Illimitable Until Death v1c14

After that, three days passed.

During this time, Houri’s treatment was no longer as bad as it was at the beginning.

Although like before, because wanderer’s identity needs to do some work, those bushi no longer treat Houri as before.

Of course, it’s not that bushi’s attitude towards Houri has improved, but it’s just because Houri’s performance that day made these bushi understand that Houri is not someone that can be trifled with.

In order to win, Houri did not hesitate to risk his arm being cut, so brave, so that these timid bushi that have been cramped in the Aragane station, which did not dare to fight with Kabane upfront, produced a little fear.

Therefore, the bushi no longer blatantly ridicule Houri, but are far away from Houri. Except for some things that need to be explained at work, they no longer have contact with Houri.

In this regard, Houri is rather relaxed, and naturally has no opinion.

In fact, Houri can go at any time if he want, and doesn’t have to spend time among bushi for three meals a day.

When entering the Transcript world, the space will not provide exchange functions. MainGod envoys can only redeem when they return to the MainGod space.

The only exception is one: Currency exchange.

In the Transcript world, the MainGod envoy can use CP to exchange the required currency according to the value of the current world currency.

Under such circumstances, even if Houri, who owns 5600 CP was not the richest person, he can at least guarantee food, clothing and accommodation.

However, Houri did not do so.

Reason One: This exchange is a unilateral exchange. One can only use CP to exchange currency, but one cannot use the currency to sell back to the space to obtain CP.

Therefore, basically, no one is willing to spend the versatile CP to exchange a pile of currencies that will be useless after leaving the world.

Reason Two: Only by staying with bushi, can he better grasp the situation.

Until now, Houri didn’t know when the plot officially started.

Therefore, Houri believes that it is absolutely necessary to mix himself in bushi.

If something happens, bushi will surely get the news first hand.

For this reason, Houri must be mixed with the bushi, to keep abreast of the first-hand news, to understand the current situation.

Once that Hayajiro was driving into Aragane station, Houri would definitely get the news immediately.

Houri remembers that on the day the plot started, a person who had been contaminated by Kabane in Hayajiro in Aragane station during the day would be shot and killed.

Even if he wasn’t sure what day the plot started, with such an obvious plot, as long as he finds this, Houri can understand when Aragane station will fall.

As a result, three days, although there were several visits of Hayajiro back and forth, none of this happened.

Houri had no choice but to hold his gradually agitated mood, and continued to wait.

In the process, Houri’s life was not uneventful.

At least, three days after martial gathering, Konochi Kurusu will come to Houri almost every day.

Today too.

During the shift at noon, on the way to the cafeteria, Houri was frightened by Konochi Kurusu who didn’t know where he came from.

Ignoring the stunned expression of Houri, Konochi Kurusu just uttered this sentence.

“Is your injury healed?”

Houri’s mouth of corner twitch, desperately holding back the urge to roll his eyes, ill-humoredly said. “How long has passed since then, how could it be so fast?”

In fact, Houri’s injury was long healed.

After the martial gathering that day, Houri poured a portion of the healing medicine on the wound and healed the wound.

However, externally, Houri did not admit that his injuries were already healed.

It is because Konochi Kurusu has been pestering Houri.

“I said, what is with you?”. Houri still said unkindly. “Didn’t I just won once with a little trick? There is no need to bear grudge till now?”

“I… I’m not bearing a grudge!” Konochi Kurusu stared at Houri and said insincerely. “I just want to fight you again.”

“This is generally known as holding a grudge..” Houri patted his forehead, and his voice was full of helplessness. “I know you have high self-esteem, but it seems I have underestimated it.”

“Ugh…” Konochi Kurusu looked speechless.

Seeing Konochi Kurusu like this, Houri also smiled a little.

This bushi, which is too strict in nature, is not easy to see him admit defeat.

Just then, a somewhat pleasing voice sounded behind Konochi Kurusu.

“Kurusu, are you here?”

Konochi Kurusu’s eyes widened slightly after hearing this voice, and his expression turned slightly nervous.

Konochi Kurusu was surprised when he saw the full picture of the visitor.


This title made Houri’s eyes lit up, raised his head and looked.

He saw that on the path ahead, a person was slowly walking towards this side.

That’s a shoujo.

Probably about the same age as Houri.

Wearing luxurious clothes.

A waterfall-like long black hair was tied into a ponytail and hung behind her.

There was even a floral ornament in her hair.

As for her appearance, it was outrageously delicate.

At least, Houri had never seen such a pretty person directly before coming to the MainGod space.

Looking at the beautiful shoujo walking slowly, Houri whispered.

“Yomogawa Ayame.”

–Yomogawa Ayame.

It can be seen from the name that this person has a blood connection with the Yomogawa clan who administers Aragane station.

This shoujo is the eldest daughter of Yomogawa clan, and it would be no surprise if she succeeded her father as the governor of Aragane station.

Moreover, this shoujo is also an important story character to be protected in Houri Main Mission 2.

“I didn’t expect to meet here…”

Under Houri’s gaze, Yomogawa Ayame also noticed him, and after being stunned, she bowed a bit apologetically. “Sorry to bother you.”

“No, it’s nothing.” Konochi Kurusu quickly shook his head and replied. “We’re not talking about something important, Ayame-sama doesn’t have to apologize.”

Konochi Kurusu and Yomogawa Ayame haven’t had time to respond before, and Houri’s eyes corner twitch.

This guy is obviously so persistently keep bothering him…

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