Illimitable Until Death v1c1

So where will people go after they die?

Houri doesn’t know.

Because Houri can be sure that this place that he came to after his own death is absolutely abnormal.

“This… where is this?”

Looking at the surrounding environment, Houri was confused.

Houri was currently in a vast open field.

The open space is very desolate, with no flowers and trees with only one layer of land exposed to the air without any warmth.

The open space is surrounded by four walls.

Four walls tightly enclosed the open space inside, completely isolated from the outside world, just like a desolate prison.

Although there is no ceiling above, Houri does not feel the presence of sunlight at all, only unknown light sources illuminate the entire space.

So in such a closed space, there’s only a wall in front of Houri and a door.


Houri almost subconsciously went toward the door.

But right at this moment, a cold voice emerged from Houri’s mind, making Houri’s body just about to move froze in place.

“Begin transmitting guide information.”

Guide information?

What is that?

Houri’s mind just came up with a thought. In the next moment, like some memory he forgot was suddenly dug out from the back of his mind, and it was like a memory that was not his own was forcibly poured into his mind. A large number of the message began to flow.

Accompanying these messages was the cold voice.

“MainGod space, a space created by an existence called MainGod.”

“Space has no end, but it connects all the worlds that exist in people’s memories in the form of fiction and fantasy.”

“Here you can get the power you dream of.”

“Here you can get endless wealth.”

“But you have to fight to get all of these. What MainGod space gives you is just a chance.”

“No.11273, you were selected at the moment of death, and were given the chance to live again, entering this MainGod space.”

“From today on, you will become a MainGod envoy in the MainGod space, going back and forth from one world to the next, to get things that others will never get in their life.”

“Of course, the premise is that you have the capital to get it all -CP.”

“All MainGod envoys who are new to the MainGod space will receive 1000 CP and 5 free APs. Please use it wisely to avoid dying in the first Transcript world.”

“There is not much time left. Thirty minutes later, the first Transcript world will open, and your first test will come.”

“During this time, you can’t leave your personal space. Only by passing the test of the first Transcript world can you truly become a MainGod envoy and open the way to infinite possibilities.”

The cold voice seemed to have completely completed its task quietly receded, leaving only the large amount of information to Houri.

This information, like a novice guide in the game, told Houri some basic information about MainGod space.

Therefore, Houri knows that the voice just now is not some great existence talking to him, it is just like the system announcement in the game, a basic performance of the MainGod space.

After receiving these informations, Houri gradually comes back from his trance, his confused expression began to become complicated.

“Live another life…?”

This should be a lucky thing, right?

Unfortunately, Houri didn’t feels anything from this.

“It doesn’t matter if I die…”


It doesn’t matter if he die.

Because Houri is inherently not afraid of death.


It should be said that due to the defect of personality, Houri can not have any feelings for the concept of ‘Death’, and naturally cannot feel fear.

“But it’s a good thing not to die.”

After all, Houri just doesn’t feel anything from death, it doesn’t mean that Houri wants to die.

With this idea, Houri immersed his consciousness into his mind according to the information in the guide.

The next second, a piece of information began to appear.

Character: Houri
Race: Human
Tier: Tier 5
STR: 1
VIT: 1
AGI: 1
INT: 1
(The average attribute of 20-year-old youth of human race is 5 except INT.)

In the MainGod space, the capabilities of MainGod envoy are mainly composed of three parts.

One: Attribute.

Two: Skills.

Three: Equipment.

These three parts are all digitized through the MainGod space, which can be a reference source for the MainGod envoys, to always grasp their own abilities.

Among them, attributes represent the basic capabilities of individuals.

STR determines physical strength.

VIT determines endurance capability.

AGI determines agility performance.

INT determines the talent in mystery aspects, that is, the possibility and the extent of using all miraculous powers.

The ability of MainGod envoy starts with improving these basic attributes.

The average attribute of 20-year-old youth of human race is 5 except INT.

Although Houri is less than 20 years old and just eighteen this year, the four basic attributes of STR, VIT, AGI, and INT are all 1.

“… That is, I am the most useless among humans?”

Houri’s corner of mouth twitched.

He really wanted to ask, what is the average of the three attributes of the ten-year-old human child besides INT?

Could it be that he can’t even match a ten-year-old child?

“Forget it, my own fault for hating exercise.”

From the age of seven, Houri who was ignorant and began to notice his abnormality no longer played around like ordinary children.

This phenomenon will only intensify as he grows up, making Houri thoroughly become a hikikomori, living with a laptop and smartphone every day. Even going out with friends just to eat and drink and resolutely resisted outdoor sports like playing basketball.

After living in this kind of life for a decade, how good can his physical fitness be?

After accepting his trashy attributes, Houri called up the skill list.

The skill list of MainGod envoy who is new to MainGod space is naturally empty.

However, Houri surprisingly found that he already had a skill on his skill list.

Moreover, it is a skill that surprises Houri.

The Mystic Eyes of Death Perception (Innate skill): Capable of seeing objects ‘Death’, ‘Death’ as a non-substance concept received in the form of visual information, as a ‘line’ like graffiti. When the ‘line’ of the object was cut, the cut-off part will be led directly to the end, cause irrecoverable and unrestorable death.

Houri was initially stunned and then began to look around in a hurry.

“Mirror… mirror… water would do if there is no mirror!”

Unfortunately, this personal space has nothing but open space.

However, the system voices of MainGod space reappeared, with a cold announcement as always.

“A regular mirror worth 10 CP.”

10 CP?

No need to hesitate, right?

Houri confirms the exchange immediately.

The next moment, a mirror suddenly flashed in front of Houri without any warning and fell into his hands.

Holding this mirror, Houri finally saw his face.

It was not very handsome, but it gave off an approachable feeling, a little attractive face.

The hair color is black, not shiny but very pure.

Houri clearly remembered that the color of his pupils was also pure black, consistent with his hair color.

However, the dark eyes that he was familiar with are not in the mirror.

It was a pair of colorful eyes filled with ice blue rainbow light, and the center part was like a rainbow.

“Death perception mystic eyes…”

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