Illimitable Until Death v1c22

When Houri rushed out of the alley and returned to the street, the scene in front of him had completely changed.

The fiery red color is expanding.

Thick black smoke is permeating.

The shabby houses are collapsing.

Roar and wailing are mixed.

At this moment, the Fortress named Aragane station has suddenly turned into a sea of ​​flame, so that all the houses are burning and gradually disappearing.

“It’s like hell…”

Houri’s involuntary whispered such a sentence.

After all, on the street, a mangled corpse was lying in every corner, seeping out a lot of blood, very eerie.

If such a scene is not hell, then what is hell?

At this moment, even without turning on Death perception mystic eyes, Houri can understand.

Surrounded by nothing else, it is the concept that Houri is most familiar with- ‘Death’.

As just said.

“Aragane station was done for…”

Saying this, Houri looked at the mangled corpse on the ground, his expression did not fluctuate.

But not long after, Houri’s eyes looked at those corpses changed.

“Uh… ah–!”

In an awful groan like a baby crying, the body suddenly started moving on the ground.

Like a doll manipulated by an invisible line, the corpse started to rise from the ground, stood staggeringly, and squeezed an unpleasant roar out of its throat.

This corpse not only the skin of its whole body became dead gray, but the pupils disappeared, leaving only white eyes.

The most striking thing is the chest of this corpse.

Because inside it, a heart glows gradually.

“Is this Kabaneization?” Houri was left speechless.

Humans attacked by Kabane are likely to die from heavy bleeding.

However, after a certain period of false death, the hearts of these dead people will start to glow and resurrect, thus becoming irrational and only attacking human’s Kabane.

Even if one did not die after being bitten by Kabane, one would suddenly die after a period of time and be resurrected to become Kabane.

This is called the Kabane’s incubation period. It has a length of time problem due to personal differences, but it can occur within three days.

What Houri witnessing now is this scene.

The scene of dead people turned into a Kabane.

“Even death wasn’t allowed?”

Houri clenched the dagger in his hand, a pair of eyes blinked with ice-blue light.

However, someone attacked first before Houri.


With a loud gunshot sound, the corpse glowing chest which had just turned into a Kabane, like it had suffered an invisible blow, burst into dazzling sparks.

Bang Bang-!

A second later, several random gunshots echoed, causing Kabane’s chest, which had suffered an invisible blow, to be hit again and again.

Eventually, Kabane’s chest exploded.


There was another gunshot. The heart, which had lost the protection of the heart membrane, was directly crushed, completely losing its luster, and the monster named Kabane was turned back into a corpse and fell to the ground.

Houri was suddenly stunned, like understood something, turned his head and looked at the roof of a nearby house.

There, Mumei held two steam guns and said to Houri with some dissatisfaction. “What are you still doing there? Come quickly!”

After saying this, Mumei didn’t even wait for Houri to respond, and then started running, like a flexible cat jumping on the roof of a house.

Seeing this, Houri is somewhat dumbfounded.

“What a fickle cat.”

That being said, Houri kept up.

The surrounding buildings have slowly begun to collapse under the fire.

As a matter of course, there is no living thing on the street, only corpses left on the ground.

Of course, in addition to corpses, there are also moving corpses.


Under the monotonous roar, along the road, many Kabane come to attack Houri, which looks extremely terrifying.

However, Houri did not stop this time, treating the Kabane like nothing, and just keep running forward.

After all, those Kabane don’t need Houri to solve at all.

Bang Bang-!

While Kabane rushed towards Houri one after another, the sound of gunfire was echoing continuously and clearly.

Once these gunshots sounded, Kabane attacking Houri would be hit by an invisible bullet and fell down directly. After a short time, would be hit again and again by a bullet until its heart was crushed and it dies for good.

From Houri’s perspective, Mumei jumps and moves like a ninja on a house-to-house, she didn’t even look to the side, but always accurately shoot Kabane on the road, so there is no longer any threat in Houri path.

“There is no harm without comparison. How can this gap be so big?”

For Houri, trying to kill a Kabane is not that difficult.

Kabane’s movement is too simple. Basically, it can only attack in a rampage. As long as there is a way to penetrate its heart membrane, an ordinary person can kill Kabane, let alone Houri has already many self-taught killing methods.

However, with a large number of Kabane, even Houri can’t do anything, either can only escape, or can only find ways to use tricks.

But Mumei doesn’t need any tricks.

With two steam guns in her hand and shockingly accurate shooting technique, it was too simple for Mumei to kill Kabane.

It needs more than hundreds of Kabane to kill Mumei by number, otherwise it would be impossible.

Houri is basically finished if he was surrounded by 10-2 Kabane.

“As expected…”

Houri didn’t say the later words.

Because Houri knows, that’s still a secret.

Looking at Mumei’s faster and faster figure, Houri can only take a breath and accelerated his pace again to catch up.

There is a distance in the direction from the city gate, which can even be said to be completely opposite, and there is a garage.

In the garage, an icy and shiny Iron Fortress stopped here, quietly waiting to start.

Many people had already gathered here when Houri and Mumei came here.

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