Illimitable Until Death v1c2

As a hikikomori, Houri is no stranger at all to death perception mystic eyes.

That is the special ability of ‘Tsukihime’ and ‘Kara no Kyoukai’ from Type-Moon series.

There are two holders.

One is Ryougi Shiki from Kara no Kyoukai.

Another one is Tohno Shiki from Tsukihime.

That is an ability to see the object ‘Death’ directly as the name implies.

People with this ability can see the dark lines like cracks on the surface of most objects, that is, the dead line. If one cuts along the line, it will cause irresistible and incurable damage to the object.

One of the conditions for possessing this ability is to experience death in person and understand it.


Houri self-deprecating looking at the pair of ice-blue eyes in the mirror that seemed to take away the body temperature.

“Indeed, I can be considered as having experienced death.”

However, experiencing death is only a condition to obtain death perception mystic eyes, not a condition to using death perception mystic eyes.

According to Houri’s memory, even if one obtains the death perception mystic eyes, that does not mean one can use this pair of eyes.

“Not to mention, strictly speaking, I am not in the Type-Moon world. It should not be possible for me to own this pair of eyes.”

Houri clearly remembers that in the world of Type-Moon series, there is one of the most fundamental settings -everything is derived from ‘root’.

The so-called ‘root’ is the origin of everything.

There, not only the beginning of everything, but even the end of everything.

The soul of humans is also derived from this ‘root’, so as to obtain a form, get wisdom, and proliferate in the earth.

Because it is always derived from the ‘root’, all humans in the Type-Moon world are connected to ‘root’.

Because ‘root’ records the end of everything, linking ‘root’ is naturally equivalent to recognizing the death of everything.

However, although the human brain has the function of receiving and sending messages, the connection to ‘root’ and ‘line’ is closed.

Only after experiencing and understanding death can this ‘line’ be opened.

Both Ryougi Shiki and Tohno Shiki have experienced death, so they can recognize and understand the ‘Death’ of things, see the ‘Death’ of things, and even cut off such ‘Death’ to force the object toward the mandatory end.

This is the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception.

“And I’m obviously not in the Type-Moon world. There is no such thing as a ‘root’ connection.”

However, Houri still got death perception mystic eyes.

“Innate skill… Innate skill… that means I have talent in this area?”

“I’m just indifferent to ‘Death’.”

Houri sighed slightly and put down the mirror.

In any case, since there is even a MainGod space, then the unthinkable can be regarded as nothing strange.

Although Houri attributes is trash, with this pair of Mystic eyes, certainly Houri next Transcript worlds only advantages and no disadvantages.

“How to use the remaining 990 CP and 5 free APs?”

Thirty minutes later, Houri must go through his first Transcript world.

Houri must use the resources at hand for the next trip.

So, Houri spent twenty-five minutes thinking hard, and finally got into action.

First, Houri put all 5 free APs into AGI and raised his AGI to 6.

“With death perception mystic eyes, as long as I can hit the target, it can cause great damage, then there is no need to raise STR.”

“VIT, instead of considering how much resistance one can get after being hit, it is better to consider how to avoid being hit from the start, so better to enhance AGI than VIT.”

“As for INT, in my current state, this attribute had no meaning at all. It will not improve anything.”

“To summarize, improving AGI is undoubtedly my only option.”

“As long as there is speed, whether it moving, dodging, attacking or retreating, all will be guaranteed.”

Increasing AGI will improve Houri’s movement speed, attack speed, reflex nerves, motor nerves, and even jumping ability, all related to agility performance.

In short, it’s about improving one physical speed.

Other than thinking, this attribute basically improves all speed-related abilities in the body.

For a hikikomori, this attribute is undoubtedly more important than the rest.

After adding 5 free APs to AGI, Houri used the exchange function of MainGod space according to the guide information, opened the exchange interface, and began to redeem items.

Houri first used 100 CP and redeemed a dagger.

In the MainGod space, graded types of equipment can give the equipper an extra boost.

Some of these improvements are an increase in attributes, some are built-in skills, so they can become one of the important factors that determine the ability of MainGod envoy.

The level of equipment follows the character’s level, from high to low, and is divided into Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4, and Tier 5.

However, graded types of equipment are quite expensive. He won’t get anything good with his current 990 CP.

Since he can’t redeem graded equipment, Houri can only redeem an ordinary dagger.

Without weapons, even with death perception mystic eyes, Houri can’t cut other’s dead line and can’t kill the enemy.

Then, Houri exchanged a lot of things one after another.

Stamina Recovery Medicine: Continuously restores the user’s physical strength (small amount) for 10 seconds, 300 CP.

Wound Recovery Medicine: Continuously restores the user’s injuries (minor injuries) for 10 seconds, 500 CP.

Energy Compression Biscuit: Continuously restores the energy (nutrition) of the user for 10 seconds, 50 CP.

Water Bottle: Small bottle, can hold 10 liters of water, 30 CP.

After redeeming these, Houri exchanged the remaining 10 CP for a leg bag, and put two-pack of medicines, a bag of biscuits, and a water bottle into it.

As for the dagger, Houri pinned it on his waist.

All CPs in Houri are squandered like this, leaving a little left.

Frankly, as a novice in space, what Houri does can be called bold.

After all, here is the MainGod space, a world where people can get everything and lose everything.

In this place, as long as there is CP, one can get almost everything.

On the contrary, when there is no CP, there will be only one end when CP becomes negative.

Once the CP is insufficient, one will be erased.

So, here is the paradise of the strong, the hell of the weak.

In view of this, no matter who it is, they will not choose to squander their CP, so as to avoid being erased when the Main Mission fails and the CP is insufficient.

Even those senior MainGod envoys are like this, let alone newcomers to the space.

As a result, CP is not used properly due to being too timid, then lacking a card in hand and met a tragic death in Transcript world. Such examples often happen to newcomers to the space.

But Houri squandered CP without hesitation.

Because Houri is afraid of anything but death.

In this way, thirty minutes passed.

“Transcript world: Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress.”
“Quest difficulty: Tier 5.”
“Number of Participants: 1.”
“Number of Main Quest: 3.”
“Mission 1: Kill 10 Kabane. Additional rewards will be added based on the number killed.”
“Mission 2: Protect Yomogawa Ayame the important figure during the fall of Aragane station until Iron Fortress successfully detached. Additional rewards will be added based on the number of survivors in Aragane station.”
“Mission 3: Earn 3000 CP, additional rewards will be based on CP.”
“Failure Penalty: 1000 CP will be deducted for each failure of the Main Mission.”
“Completion reward: Settlement based on the final evaluation.”

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