Illimitable Until Death v1c17

Sky gradually began to darken.

The entire Aragane station lit the flames of oil lamps, such as the stars dotted the ground, making the air a little warmer.

Silver moon began to hang high.

Chirping noise among the chilling trees.

Before a humble house, peoples laughed and made the warmth in the air become warm.

No one knows.

On the railway, which is hundreds of meters away from Aragane station, a train is coming at the top speed in the direction of Aragane station.

The train is all made of steel, which looks like a speeding steel fortress.

Iron Fortress covered with steel armor, drove into a tunnel and speeding away in the direction of Aragane station.

Above the steel city wall of Aragane station, a bushi in charge of the gate is looking in the direction of the tunnel with a telescope and seeing Hayajiro coming at a high speed.

The bushi opens his mouth right away.

“Fusojo is here!”

Hearing this, the surrounding bushis all reacted, all looking towards the tunnel.

“It’s finally here?”

“It’s on time.”

“It should be Fusojo which is scheduled to arrive today?”

“No second possibility.”

Bushi’s tone is relaxed.

After all, the Fusojo that came here was Hayajiro which was scheduled to arrive today. It arrives on time today, and there shouldn’t be anything wrong with it.

This idea is the beginning of all tragedies.

“Open the gates! Put down the suspension bridge!”

During the shouting voice, the door of the steel city wall of Aragane station used to protect the last land of humans was slowly opened, and the suspension bridge outside the door was gradually lowered to link the railway to Aragane station.

Dudu Dudu-!

The ear-piercing steam whistle sounded.

A steel train named Fusojo traveled towards Aragane station at a high speed, flashing a cold color on it.

At this moment, none of the bushi standing guard in Aragane station saw it.

Above this Fusojo, black shadows cling to each other like spiders.

Taking a closer look.

At the heart of these shadows, there is a glowing heart.

Fusojo, full of monsters called Kabane, rushed to Aragane station.

On the edge of Aragane station, there are houses used as warehouses.

At this time, the door of one of the houses was opened.

Houri came out of the door, wearing a cold-proof cloak, and with some whistling winds, walked to a high place.

Houri stood on a cliff-like height, looking in one direction.

That direction is the only door to the outside of Aragane station.

Looking at the door, Houri first checked the contents of his leg bag.

Stamina Recovery Medicine… unopened, checked!

Wound Recovery Medicine… half bottle left, checked!

Energy Compressed Biscuit… intact, checked!

Water Bottle… filled with water, checked!

Touching the dagger in the lower back sheath again, Houri muttered.

“Everything is ready, all that remains is to wait.”

If he hasn’t guessed wrong, today is the time the plot started.

And now, Fusojo full of Kabane should have rushed towards Aragane station.

“When the Fusojo rushes into the Aragane station, the test begins.”

In the end, would Houri die under the siege of Kabane’s army?

Or, smoothly join with Yomogawa Ayame, take the Iron Fortress for escape, and escape from Aragane station?

“Let see if I can survive or not.”

Having said that, Houri jumped, followed the steep slope, slid down a high place, and ran in one direction.

After spending three days in the Aragane station, Houri was not without a result.

For three days, Houri has been working hard to gather intelligence in his daily work.

So, Houri knew exactly where the Iron Fortress for escape was.

Originally, Houri also wanted to simply find Yomogawa Ayame, and protect her nearby, until the fall of Aragane station, and then run away with Yomogawa Ayame.

However, Houri is just a wanderer. If he keeps hanging out beside Yomogawa Ayame, not to mention what Konochi Kurusu’s reaction would be, the bushi of Yomogawa clan will definitely not just watch and even suspect that he has any bad intentions.

Therefore, Houri simply waited until the night, calculated the time, and headed directly in the direction of the Iron Fortress for escape.

If it was like in the plot of the original work, Yomogawa Ayame will definitely be there under the protection of Konochi Kurusu and a group of bushi.

At that time, Houri can join Yomogawa Ayame together to ride the Iron Fortress for escape use and escape from Aragane station. His Main Mission 2 will then be completed.

“If only it were that easy.”

Houri’s eyes narrowed as he ran on the path leading to the street where people came and went.

In the original work, Yomogawa Ayame escaped Aragane station smoothly and did not die in Kabane’s hands.

In other words, as long as nothing happens and it follows the plot, Main Mission 2 will be done without his interference.

However, Houri does not believe that space will issue a task equivalent to sending CP into the pocket of the MainGod envoy.

“If something happens…”

Then Main Mission 2 failed.

“Hope nothing unexpected happens before meeting in the Iron Fortress.”

This sentence just gives people a sense of luxury.

“Only fate will tell.”

With such a sentence, Houri adjusted his breathing a bit and speeded up.

Just as Houri was about to rush into the street, something unexpected happens.


An extremely loud crash sounded through the quiet night sky.

Houri turned his head immediately and looked at the source of the sound.

He saw in the direction of the gate of the Aragane station, a train covered with iron armor violently crashed into the gate, flinging the gate into the mid-air like a rag, spiraling it a few times. And with terrible impact and weight, it hit the houses not far from the street, raising dust and gravel.

Clang– Clang– Clang– Clang-!

On the observation towers all over the corner of the Aragane station, metal bells were ringing one after another, echoing throughout the Aragane station.

That was the siren.

When Kabane invaded, the residents were alerted to evacuate.

Suddenly there was a moment of silence in the entire Aragane station.

After a short while, the terrified screams began to ring in succession.



“Kabane is here!”

People scrambled and ran away.

Aragane station, completely in chaos.

The fall began.

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