Illimitable Until Death v1c13


At this moment, many people from offstage could not help exclaiming.

Because on the stage, facing Konochi Kurusu’s sharp katana slashing down, Houri actually did not wince and raised his empty hand directly to cover his head.


Konochi Kurusu was shocked on the spot, without any hesitation, and hurriedly relieved his strength.

The next moment, a sharp katana struck Houri’s arm that covered his head, and in a tearing sound, cut open the skin of Houri’s arm.

Blood appears suddenly, causing Araka Kibito’s eyes to widen, and the bushi was also astonished.

The stabbing pain hit the nerves of Houri.

But by this time, Houri had suddenly taken another step and squeezed into Konochi Kurusu’s arms.

“You…?!” Konochi Kurusu’s strict, conscientious face inevitably has a trace a shock.

However, when Konochi Kurusu was shocked, an unusually cold touch immediately came from his neck.

What was that cold touch, Konochi Kurusu instantly understood.

That’s the feeling dagger put on his neck.

Houri who squeezed into Konochi Kurusu’s arms, put the dagger on his neck, and looked at Konochi Kurusu who was shocked with smile.

“So I won?”


Dead silence.

Everyone looked at Houri on the stage with Konochi Kurusu’s throat with a dagger, and for a moment, was completely dumbstruck.

“That… that kid…” Araka Kibito also had a hard time hiding his surprise.

It was justifiable.

No one would have thought that it will turn like this.

Wanderer that was thought to be easily defeated, was holding Konochi Kurusu under control.

How can this not be surprising?

Konochi Kurusu was the first to respond.

Looking at Houri’s smile at a close, and looking at Houri’s still bleeding arm, Konochi Kurusu calmed down and remained silent for a long while before saying a word.

“If I were Kabane, your hands were gone just now.”

Hearing this, Houri blinked, his smile remained undiminished, and he only gave such an answer.

“If you’re Kabane, you just lost your head.”

On one side is the loss of an arm.

One side is the loss of head.

Which side is the one defeated, still needs to consider?

“You…” Konochi Kurusu said involuntarily. “You will go so far just for this?”

“I am weaker than you, the weak want to defeat the strong but don’t want to pay a little price, isn’t that unrealistic?” Houri said frankly. “Moreover, I did say you will be merciful?”

This is just a game, not a fight to the death.

Therefore, Death perception mystic eyes, which can give Houri a chance to win, are useless.

But it was the same for opponents.

Since it’s just a game, how could Konochi Kurusu know he would cut off the opponent’s hand but he still keeps going?

This is the only way that Houri can think of to guarantee victory.

A dangerous, but not whimsical way.

So Konochi Kurusu was speechless.

Seeing this, Houri urged. “How? I won, right?”

“… I haven’t acknowledged my defeat yet.” Konochi Kurusu saying this, but the expression in his eyes was clearly dissatisfied.

After all, Konochi Kurusu is above Houri in terms of strength.

However, fighting does not mean that people with strength will definitely win, it’s just that the chances of winning will be relatively large.

If this is really a fight to the death, then, Houri, who had Death perception mystic eyes and also had a self-taught knowledge with the killing methods when he played Kabane before, would definitely have a greater advantage.

However, this time the showdown was indeed won by Houri.

“Obtain 3000 CP for completing B Rank Side Mission.”

When the system prompt sounded in Houri’s mind, Houri was relieved and removed the dagger that was attached to Konochi Kurusu’s neck.

Konochi Kurusu then felt that the cold touch in front of his neck had disappeared, and the look towards Houri was no longer as serious as it was at first, but full of fighting spirit.

Konochi Kurusu then said. “Let’s fight again.”

Obviously, Konochi Kurusu was planning to take revenge.

Moreover, this time he definitely wants to get serious, and will not show mercy.

In this regard, Houri was stunned, reluctantly raised his bleeding hand, said. “Right now?”

“…” Konochi Kurusu suddenly didn’t know what to say.

Challenge others when they are injured, that’s not what bushi should do.

Of course, Konochi Kurusu didn’t know that Houri had a bottle of Wound Recovery Medicine in his leg bag, which could recover minor injuries.

Houri bleeds to attract Kabane in the forest, and when he returns, heals it with the bottle of medicine.

If this medicine is taken orally and drank in one breath, it will have a sustained recovery effect. If only a part of the medicine is sprinkled on the wound, the minor injury can also be recovered.

If it weren’t for this, Houri wouldn’t have created a wound on his body without even thinking.

Konochi Kurusu, who didn’t know this, had to give up with the challenge, looking at Houri and asked. “What is your name?”

“Houri, a wanderer,” Houri replied, reaching out to Konochi Kurusu subconsciously.

Konochi Kurusu looked at Houri’s hand, then looked at Houri’s natural expression, and sighed. “You sure have guts.”

After that, Konochi Kurusu reached out and held hand with Houri.

clap clap!

Under the stage, applause rang out.

It was the applause of a smiling Araka Kibito.

Under the lead of Araka Kibito, some ordinary people in the crowd applauded and even cheered.

The bushi looked at each other, and finally can only reluctantly applause.

Loud applause rang over the entire stage.

Have to say that it was only at this moment that the tension in the air eased.

It’s not the tension that bushi had when they targeted Houri, but the unavoidable tension that comes from living in an era that cannot guarantee tomorrow.

To vent this tension, the Yomogawa clan hosted a martial gathering.

Today, this martial gathering obviously achieved the expected effect.

Even far beyond.

In this atmosphere, Konochi Kurusu gave Houri a word.

“Let’s fight again when your wound healed.”

Houri was speechless.

Looks like he got entangled with a person that hates losing.

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