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“Kamiyama sensei! What’s the name of this school?”

He first thought that this was a world of apocalypse with fanservice, but Li Yalin’s expression changed after hearing a series of familiar names.

His previous guess seems to be wrong. It’s not big breast is justice, but big breast is the zombie world of truth.

“This is Megurigaoka High School…”

Li Yalin’s question made Kamiyama Akiko feel strange. Did he not pay attention to the school name when he entered the school?

“Megurigaoka High School? It turned out to be Megurigaoka High School…”

Okay, he was certain now. Megurigaoka High School, yes, this is the world of Gakkou Gurashi!

Although they all start with the words ‘school’, they are completely different worlds!

Didn’t I say a big breast is justice? Why it turned into this world that use moe to cause depression!

“Umm… is there any problem?”

She wasn’t sure why Li Yalin’s reaction was so big. She become more doubtful. She was a little confused as to what was wrong with Megurigaoka High School.

“It’s nothing. I’m just a little surprised because I have heard of this school.”

Seeing Kamiyama Akiko’s puzzled eyes, Li Yalin who lost his mind, waved his hand to her while letting go of her shoulders.

Now that he knows what kind of world he is in, the situation is much clearer. He know a little bit about Gakkou Gurashi’s work. Although he can’t remember all the details, but he won’t be caught off guard at the critical moment.

Like now, he thought of a crucial key clue!

Gakkou Gurashi… that thing should exist in Megurigaoka High School.

“Kamiyama sensei, does this school have anything like an evacuation manual? Like a fire drill manual, we may be able to find a safer place if there something like that.”

Li Yalin can’t show any foresight attitude in front of her. Everything needs to be learned from informations, otherwise it will easily cause unnecessary suspicion.

He didn’t want Kamiyama Akiko to be wary of himself.

“Evacuation manual? I remembered! I did receive an evacuation manual when I received the job! I’ll looked for it!”

With Li Yalin’s deliberate reminder, Kamiyama Akiko seems to remember something after experiencing the initial confusion. She then stood up from the chair and began to rummage through the nearby bookcase.

Every sensei who gets into the Megurigaoka High School will receive evacuation manual. But when receiving this evacuation manual, the sensei are also reminded not to open the seal on the manual at will unless the principal and its agent give instructions, or the A-1 alarm is effective. Otherwise it will be disconnected from the outside for ten days before the manual can be opened as required.

The current situation isn’t exactly as above, but people must adapt at a critical moment, right?

“Found it!”

It took Kamiyama Akiko a long time to find the evacuation manual because she thought it wasn’t important. But it didn’t matter as long as it was found, Li Yalin knew the importance of this evacuation manual.

The evacuation manual for Megurigaoka High School staff was sealed. But Li Yalin didn’t care much, he forcefully open the manual and read the contents carefully.

As he knows, this evacuation manual describes the introduction of the virus and the countermeasures after the virus outbreak, as well as some important emergency contact methods.

But the problem is that in the viruses section, the important parts of α virus and β virus are blacked out while the Ω virus were mentioned just few words. For the contact methods, except for Megurigaoka College and Saint Isidore University. the remaining names have been smeared all over, including the specific location and contact number.

In short, these records have no other purpose than to prove that Megurigaoka High School is inextricably linked to this biohazard.

This evacuation manual lost its due role if he wanted to discover the truth about the virus outbreak, but he was not really interested in clarifying the truth. What he care about is the record of the protective measures of Megurigaoka High School and the overall building area plan.

This is the real focus!

Underneath this Megurigaoka High School, there are two levels of closed underground facilities dedicated to emergency disasters.

The first basement is the mechanical room responsible for power generation, the upper part of the rainwater storage tank and a storage warehouse, while the second basement is the lower part of rainwater storage tank and the emergency refuge area.

In that storage warehouse, there are enough food for 15 people to eat one month’s share of food. The most important thing is that there are also medicines and first aid kits for infectious viruses. In short, there is an antidote for zombies.

Although according to his knowledge, the virus antidote is not perfect and can’t be used against the Ω virus, but it still has an effect on the virus.

This school also equipped with a full set of solar energy facilities and water purification facilities, it can definitely serve as a stable base for safe life as long as no accident happen.

Right now, Li Yalin can’t determine whether he wants to build this school as a stronghold, but one thing he knows very well is that the underground facility was built in response to this disaster. It is definitely the safest place right now.

The floor plan shows that the underground passage is right next to the office. It can be entered by opening the roller shutter door, but it need a password to open the roller shutter door. According to the instructions in the manual, the access input is the phone number of the school’s representative in the reverse direction.

He didn’t know the telephone number of the Megurigaoka High School representative, but entering the facility shouldn’t be a problem with a Megurigaoka english sensei next to him.

Since a safe place has been found, let’s go there.


“Kamiyama sensei? Are you okay?”

Li Yalin saw the contents of the evacuation manual, Kamiyama Akiko beside him saw it too. Unlike him who had already prepared for it, Kamiyama Akiko couldn’t be so calm with such earth-shattering news.

“Why… this disaster… was man-made? Why did it become like this?”

This sudden disaster took away everything from Kamiyama Akiko. She couldn’t reach out her relatives and friends, she also saw her students turned into cannibalistic monsters and eating alive another student.

The horror scenes are all caused by human beings. How can she accept it?

The most important thing is that their school is still closely related to this disaster. That is to say, unconsciously she have become one of the accomplices causing all this?

With this in mind, how can Kamiyama Akiko accept it?

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