Illimitable Until Death v1c11

With a ‘Ka’ sound, the blown katana stabbed directly at the corner, and the tip of the blade was inserted into a small section of the wooden floor.

“Hu…” Konochi Kurusu exhaled slowly, and slowly retracting the katana into the sheath in a gentle motion.

Only then did Araka Kibito realize it.

His katana was just hit by Konochi Kurusu.

Immediately, Araka Kibito smiled wryly, shrugged and said helplessly.

Sure enough, it is less likely to win against you in swordsmanship, Kurusu.”

After Araka Kibito has just spoken, and the surrounding bushis are talking one by one with expected expressions.

“Kurusu’s swordsmanship is really outstanding.”

“Even among the bushis owned by Yomogawa clan, Kurusu is the best in terms of swords alone?”

“That’s why Kurusu can be Ms. Ayame’s personal bodyguard.”

“Kibito is also very powerful, but Kurusu was more powerful in swords.”

Arguments from the surroundings were clearly transmitted to Kibito’s ears on the stage, making the bitter smile on Araka Kibito’s face more intense.

Only Konochi Kurusu himself, as if he hadn’t heard the voices of the bushis around him, had a handsome face with a nearly cold expression.

Then Konochi Kurusu said.

“This level is nothing at all, it can be achieved by any bushi, but recent bushi has only used steam guns, forgetting that swords are our original weapons.”

His words made the lively atmosphere around instantly cooled down a bit.

Each of bushi showed a speechless expression, totally had no idea of what to say.

Araka Kibito also sighed slightly. “This can’t be helped. Only with a steam gun can we barely hold the station. It is too difficult to deal with Kabane with a sword.”

“I know, I don’t have any opinion about this matter.” Konochi Kurusu closed his eyes, his face still calm. “It’s just that the swordsmanship of this level is so exaggerated, I myself feel a little ashamed.”

From Konochi Kurusu, everyone heard a feeling from the heart.

Obviously, Konochi Kurusu highly respects the dignity of bushi’s existence and does not want this dignity to be shamed in his own hands.

Of course, Konochi Kurusu is not dissatisfied with the current use of steam guns by bushi.

After all, it is a weapon necessary to deal with Kabane, and Konochi Kurusu himself will use it, naturally he will not reject it.

However, unlike the other bushis that rely on steam guns, Konochi Kurusu relies on more than just steam guns.

As a bushi, Konochi Kurusu believes that only the sword in his hands is the true reliance.

As a result, Konochi Kurusu did not have the practice of abandoning swords and has been honing it.

Therefore, for Konochi Kurusu, the ten-day Martial gathering is not used to vent, but to test his achievements, and constantly warn himself not to neglect the swords.

Araka Kibito knew this.

So Araka Kibito smiled and said to Konochi Kurusu. “Then I, the loser, retreat first, and you carry on.”

Konochi Kurusu nodded, and when Araka Kibito stepped down, he looked around and with a rising tone said.

“Who comes up to fight me?”

This sentence echoed clearly around.

The bushi looked at each other, and finally simultaneously smiled wryly.

“I… I don’t want to!”

“We can’t compare to Kurusu in swords!”

“That’s right!”

Seeing each of bushi shaking their head one after another, Konochi Kurusu’s brows creased deeply.

At this moment, a more naive voice suddenly sounded compared to the bushis.

“Can I go up even without knowing swordsmanship?”

When the voice echoed clearly around, Konochi Kurusu was slightly stunned, and after seeing the speaker from the audience, his somewhat cold and serious face could not help being stunned.

Not only Konochi Kurusu, but all the other bushi including Araka Kibito have been stupified there. Other than a surprised expression, there’s the only shock.

They saw a hand held high under the stage full of bushi.

The owner of the hand is not any bushi known to those present. It is estimated that he is not even 20 years old, and he is also wearing strange clothes.

This is why every bushi present is shocked.

The person raising his hand is naturally Houri.

However, Houri had to raise this hand.

Because, the moment Konochi Kurusu makes his announcement, letting people take the stage to challenge him, the sound of the system rang in his mind.

“Number 11273 triggers B Rank Side Mission: Arena battle in the martial gathering.”
“Quest content: Challenge the story character Konochi Kurusu.”
“Victory reward: 3000 CP.”
“Failure Penalty: None.”
“Note: The level of Side Mission is determined based on the strength of the MainGod envoy receiving the mission. The level is divided into six levels: S, A, B, C, D, and E. The higher the level, the more difficult it is. B Rank’s Side Mission has only one-tenth the success rate of the MainGod envoy that accepts the mission.”

It was because of this message that Houri raised his hand to challenge.

Although the success rate is only one-tenth, there is no penalty for failure anyway, why not try it?

But, for the uninformed people, the challenge of Houri was like a joke.

“Isn’t this guy the wanderer who started living here today?”.

“A wanderer, challenge Kurusu?”

“Is this guy looking down on bushi?”

The eyes of the surrounding bushi looking at Houri gradually became sinister.

Only Konochi Kurusu and Araka Kibito have been frowning. Although they did not show obvious hostility like the bushis around them, their eyes looking at Houri also became a little serious.

“Martial gathering is a contest between bushi hosted by Yomogawa clan,” said Araka Kibito. “You are not bushi, are you not eligible to participate?”

“You are nothing more than a wanderer.” Konochi Kurusu uttered mercilessly. “Don’t be overconfidence.”

“Is it?”. Houri shrugged and said directly. “That being the case, then you have to teach this little kid who knows nothing.”

Hearing this, Konochi Kurusu’s eyes narrowed.

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