Illimitable Until Death v1c19

Houri currently gazing on one thing.

That’s the glowing hearts exposed to their Mystic eyes.


More precisely, it was the crack-like dead lines on the glowing hearts.

To those Dead lines, the dagger in Houri’s hand turned into a lethal weapon.


The first Kabane had no chance to turn around, and the dagger, which turned into a cold light, easily cut off the Dead line on its heart.


The second Kabane just turned its head, but the dagger has sink into its heart.


The third Kabane sent a roar and pounced on Houri, but Houri moved sideways. Instead, its heart was exposed before Houri’s dagger, as it ran right into him, penetrate it violently.

“Obtain 100 CP from killing Kabane.”
“Obtain 100 CP from killing Kabane.”
“Obtain 100 CP from killing Kabane.”

Three consecutive system prompts not only announced Houri’s victory but also pushed Houri’s CP to a number close to 6000.

This number is almost double the number required by Main Mission 3.

Immediately, three Kabane who had their heart penetrated fell down one after another, losing their breath.


After killing three Kabane, Houri rushed to a nearby alley without hesitation and disappeared in it.

Until this time, those eating Kabane discovered this scene, sent out a roar of anger, and rushed into the alley one after another with strong and powerful steps, chasing after Houri.

No Kabane went after the ordinary people.

Therefore, Houri’s plan is complete.

Only then is the real test.

Because, this time, Kabane who attacked Houri was not two or three, but more than a dozen.

That’s the number that Houri could never win if head to head.

So the next real test.

Houri clearly understood this.

Therefore, Houri did not hesitate to choose to escape, not going for the head-to-head confrontation.

In the narrow alley, Kabane’s roar kept echoing.

Houri running while listening to the roar behind, worked hard to adjust his breath, held the dagger tightly, and the ice-blue luster of Death perception mystic eyes became more intense.

“So what should I do now?”

While he was running about, calmly thinking about this problem, Houri didn’t find it.

On a house not far from the alley, a shoujo was standing there, clearly seeing Houri chased by a group of Kabane, her expression showed surprise and curiosity.

Immediately afterward, shoujo jumped, like a civet cat, jumped into another house, and keep jumping on the roof of a building, chasing in the direction of Houri.


The roar of the monster continues.

Houri didn’t stop and keep running all the time, while running, he turned his head in time and looked behind.

The ferocious Kabane did not stop their chasing, and the distance was getting closer and closer.

“Sure enough, these Kabane was much faster than me.”

Otherwise, it would not be called a monster.

“And they don’t seem to get tired either, this would be tough.”

Continued running about has already make Houri’s breathing slightly quicker.

However, those Kabane don’t seem to be exhausted from chasing Houri desperately and they are drawing closer.

The speed is inherently faster than Houri, plus not getting tired from running, the final result is naturally only one.

That’s when Houri is caught up.

In this regard, Houri not only did not feel anxious, but his mouth corner slightly raised.


“Come all of you!”

“Let see if you guys eat me first or I kill you all first!”

Talking so to himself, Houri finally saw his destination.

A corner leaning towards a narrower alley.

“That’s it!”

Houri’s eyes lit up, put some strength on his foot to turn round and turned into the narrow alley.

Seeing this, the Kabane looks ferocious, chasing up without any hesitation.

However, their chasing finally had a problem.

Because the alley was too narrow, Kabane, who chased after him, immediately crowded at the entrance.


Each Kabane sent out a howl, squeezing their body desperately to get in.

However, even if they squeezed into it, the narrowness of the alley can only allow one Kabane to pass.

So, many Kabane suddenly seemed to line up, one after another rushed into the narrow alleys.


At this moment, Kabane rushing forward issued an off-line roar.

Because this Kabane saw it.

Their goal didn’t escape and was waiting in front of the alley.

A happy smile filled his face.

“Thank you very much for lining up to die!”

After he spoke, Houri suddenly rushed forward.


It was an extremely clear tearing flesh sound.

The sharp dagger follows the line of death that Death perception mystic eyes can see, and once again penetrates the heart of a monster named Kabane.

Kabane issued a pained howl before death and slowly fell as its heart disintegrate.

Houri, however, directly supported the dead Kabane’s body, using it as an obstacle, blocking the alley through which only one person could pass.


Kabane was all blocked at the back, and only through the gap, to reached out its hand in the direction of Houri.

It’s just that these Kabane don’t know how stupid it is to expose its arm like this to the existence of Death perception mystic eyes.

So cold light flashed.

Puchi– Puchi– Puchi– Puchi-!

The tearing of the flesh rang again.
Along the dead lines, Houri, like cutting fragile paper, effortlessly cut off a pair of arms that came towards him.

Dark red’s blood couldn’t stop raining down.

The color gradually reddened Houri’s body.

However, it is also a badge of honor.

Because that’s not the blood of Houri itself, but the blood of the enemy.

Then, the monsters who lost their arms without much suspense successively ushered in the weapon that submerged into their heart.

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