Illimitable Until Death v1c12

At this moment, the scene that was extremely noisy became silent.

Below the stage, all the bushis all looked at the scene on the stage. There was no cheers and excitement like before, and some were just gloating expression.

On the stage, Konochi Kurusu closed his eyes and pulled out his katana without expression.

Opposite him, Houri took a deep breath and put his hands on the dagger on his lower back.

The surrounding atmosphere became somber.

Offstage, Araka Kibito frowning from start to finish, watching Houri without stance, could not help but say a word.

“Kurusu, don’t go too far.”

“Don’t worry.” Konochi Kurusu opened his eyes and stared at Houri on the opposite side. The katana in his hand didn’t lift up, just said. “I’m not going to use violence against an ordinary person without a martial arts foundation.”

As a bushi who has practiced swordsmanship for many years, Konochi Kurusu can easily see from the opponent’s posture whether the opponent has practiced.

Therefore, looking at Houri’s flawed stance, Konochi Kurusu can be sure that the wanderer in front of him has never practiced martial art at all.

Konochi Kurusu said indifferently. “You go down now, and I can treat it as nothing happened.”

Hearing this, Houri smiled and shook his head, which made Konochi Kurusu’s gaze a little more intriguing.

“I know you haven’t practiced martial arts,” Konochi Kurusu said bluntly. “If you have not practiced martial arts, why challenge me who is a bushi?”

Hearing Konochi Kurusu, everyone around turned their eyes on Houri.

Faced with the eyes of so many people present, Houri was silent and then answered honestly. “I just want to try it.”

“Try it?” Konochi Kurusu is stunned again.

“Yes, try.” Houri nodded, still speaking truthfully. “I know it’s hard to win against you, but as long as there is a chance, why not try it?”

According to the judgment of space, the success rate is only one-tenth for Houri to defeat Konochi Kurusu.

Perhaps that one-tenth is because Houri has Death perception mystic eyes, right?

After all, in terms of attributes alone, Houri can only rely on AGI, and it is only 1 point higher than the average of a trained 20-year-old human youth.

And Konochi Kurusu is a real bushi, in addition to INT, STR, VIT, and AGI may have exceeded the average level of 5 points.

In other words, in terms of attributes alone, the other party guaranteed to crush Houri.

Moreover, the opponent was not a Kabane who could only run rampant and knew nothing but attack.

The opponent’s swordsmanship, practiced for many years, couldn’t possibly be lost to Houri, a guy who was an ordinary student a day ago.

Death perception mystic eyes is a trump card that can make Houri win, but he can’t use this trump card.

This is just a game, not a fight to the death.

He might accidentally kill Konochi Kurusu if he uses Death perception mystic eyes.

At that time, Houri would have been torn to pieces by the enraged Yomogawa clan’s bushi?

In view of this, the one-tenth success rate given by space is actually not needed at all.

Play against Konochi Kurusu, the difficulty will only be above the quest level.

However, Houri still wants to try.

3000 CP is a big temptation for a reason.

The main reason is that Houri has a way to win.

An extremely dangerous method.

“Win against bushi without martial arts?” Houri pulls out the dagger and keeps a close eye on Konochi Kurusu, saying. “Let me give it a try.”

“… Is it?” Konochi Kurusu’s expression returned to cold, the katana in his hand slowly raised, the tip of the katana aimed at Houri, with deep tone said. “You have guts, but you may just be talking big, so let me try it too.”

Hearing this, Houri stared at Konochi Kurusu’s sharp blade pointed at himself, but he calmed down inconceivably.

Originally, Houri was a little nervous in this highly anticipated situation.

However, in the face of the battle, Houri will feel an unbelievable peace of mind just like when fighting Kabane in the forest.

For combat, the most miserable end is nothing more than death.

As long as it has something to do with death, Houri’s heart will not fluctuate in the slightest.

At least, from small to large, Houri was scared only when his dad and sensei got angry, he was not scared of anything else.

That is very good in a way.

“Since I’m not afraid of death, what else is there to fear?”

This sentence can basically be applied to Houri.

Even if he was fighting Kabane or even a bushi who is more powerful than Kabane.

“You can attack,” Konochi Kurusu stared at Houri and said directly. “I won’t show mercy.”

“Is it?”. Houri laughed with a deep meaning. “But I think you will.”

This sentence makes Konochi Kurusu stunned.

Just at this moment, Houri suddenly stepped on the ground and rushed out.

The stage is actually not very large, and the diameter is not even ten meters.

The distance between Houri and Konochi Kurusu is not too far, only about two or three meters.

The distance of two or three meters is almost a blink of an eye for Houri who has reached 6 points for AGI.

So, when Konochi Kurusu reacted, Houri had already rushed in front of him.


Konochi Kurusu who responded almost instinctively has a cold expression, and Katana in his hand suddenly slashed down against Houri’s head.


The wind-slicing sound reverberated around.

The sharp katana sharply cut through the air, like thunder from the sky, slashing against Houri’s head.

In this case, the divided wind pressure hit Houri’s head who rushing in front of Konochi Kurusu, flutter away Houri’s bangs.

It was just a hasty cut from the subconscious, but it was so ruthless.

Of course, for Konochi Kurusu, this slash was just for the purpose of forcing Houri away.

Although Houri has not practiced martial arts, his speed is not weak.

According to Konochi Kurusu, at the speed of the opponent, it should be possible to avoid this slash.

At that time, Konochi Kurusu would do another slash and knock away the dagger in Houri’s hands, and that would be the end.

However, something Konochi Kurusu didn’t anticipate happened.

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