Illimitable Until Death v1c18

Panic filled the entire station.

Houri who had been running hurriedly stopped himself, looking at the shattered city gate and the Iron Fortress that crashed into a house, his fists shook involuntarily.

“It started?”

The horrified people were frightened and fled from Houri’s side.

Despair and fear filled the street.

In this case, only Houri stood in place, without any movement, seemly out of place with the surroundings.

Clang– Clang– Clang– Clang-!

The alarm bell is still ringing.


It was unclear whether the shouting of humans or the monster was echoing.

Bang Bang-!

The intense gunshots also began to roar.

Apparently, the bushis at the Aragane station have begun fighting Kabane.

However, the situation is definitely not going to get better.

“I don’t know how Miss Ayame is now.”

In the original plot, Kensho of Yomogawa clan should have received the message at this time, and to confirm the Iron Fortress for escape, suffer from Kabane’s surprise attack and died.

Yomogawa Ayame, while waiting for the news of her father, was urged by the cowardly bushis. In the end, she had no choice but to start to go to the location of the Iron Fortress for escape and prepare to escape.

Of course, before that, Yomogawa Ayame would also take refuge from the Aragane station.

If all goes well, Yomogawa Ayame can finally reach the location of the Iron Fortress for escape.

“It’s better to go first.”

With such an idea in mind, Houri intends to move on.

At this time…


With a terrible scream, the people who fled on the street involuntarily turned their heads, looking at the front of the street leading to the gate.

Immediately afterward, screams mixed with extreme fear resounded.

Houri suddenly stopped and looked ahead.

There, a dark shadow came out like a corpse, grabbed a gun-holding bushi’s shoulder, opened its mouth and immediately bit his neck.

The bushi didn’t even have time to scream, and several black shadows came out, all of which pounce on him, each biting on him.

Instantly, blood splattered around.

As the prey fell to the ground by the beast, bushi was drowned by Kabane, becoming Kabane’s food, and his blood was drained little by little.

Seeing this in person, the screams of despair and fear rang from the mouths of the fleeing people.

Some people even forgot to escape and watched this scene blankly, like losing their souls.

In such a situation, a Kabane lifted its extremely scaly head, and the eyes without pupils were filled with violent light. It tightened its limbs like a cheetah, and suddenly rushed to a young woman nearby.

The young woman didn’t respond at all and just stare blankly at the Kabane that was coming towards her, trembling all over her body, unable to move at all.

And at this moment, only one person moved.


In the clear piercing sound, a touch of cold light passed by, sinking into Kabane’s glowing heart before the young woman.


The sound of glass breaking broke into everyone’s ears.

“Uh…” Kabane’s ferocious face completely became dull, and then slowly slipped down and fell to the ground.

One hit kill!

This scene made everyone’s eyes widen.

Especially the young woman, looking at Houri who suddenly rushed in front of her a second before, did not respond for a long time.

“What are you still doing there?” Houri held a dagger, without looking at the people across the street, and said aloud. “Hurry to the refuge!”

Then ordinary people come back to their senses, screaming and fled again.

Including the young woman rescued by Houri.

Houri was a little relieved.

After all, Main Mission 2 clearly stated that after Iron Fortress escaped from Aragane station, the more people survived in the train, the more rewards Houri received.

Houri has to help them for the sake of rewards alone.

However, in this way, Kabane’s attention on the streets ahead was all attracted by Houri.


Each Kabane issued a terrifying howl, and then rushed towards Houri.

Ordinary people had just escaped.

If Houri ran away with them, it wouldn’t be long before those people were caught up with Kabane.

Every Kabane has physical fitness beyond ordinary people.

Even if it is Houri, with 6 points of AGI, it is not necessarily faster than those of Kabane.

So, in order to keep Kabane from catching up, Houri had to stay here to delay time.

Fortunately, there were only three Kabane rushing towards Houri, and the rest were still eating food they just captured by the roadside.


Houri’s expression became extremely calm.

Holding the dagger tightly in hand.

A pair of eyes turn into Ice blue mystic eyes.

Looking at the three Kabane rushing towards him, Houri didn’t retreat, stepped on the ground and then moved fast.


Perhaps three rushing Kabane were provoked by the arrogant attitude of Houri’s not retreating, each issued a more terrible howl, speeding up a bit, opening their mouth filled with long and sharp teeth, it rushed while roaring.

However, Houri suddenly stopped his body, taking a standard vertical path and suddenly turning to the side.

The three Kabanes were too aggressive, and in the situation where the prey suddenly changed direction, they couldn’t stop their body and rushed straight along the original path.

“That’s why I said that although Kabane has superior physical abilities, their only attack mode is to dash around madly that it’s too easy to understand, not much better than the beast.”

This is one of the reasons why Houri can easily kill Kabane with too low attribute values.

These monsters…

“Are too stupid!”

Houri who changed direction turn around and ran back.

At this time, the three Kabane just rubbed Houri’s side and exposed their unguarded back to Houri’s eyes.

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