Illimitable Until Death v1c23

“I… I come here first!”

“No! I’m here first!”

“Step aside!”

“Let me up!”

There are many people with their families next to the icy Iron Fortress. People carrying luggage were crowded with each other, with fierce and panic expressions on their faces, desperately pushing towards the door of Iron Fortress.

“Oh~~,” Mumei said in a slightly uninteresting tone. “Someone has arrived first?”

Houri nodded, affirming Mumei.

Even Houri knew the location of the Iron Fortress for escape after mixed in for three days, let alone the people in the Aragane station.

Therefore, when the alarm bell rang, the first escaper in Aragane station was naturally here.

It’s just that with everyone wants to escape, this scene would naturally happen.

It was too crowded, the crowd’s getting restless, pushing and shoving to get in. As a result, the number of people who should have been able to go up has actually decreased.

“They should have gone up now if they go up one by one.” Mumei’s beautiful brows creased.

Houri frowned, followed by Mumei’s wide-eyed expression, grabbed her steam gun and raise it to the sky.


The loud gunshots suddenly appeared.


The panic-filled noise disappeared without a trace.

Everyone turned their heads and looked at Houri with a gun, with a completely frozen expression.

In such cases, Houri squinted his eyes.

“Get on in order, don’t push!”

Houri pointed the steam gun in his hand to the crowd, with a calm tone that can make people heart trembles.

“If any one of you try to push in and make everyone can’t escape in the end, then instead of letting you kill everyone, I’ll solve you now. Those who don’t believe can try.”

The crowd was suddenly quiet.

Immediately after, the people swallowed one after another.

Obviously, no one will choose to take risks at this time.

And Houri is naturally not joking.

Although he hasn’t killed any living person so far, Houri is sure that he won’t hesitate in doing so.

After all, Houri doesn’t have any emotions about ‘Death’ at all.

So Houri looked around at the crowd and pointed his steam gun at the person closest to the door. “From you, get on one by one!”

Hearing this, although the man was panicked because of being pointed at by Houri with a gun, he was relieved and climbed into the train quickly.

“Then you!”

“Next is you!”

“And you!”

“Very good, get on one at a time!”

Under Houri’s command, the panic crowd suddenly became orderly.
In the end, people hardly need Houri to command, according to the distance from the door, silently get into the train in order.

Looking at this scene, Mumei glanced at Houri and said. “You are really rash, huh.”

“Someone running through Kabane’s army and killing wantonly is qualified to say that to me?” Houri threw the steam gun back to Mumei and said again. “What’s more, if I don’t, you’ll probably get impatient too, right? “

“… It sounds like you know me well.” Mumei couldn’t help whispering.

However, at this moment, Mumei suddenly felt dizzy, and her petite body shook suddenly and fell aside.

“Hey?”. Houri quickly hugged Mumei.

Suddenly, the good smell came out of Mumei’s body, got into the tip of Houri’s nose, and made Houri’s eye corner raised, and his heart became a little itchy.

This shoujo, although looks young and can even be considered childish, but very attractive even at this age.

If it is on earth, shoujo at this age is basically just a group of a little brats, how can there be any charm at all?

This made Houri realize that it really is 2D.

Only 2D can have so many moe elements.

(If this is on earth, this girl will be chased by guys, right?)

Houri smile wryly thinking so inwardly in his heart, and asked the shoujo in his arms. “What happened to you?”

“… No, nothing.” Mumei rubbed her eyes, yawned, and her voice became a bit weak, “Just a little sleepy.”

“Sleepy?” A thought flashed through Houri’s mind, seemed to understand something.

However, Houri didn’t ask anything, just said. “Then you want to take a break?”

“I’ll do just that…” Mumei yawned again, looking really sleepy.

“I’ll take you to the train to rest first.” Houri made such a decision immediately.

However, before Houri could execute it, a sound of hurried footsteps suddenly sounded and caught everyone’s attention.

Houri fixed his eyes and smiled.

The owners of the hurried footsteps were none other than the bushis of Yomogawa clan.

Among them, naturally also included Konochi Kurusu and Araka Kibito.

And supported by groups of samurai, such as Konochi Kurusu and Araka Kibito, are impressively Yomogawa Ayame.


Konochi Kurusu and Araka Kibito seemed to be surprised to see Houri holding Mumei before Iron Fortress.


Yomogawa Ayame also saw Houri, but with a slight look of joy, she rejoiced that Houri’s still alive.

Unfortunately, without waiting for Houri to greet everyone, the riots began again.

It wasn’t because of the Yomogawa clan that just came, but a group of people they protected.

These people don’t know what just happened here. When they appeared, they immediately panicked and scrambled in the direction of Iron Fortress.

“E-everyone!” Yomogawa Ayame responded and said quickly. “Please don’t worry! Get to Iron Fortress one at a time!”

However, they ignored Yomogawa Ayame and rushed straight towards Iron Fortress.


The gunshot sounded again.

The people that scrambling in the group suddenly stopped abruptly, stopped in place, and looking straight ahead with eyes widen to the maximum.

Houri embraced the sleepy Mumei in one hand, and once again held Mumei’s gun in one hand, sighed and looked ahead.

“Get on in order, don’t make me repeat it, it’s tiresome.”

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