Illimitable Until Death v1c20

Don’t know how much time has passed, the noisy alley finally restored its silence.

Houri stood before the piles of Kabane’s corpses, blood dripping down from his dagger while he adjusting his breathing.

“Finally won…”

It’s not easy.

Although it was quite smooth at the beginning, it didn’t take long for the Kabane’s behind to collectively turn into spiders, one by one attached to the wall, like a lizard coming towards Houri.

It took a lot of effort in order to cope with these Kabane falling from the sky.

If it wasn’t because there’s a little space in the alley, many Kabane’s arms had been cut off by Houri before, and some of them had been killed, then Houri would never stand here unscathed.

“With my current strength, this is the extent I can do even with a cheap trick.”

Houri was somewhat unhappy.

“I need to improve my strength quickly.”

MainGod envoy three strength main component: Attributes, skills, and equipment.

At present, other than one talent, his attributes were trash, and his equipment is only an ordinary dagger with no bonus.

If it wasn’t for the existence of Death perception mystic eyes, then Houri, even with using cheat trick, would at best be alive under Kabane’s attack, and there was no possibility of counterattack.

Therefore, at present, Houri’s strength is still too weak and still has not gotten rid of ordinary people’s standards.

However, as a MainGod envoy who is new to the MainGod space, Houri’s achievements are actually very good.

“And the more I engage in slaughter, the more skilled my means of killing.”

Konochi Kurusu said that Houri has not practiced any martial arts.

This is true.

However, if it is a fight to the death, then Houri can rely on his self-taught killing methods to compete with the swordsmanship of Konochi Kurusu.

Of course, it’s just a means of killing. Today’s Houri still lacks too much.

Like defense.

Like dodging.

Houri has no skill in this.

For dodging, Houri can also rely on AGI that much higher than ordinary people to move around.

For defense, Houri really knows nothing except instinctual block.

“It’s time for a good plan.”

While he was thinking, Houri’s stamina has been restored for the most part.

So Houri turned his attention to his gains.

In this time slaughter, Houri killed 16 Kabane and gained 1600 CP.

Adding the CP accumulated before, Houri’s CP will be a total of 7,500.

For a newcomer to the MainGod space to actually achieve this amount, it couldn’t be said that no one has done it before, but it is definitely enough to say that it is one in a million.

One must know, in the MainGod space, more than 90% of the newcomers who entered the space after going through their very first Transcript world can’t even reach half of Houri amount.

That’s still not counting the dead newcomers.

Moreover, this gain is still needed to go through the Transcript world later. Back to the MainGod space, space evaluates the completion of the Main Mission and gets rewarded after.

Houri has not yet returned to the MainGod space and has not calculated the Main Mission reward.

After calculating the Main Mission’s rewards, Houri’s gain will only be more and would not be less.

By that time, Houri would definitely earn a lot.

As a matter of course, by then, these CPs have to be turned into a strength.

“If I had the chance, I should kill more Kabane. Every CP counts.”

With such a sentence, Houri turned around and was ready to leave.

However, just then, he suddenly heard a voice.

“Oh~~ you’re pretty good.”

The sudden voice made Houri’s eyes shrink, he raised his head hard, looking at the source of the voice.

Then, Houri is stunned.


A gust of wind suddenly came from a distance, blowing over the roofs of houses.

On the roof of a house next to the narrow alley, a shoujo stood upright in the wind like this, looking down at Houri, while her clothes flutter in the wind.

The shoujo has black ink like shoulder-length black hair.

Her set of clothes consist of red, mixed with white and black, like exercise clothes, it is obviously clothing considered for the convenience of action.

She wears an indigo ribbon tied tightly around her neck, without damaging the cuteness and beauty of Shoujo.

For a moment, Houri even mistakenly thought he saw the goddess.

Shoujo’s posture facing away from the silver moon and the night sky is so beautiful that it is enough for any man to not take their eyes off of her.

Houri didn’t get enamored by her.

Because Houri knew this shoujo who is looking down at him with a pair of amber eyes.


This is the name of shoujo.

At least, this is shoujo’s current name.

In “Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress”, the name is only owned by the original work heroine.


This shoujo is the heroine of the original work.

And it was not an ordinary heroine.

“You…” Houri murmured in surprise and uncertainly.

“What? Are you scared?” Mumei tilted her head, said innocently. “Don’t worry, I’m not Kabane and won’t eat you.”

Hearing this, Houri lamented in his heart.

I certainly know you are not Kabane.

However, in a sense, you are stronger than Kabane.

Even the form of existence also the same.

Mumei, who did not know what Houri was thinking of, actually jumped directly from the house, fell very lightly in front of Houri and then raised her head, a delicate doll-like face came to Houri’s eyes.


The too cute and delicate face suddenly came closer, making Houri take a step back involuntarily.

Ignoring Houri’s surprise, Mumei curiously looked at Houri’s face, and then turned her eyes to the dagger in Houri’s hands, pointed at it and said.

“Can you show me your weapon for a second?”

“Weapon?” Houri was surprised. “Why?”

“Just show me.” Mumei didn’t explain, just said. “Rest assured, I have my own weapon and won’t steal your stuff.”

Mumei actually without regard whether he agrees or not, suddenly reached out and snatched the dagger from Houri.

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