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“Kamiyama sensei, don’t think too much about this now. What we need to do now is to survive!”

As the sky faded, Li Yalin didn’t want to fight those zombies in the dark. In order to ensure safety, they must enter the safe underground facility as soon as possible.

So there is no time for Kamiyama Akiko to be sentimental, he stepped forward to grab her arm. Li Yalin must wake her up!


Kamiyama Akiko’s arm suddenly felt a pain being grabbed by him, but it was because of this pain that she recovered from her confusion.


How to survive in this broken world?

Myself…and the person in front of me…

No…Sakura on the rooftop, Takeya-san, and Ebisuzawa-san…


She must survive!

Although Li Yalin didn’t say this with strong conviction, as a sensei, Kamiyama Akiko can’t keep being depressed forever. It is particularly important that she also saw that the person who saved her seemed to be younger than her, a high school boy at best.

She will lost her face as a sensei if she let such a small schoolboy keep comforting her.

Even for this, she must be cheer up!

“Yes! We are going to survive!”

When looking at Li Yalin again, Kamiyama Akiko’s eyes had already revealed a firm look, and her change made Li Yalin very happy.

Fortunately, this Kamiyama Akiko is not a weak willed person, or he will have a headache.

“Then let’s go.”

Nodding toward Kamiyama Akiko, Li Yalin quickly moved. He moved away the archive cabinet behind the door, gently opened the door and looked out carefully.

Not bad, except for the corpse on the ground, there are no zombies wandering nearby, this is a good time!

Without making sound, Li Yalin waved to Kamiyama Akiko, motioned her to follow him, and took the lead out of the office door.

After taking a few steps, he saw the roller shutter door located on the far right side of the corridor. There was a door lock for entering the password next to the roller shutter door, this is Kamiyama Akiko task.

Kamiyama Akiko is very clear about her task, without hesitation she enters the password as quickly as possible.

(Moving sound)…

The motor on the roller shutter door started to rotate when she enter the password, but he felt a bit uncomfortable hearing the sound of the motor.

The sound is too loud…

Li Yalin felt uncomfortable hearing the sound of the motor. If he let the motor continue, it will attract a large number of zombies. When that happens, he will not be able to handle all of them, even if the speed of the zombies is very slow.

Under these circumstances…

“Okay, this should be enough. Kamiyama sensei, go ahead, I’ll go after you!”

When the roller shutter door rose to a half-meter height, Li Yalin decisively turned off the motor.

In his view, as long as there is enough space to pass, it is not necessary to completely open the shutter door.

Reaching out to hold the blade of the General Blade, Li Yalin urged Kamiyama Akiko. He need to be decisive or this place will become a gathering place for zombies!

Seeing that Li Yalin turned off the motor, Kamiyama Akiko also understood what was going on. Her expression suddenly became a little nervous. After hearing his instructions, she immediately stumbled into the roller shutter door.

Seeing that Kamiyama Akiko had already entered, Li Yalin immediately looked around and found that the situation was not bad. It was a relief that not many zombies gathered.

Crouching down into the roller shutter door, he also pressed the button to close the roller shutter door.

According to the settings of this world, the zombies are very slow, and are not good at climbing stairs. They should not be able to get in even if the shutter door is half open.

However, accidents can always happens, so it is better to be more cautious. In this world, the cost of carelessness is a loss of life!

After closing the roller shutter door, the basement immediately became dark. In the darkness, Kamiyama Akiko as a woman subconsciously hugged Li Yalin’s arm.

After so many frightening incidents, anyone will become very vulnerable. It is the most normal situation to subconsciously seek a sense of security.

Knowing this, Li Yalin did not shake off Kamiyama Akiko, but gently patted the back of her hand and took out his phone to turn on the flashlight.

In the direction of the flashlight, he quickly found the power switch in the basement. After pressing the button, the whole room was as bright as day.

This is much more comfortable.

Li Yalin wasn’t fond of being in the dark, it was better to be bright.


Light can dispel fear in the heart, but it also illuminates the state of Li Yalin and Kamiyama Akiko.

This scene of holding arms tightly looks a little too intimate.

“I am really sorry…”

Realizing that she had embraced a schoolboy’s arm, Kamiyama Akiko’s face suddenly flushed red. As a sensei, it was really rude.

After releasing his hand in a hurry, Kamiyama Akiko bowed in apology to Li Yalin.

So shameful!

Why did I hug him?

“It’s okay.”

Li Yalin didn’t care about being hugged by Kamiyama Akiko. After all, this is not a big deal.

After smiling and waving to her, he then took a closer look at this underground facility.

The resources in this storage warehouse are quite abundant, and they are all foods that can be stored for a long time.

After checking the first floor, he came to the second basement, he found that this emergency refuge area is even better and can be used as a base.

There is no need to worry about water and electricity, as long as there is enough food, it can guarantee survival.

Of course, it would be better if all the zombies outside were removed.

Entering this underground area is theoretically safe, and Li Yalin ignored Kamiyama Akiko. After all, confirming the condition of the underground facilities is the most critical.

However, as he checking the rainwater storage tank on the second basement, Kamiyama Akiko’s exclamation suddenly came from the first basement, which surprised him.

What’s going on?

It can’t be… something happened?

Li Yalin quickly rushed to the first basement with a bad hunch, holding the General Blade that can be taken out at any time.

What the hell happened?

Has this theoretically safe underground facility been invaded by zombies?

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