Illimitable Until Death v1c10

Today, the shogunate rules the whole country and holds great power in its hands.

Under the rule of the shogunate, each station town will be governed by a noble family to maintain the operation and order of the station town and is even responsible for repelling the incoming Kabane.

Aragane station also has its own governor.

That is the Yomogawa clan.

The martial gathering is an informal tournament hosted by the Yomogawa clan.

Why is it informal?

Because the main purpose of this tournament was to give the bushi of Aragane station an outlet to vent their frustrations.

Without a decisive means to deal with Kabane, the bushi in Aragane station live with the fear that they might be killed or even infected and assimilated by Kabane at any time.

Even Houri knew about this, and the Yomogawa clan, who was in charge of the Aragane station, could not have been unaware of it.

In such a situation, if the bushi are allowed to maintain a nervous and fearful mentality and nerves to defend the city, it will certainly cause great problems in the end.

For this reason, Kensho of the Yomogawa clan, on the advice of the tacticians, decided to hold a tournament every ten days to allow the subordinate bushi to compete and let off steam.

“Something like this happens?”

Houri was somewhat astonished to learn the whole story from a passerby.

After all, it was something that was not in the original work.

However, when one thinks about it, with the threat of death at any time, if there is no such an outlet, there is a real possibility that something bad will happen.

Just because it is not mentioned in the original work does not mean that there is no such thing.

“Looks like foresight can only go so far. There is no way to understand all the details by just seeing things on the screen.”

While Houri was lamenting this, the two bushi were facing each other on the improvised stage.

Looking at the two bushi facing each other on the stage, Houri’s brow raised.

Because Houri recognizes these two.

From original work.

“Come on!”

“Beat him down! Kurusu!”

“Don’t lose to Kurusu! Kibito!”

“Fight, fight, fight!”

The two bushi on the stage, both holding katana in their hands, staring and confronting each other, were cheered on by the surrounding bushi who were in a frenzy.

On the left is a bushi wearing a blue and black dress in a somewhat strict manner, with his body giving off a serious temperament.

This bushi is none other than Kurusu the one that gets cheered on – Konochi Kurusu.

On the right is a stout bushi wearing light red armor and older.

This bushi is Kibito the one that got cheered on – Araka Kibito.

These two men are both bushi serving the Yomogawa clan that governs Aragane station, story characters that are exceptionally active in the original work, accompanying the protagonists across several life-and-death crises.

So, Houri knows them.

“I didn’t think it would be them.”

Houri set his sights directly on Konochi Kurusu and Araka Kibito.

At this moment, both Konochi Kurusu and Araka Kibito were holding their sharp katana with the tip of their swords facing each other, their eyes full of seriousness and severity, as if they were facing the greatest enemy of their lives, ignoring the cheers around them, and focusing entirely on each other’s opponent.

Compared to the bushi who are in a frenzy, constantly cheering, like an enthusiastic spectator, these two people feel like real bushi, with a totally different feeling.

And these two distinctive bushis, the next instant, moved almost at the same time.



With the sound of two low shouts, Konochi Kurusu and Araka Kibito suddenly stepped on the ground and rushed towards each other at the same time.

It’s clearly just a simple step, but the two of them shot out like arrows, erasing the distance between them in one step and meeting in the center of the stage.


The sound of a sharp katana striking through the air was clearly audible.

The eyes of the two bushi who met in the center of the stage changed from serious to sharp, and they suddenly swung their weapons at each other.


With a crisp steel clash sound, the katana and katana heavily collide together.

In this instant, Konochi Kurusu slanted the katana in his hand and rubbed it against Araka Kibito’s katana, cutting across Araka Kibito’s neck.

Araka Kibito’s face changed slightly, he hastily retreated, almost immediately withdrew a few meters away, narrowly dodged the dangerous strike.

But at the same time, Konochi Kurusu put forth strength on his feet, directly toward the fleeing Araka Kibito.

Araka Kibito’s eyes opened wide, and the katana in his hand spiked to the maximum speed, slashing down on the head of the incoming Konochi Kurusu.

Seeing this, Konochi Kurusu’s face was cold, he raised his weapon without showing any weakness and meet with the attack.

The two bushi moved forward and backward, and were immediately forced together again.

Clank Clank Clank-!

In a split second, a continuous sound of crisp sword clash resounded all around.

Konochi Kurusu and Araka Kibito kept swinging their swords at each other with dizzying speed, causing the sharp weapons to clash one after another, sending up sparks after sparks.



“As expected of a bushi who is among the best of us!”

The fierce exchange of swords made the bushi on the stage cheer one after another.

Even Houri’s eyes lit up and he nodded secretly.

Both Konochi Kurusu and Araka Kibito were worthy of the name of bushi.

The wonderful exchange of blows and sword strikes, even against Kabane, would be a sure win, right?

At least, in terms of strength, Houri is no match for the two bushi on stage.

Moreover, Houri knew very well that the two bushi on the stage were actually being lenient.

After all, the two were just competing, not planning to engage in a real fight.

“It’s amazing how they can fight to this extent while being lenient.”

While Houri’s heart was filled with such a feeling, the battle on the stage changed again.

“Hah!” Konochi Kurusu suddenly roared, and the speed of the katana in his hand suddenly went up a notch, slashing at an amazing speed.

“Wha…?!” Araka Kibito was shocked but had no time to react before the sharp katana came slashing down.


With a loud clash sound, a katana flew up into the air.

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