Illimitable Until Death v1c15

In Yomogawa clan, Konochi Kurusu is a very famous bushi.

Not only because of his superb swordsmanship, but also because of Konochi Kurusu’s mandate to protect Yomogawa Ayame, to be the personal bodyguard of Yomogawa Ayame.

Therefore, Houri chose to challenge Konochi Kurusu on martial gathering, not only because of the triggering of Side Mission, but also because he wanted to get in contact with Yomogawa Ayame through Konochi Kurusu.

After all, Houri’s Main Mission 2 is closely related to Yomogawa Ayame, and contact with Yomogawa Ayame is absolutely necessary.

Now, Houri finally meets Yomogawa Ayame.

“Hello, Miss Ayame.” Houri greeted Yomogawa Ayame politely.

However, this greeting was too impolite to Konochi Kurusu.

“Don’t greet her so casually.” Konochi Kurusu glared at Houri and said in a low voice. “Ayame-sama is the eldest daughter of Yomogawa clan. When it comes to Kensho’s position in the future, it is not surprising to become the governor of Aragane station, at least add ‘-sama’ to her name.”

For Konochi Kurusu’s faintly threatening words, Houri rolled his eyes and couldn’t even bother, which give Konochi Kurusu the urge to draw his katana.

Instead, it was Yomogawa Ayame, who suddenly said with a sudden realization. “So you are the wanderer-san who defeated Kurusu?”

Konochi Kurusu, who was about to lose his temper, suddenly like swallowing some fly, his face became constipated.

Seeing this clearly, Houri laughed in his heart and very deliberately replied with a smile. “Yes, I am the wanderer-san who defeated Kurusu.”

Konochi Kurusu’s heart was suddenly stopped.

Originally, Konochi Kurusu had higher self-esteem than bushi, and his strict and serious personality made him attach great importance to the dignity of bushi. He was extremely rigid in words and deeds and could almost be called an example of bushi.

As a result, Konochi Kurusu, who is proud to be bushi, was defeated in a large crowd and lost to a wanderer who had not been exposed to martial arts.

How uncomfortable it was for Konochi Kurusu, one can imagine.

Therefore, Konochi Kurusu has been pestering Houri for these few days, trying to recover from his defeat.

Today, the defeat has not been recovered, but his sore spot was being ruthlessly poked by his protecting object who he cares about most. The persons involved also hit him while he’s down, so how can Konochi Kurusu not feel uncomfortable?

“…In terms of strength, I will never lose to you.” Konochi Kurusu stared at Houri tightly, while gnashing his teeth. “Don’t get carried away, wanderer.”

“I’m getting ahead of myself?” Houri shrugged. “It’s just that you don’t want to accept your defeat. So I just want to remind you, hope that you can make persistent efforts and work harder in the future.”

Saying this, Houri also patted Konochi Kurusu on the shoulder with the look of ‘I’m doing this for you’.

At this moment, Konochi Kurusu’s expression was really similar to constipation.

“Hehe…” Yomogawa Ayame couldn’t help covering her mouth and laughed.

As everyone knows, this laugh is a crit for Konochi Kurusu.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to make fun of you Kurusu.” Yomogawa Ayame smiled slightly, and her gaze was on Houri’s body. “Just think that Houri-san is very interesting.”

“Interesting?” Houri was surprised, and blurt out. “When I was in school, it was just a daily banter by a group of friends.”

“Go to school?” Konochi Kurusu stunned.

“Go to school?” Yomogawa Ayame said in surprise. “Houri-san actually go to private school?”

With the surprised gaze of Yomogawa Ayame and Konochi Kurusu, Houri only realized that he had made a mistake.

In this era, going to school is no simple matter.

Most of the land outside has been occupied by Kabane.

Each station can barely protect itself.

Private school can only be enjoyed by people with standing and status.

Houri remembers that in this era, private schools that were open to the public seemed to have only primary education institutions like Terakoya left in the country.

Therefore, most people who can go to school are not simple characters.

And how can a wanderer have the opportunity to go to private school?

So, if Houri did go to private school, then it will probably cause suspicion.

Right now, Houri was silent for a while, and said to them with a smile. “Nothing surprising. The place I used to live in can actually go to school, but that place is no longer in this world.”

Hearing this, Yomogawa Ayame and Konochi Kurusu were all silent.

“So it is,” Yomogawa Ayame said with sympathy. “Has the station that once lived fallen?”

“After the fall of the station, you fortunately survived, and escaped here by yourself?” Konochi Kurusu closed his eyes and whispered. “No wonder you haven’t studied martial arts, but some much faster than ordinary people.”

Apparently, both Yomogawa Ayame and Konochi Kurusu thought that the station where he lived was captured by Kabane, and he survived alone, survived desperately on the land full of Kabane, and fled all the way to Aragane station.

In this way, Houri has been to school, and has not studied martial arts but has a lot of decisiveness and speed beyond ordinary people, these things are explained.

Of course, these are just what Yomogawa Ayame and Konochi Kurusu think.

Houri didn’t lie.

The place where Houri once lived can indeed go to school, and that place is really not in this world.

“B-but it doesn’t matter, it’s already a good thing to be able to survive.” Yomogawa Ayame said as if she wanted to comfort Houri. “Well, let’s make Houri-san be Yomogawa clan bushi.”

“Be a bushi?” Houri’s expression suddenly became weird.

“IMHO, Ayame-sama.” Konochi Kurusu frowned even more frankly. “Although this guy has a little skill, he has no martial arts foundation after all. It may not be appropriate to be bushi.”

“Is it inappropriate?” Yomogawa Ayame blinked and said somewhat naively. “But didn’t Houri-san defeat Kurusu? And this still inappropriate?”

“I…” Konochi Kurusu’s corner of eyes jumped sharply, and couldn’t help but growl in his heart.

Why to have to mention this?!

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