Illimitable Until Death v1c21


Houri frowned looking at Mumei who had taken away his dagger, somewhat helpless.

In the original work, Mumei is quite arbitrary, always went on her own way, making many people had no way to deal with her.

Unexpectedly, in the face of a stranger who she met for the first time, this shoujo is still the same, so that Houri does not know whether he should lose his temper.

On the other side, Mumei started to study Houri’s dagger. Her fingers slid gently across the blade surface, and tapped the tip of the blade again, then looked at Houri with great doubt. “It seems like an ordinary dagger.”

“Yeah,” Houri said for granted. “Any problem?”

“Of course there is!” Mumei said with her hand on her hips and dagger in one hand, waving it up and down. “You just defeated so many Kabane, and even the heart membrane penetrated easily. How could this be an ordinary dagger? “

Houri comes to a realization after hearing this.

It turned out Mumei mistakenly thought that his weapon was some kind of divine weapon that could easily kill Kabane, so she suddenly appeared in front of him.

Unfortunately, this is a misunderstanding.

The ability to kill Kabane easily is not because of how sharp his dagger is, but because Houri’s mystic eyes are too sharp.

Of course, Houri will not explain this to someone who he meets for the first time.

Even if the other party is the heroine of the original work, and also a pretty cute shoujo.

So Houri takes back his dagger.

“Even if this dagger is really some kind of divine weapon, want to use it against Kabane, then you need to have enough power to hold the weapon.” Houri looked at Mumei and said. “And I’m just using some petty trick. You don’t have to care. “

“Is it?” Mumei seemed a little bit relieved, but still nodded. “Your strength is really weak, but your head is very smart. In addition, you can break through Kabane’s heart membrane and fight Kabane to a certain extent. “

“That’s what happened.” Houri changed the topic and then asked directly. “What are you doing there?”

“This place is already finished,” Mumei said something cruel in a light tone. “I was just passing by this station. I wanted to take a short rest here for a while but I didn’t expect this to happen. Of course, I must escape. “

“Escape?” Houri smiled faintly. “But you don’t seem to be fleeing, but more like traveling.”

“It’s not so easy to travel.” Mumei turned and said. “I need to fight Kabane, otherwise I can’t escape.”

Fight Kabane.

If this sentence is heard by those bushi, they most likely will laugh?

Even a genuine bushi would find it hard to fight with a Kabane, only using a steam gun to snipe it. A childish shoujo actually said that she wanted to fight Kabane. Whose first reaction was not to laugh?

But Houri couldn’t laugh.

Because Houri knew that Mumei was telling the truth.

So far, Houri has been using some small trick, bullying Kabane without wisdom, and sniping them one by one. This is already quite amazing compared with other humans and even bushi.

However, this is nothing compared to Mumei.

Compared to Houri who had to use some trick to fight Kabane, Mumei can fight a large number of Kabane head-on.

After all, Mumei was trained to fight Kabane.

Not to mention 10-20 Kabane, even if hundreds of Kabane besieged Mumei, Mumei can break out of the tight encirclement and kill all the opponents, right?

In terms of strength alone, Houri and Mumei aren’t on the same level at all.

Even if the opponent is Konochi Kurusu, Mumei can beat him easily with one hand?

Thinking of this, Houri could not help looking at Mumei again.

Ice blue mystic eyes flashed in Houri’s eyes.

Suddenly, a crack-like Dead line appeared in Houri’s eyes.

Those lines are everywhere in Mumei’s body.

And, almost every single one is connected to one place.


Like blood vessels, Dead lines are connected to Mumei’s heart.

That’s where Mumei’s whole body is closest to ‘Death’.

In other words, the heart is the weakness of Mumei.

(Sure enough?)

Recalling the particularity of Mumei, Houri took it for granted.

At this moment, Mumei suddenly trembled and turned hard.

Before that, Houri had closed Death perception mystic eyes.

However, Mumei still frowned, staring at Houri and said. “Did you just do something?”

“What?” Houri said innocently. “I didn’t do anything.”

“Is it?” Mumei’s brow creased deeper and murmuring. “Then why did I feel so uncomfortable just now?”

Feeling uncomfortable?

Isn’t that natural?

Because just now, Houri directly saw the cause of Mumei’s ‘Death’. Mumei would completely be finished if he rushed up and waved his blade.

So, instinctively feel threatened, Mumei will feel uncomfortable, right?

Of course, with Houri’s current strength, if he really rushes up, it is estimated that Mumei will be aware of it at once, and then fight back.

In addition, Houri has no resentment towards Mumei, so he wouldn’t really do that.

“Anyway, let’s get out of here first.” Houri shook his head and brought up the matter. “Like you said, this station is done already, we must find Iron Fortress for escape.”

“As you said.” Mumei loosed her wrinkled eyebrow and glanced at Houri, saying. “Then follow me quickly, I’ll help open the way.”

Saying this, Mumei pulled out her weapon under Houri’s gaze.

Those are two steam guns.

The model is probably similar to a pistol, with a red body and a military stab on the front end. It is more of a gun than a pistol.

It was a dedicated steam gun for Mumei, which has attacked Kabane’s heart membrane many times and even penetrated their heart.

“I just saw your speed was pretty good, I hope you can keep up with me.”

After that, Mumei stopped paying attention to Houri, and jumped up directly. With a jumping force that was impossible for human, suddenly jumped onto the roof of the next building.

Houri followed without any hesitation.

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