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Li Yalin rushed to the first basement after hearing Kamiyama Akiko screams, thinking that there were zombies. But the result was far beyond his expectations.

“Kamiyama sensei, this is…”

After rushing to the first basement, Li Yalin saw a middle-aged man in a suit, standing not far from Kamiyama Akiko.

He may not be so vigilant if the other is performing normally, but the problem is that he has a huge scar on his arm.

There is nothing other than zombies to cause such scars, so this middle-aged man has been infected by the zombies virus!

Fortunately, the other party did not lose his mind after being injured by the zombies, so both parties can talk to each other for the time being.

Turning his eyes to Kamiyama Akiko, Li Yalin found that she had calm down, and she looked at the middle-aged man with concern, obviously knowing each other.

So the exclamation just now… just scared?

Besides, who is this middle-aged man?

Now it seems that only Kamiyama Akiko can explain to him.

“He… he is the principal of Megurigaoka High School, he… he seems to be injured…”

As Li Yalin thought, Kamiyama Akiko knew the identity of the middle-aged man, and his identity was very surprising.

The other party turned out to be the principal of this Megurigaoka High School! In other words, he is one of the few insiders?

Kamiyama Akiko was indeed very concerned after seeing the principal were injured. But again, the other party was obviously scratched by the zombies, which mean he was being infected by the virus and will turn into zombies.

The principal will also become zombie?

At the thought of this possibility, Kamiyama Akiko dared not approach him.

“You are… Kamiyama sensei, and… students from other schools?”

The principal on the opposite side did not expect that someone would enter the underground facility earlier than him. Although every sensei was given the evacuation manual, how many people can think of that manual when the disaster really broke out?

The principal is acquainted with Kamiyama Akiko sensei, but the teenager with a sword around his waist looks unfamiliar, as if he were not a student of Megurigaoka High School.

But… it doesn’t matter who the other party is.

Covering the bloody wound with hand, the principal sat slowly on the ground. He’s already in his limit when he reach this place.

“Kamiyama sensei, could you bring the medicine box. There are medicines to treat the virus.”

Li Yalin knows what Kamiyama Akiko is afraid of. The principal may become a zombie soon. Only a few people know about the virus outbreak, and the principal seems to be very useful. After much consideration, Li Yalin felt that this person need to be treated.

Although the agent does not completely cure the virus, at least he cannot let the principal die just like that.

There are still many truths waiting for him to tell!

“Me…medicine? I’ll get it right away!”

With Li Yalin’s reminder, Kamiyama Akiko remembered that warehouse stocks also kept the first-aid supplies. She rushed to the storage warehouse in a hurry, fearing that the principal would change into zombie if she not hurry.

“It’s useless…I can’t hold on anymore…”

Kamiyama Akiko ran to get the medicine, but the principal sitting on the ground waved his hand with a bitter smile.

Maybe because of his waving movement, the blood in his wound accelerated.

He always feel that the spilled blood alone is quite fatal, no wonder the principal will say that he can’t hold on.

“Those in the corridor…did you kill them?”

At this time, the principal’s eyes were focused on Li Yalin. When he had just passed the corridor, he had noticed the zombies on the ground.

Faced with the principal’s inquiry, Li Yalin nodded subconsciously. Although he now has many questions to ask the other party, but he may have to be disappointed after seeing his state.

“So Kamiyama sensei was saved by you… please… please survive with Kamiyama sensei…”

Seeing Li Yalin nodded his head, the principal’s eyes showed a gratification, but he couldn’t even speak clearly because of the seriousness of the injury.

What is this?

The last words?

Li Yalin silently stared at the principal in front of him.

“I am back!”

Kamiyama Akiko’s running was very fast, she almost exhausted all her strength. But just as she was carrying the medicine cabinet, the principal had dropped his head, not moving anymore.

“Mr. principal?”

Seeing this scene, Kamiyama Akiko couldn’t believe her eyes. How difficult was it to be able to see a living human in this collapsed world?

Kamiyama Akiko was very pleasantly surprised when she see the principal survive.

But she never imagined that the principal who she just talked to also die in front of her.

Why does this happen?


Kamiyama Akiko who couldn’t accept the blow, sat straight on the ground. Another fresh life dissipated in front of her. In horror, she unconsciously covered her face.

It was her students before, followed by her family and friends, and now principal, so next… will it be her turn?

I…will die too?

Witnessing the disappearance of life with their own eyes, the impact on people is very huge. Even Li Yalin, who has no relationship with the principal couldn’t help but sigh.

He felt very regretful for this to happen. There were regrets about the dissipation of life and regrets about not knowing the truth.

The dead are gone, so next…

“Mr. principal, I accept your request.”

When speaking this word softly, Li Yalin has been sideways stood in front of Kamiyama Akiko. He reached out and slowly held the General Blade, and focused his attention on the principal slightly trembling body.

Yes, it is indeed the principal body that tremble slightly, everything is due to the virus!

“So… you can go with peace of mind!”

The principal who had been infected with the zombie virus, cannot escape the control of the virus even after he dead. At the next moment, he revived as a zombie. He has stood up from the ground and aimed at the fresh food in front of him – Li Yalin and Kamiyama Akiko.

The zombie’s action is indeed slow, but when it just turn into zombie, it had a very explosive force. This is why he can’t relax his guard.



In one go!

Please die peacefully!

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