

The sudden hidden task surprised him, but after reacted from the system mission, Kamiyama Akiko’s reaction came into his eyes.

This kind of non-stop dialing with hope and become hopeless afterwards, although he can’t understand it but he can still feel her pain.

It’s just that he and Kamiyama Akiko didn’t experience the same thing, so he can only say a superficial comfort.

“What the hell happened…why did this happen…”

Although Kamiyama Akiko is a woman, she is still strong. At least right now she did not cry and yell, but just sat silently at the desk full of messy documents, her eyes shed two lines of tears.

She knows that most of her family and friends have suffered a mishap, but why? Why such a horrible thing happens?

What the hell is going on?

Why does this world suddenly become hell?

How to comfort a woman?

As a transmigrated self-proclaimed otaku who has not had a girlfriend nearly thirty years, Li Yalin was overwhelmed. He can coax them if it is a little loli, but now…

What should he say?


We had no time for chatting!

Although there are no zombies in this office, this is not a safe place after all. Especially when the sky is getting darker, they can’t relax!

“Kamiyama sensei, do you know any safe place in this school? This place has a lot of zombies, we have to leave as soon as possible.”

As a paratrooper, Li Yalin does not know anything about this world. Although he suspect that this is a world of apocalypse, he still has no evidence so he can’t make a judgement.

So the best way is to ask the natives of this world and Kamiyama Akiko has become the best candidate.

She should know where is the safest place as the sensei of this school.

“Safe place?”

Kamiyama Akiko failed to recover in a short period of time due to the impact of the safety of her family and friends. She might be immersed in grief if Li Yalin didn’t grabbed her shoulder and shook it back and forth a few times.

But her eyes are still confused. Is there really a safe place in this school full of cannibals?

“Yes! Think about a safe place, our time is running out!”

His hands were not retracted from Kamiyama Akiko’s shoulders, Li Yalin’s eyes were fixed on her eyes. Now is not the time to be immersed in grief, out priority now is to remain alive!

“Safe… safe place… right, when I called Sakura just now, she said that she and Takeya-san, Ebisuzawa-san, and Wakasa-san are on the school rooftop. They should be safe there.”

Being closely watched by Li Yalin’s eyes, Kamiyama Akiko felt a bit tense for no reason, and it also made her think harder.

Fortunately it didn’t take long for her to thought of a more reliable answer.

They aren’t the only survivor in this school, her colleagues and students who survived the disaster is on the school rooftop.

It will be safer than this office if they can join them.

Kamiyama Akiko replied to him, but Li Yalin frowning deeply when he heard her answer.





When these surnames are added together, why he feel so familiar?

Especially Ebisuzawa…it can’t be…

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