Illimitable Until Death v1c24

Seeing a group of people being deterred by Houri’s direct shooting, let alone the people involved, even the bushi of Yomogawa clan was startled.

“Ho-Houri-san?” Yomogawa Ayame is a little overwhelmed.

In Yomogawa Ayame’s impression, Houri was easy to get close to, a good talker, and a very easy-going person of the same age.

So, Yomogawa Ayame never thought that Houri would raise a gun at a group of powerless people.

Just before Yomogawa Ayame said anything, a middle-aged man in a rather expensive outfit called out from the crowd.

“You… who are you? What your qualifications to stop us?”

“Oh?” Houri immediately turned his eyes and said after looking at the middle-aged man. “Then who are you?”

“I’m a close friend of Lord Yomogawa clan, the governing officer of Aragane station!” The middle-aged man raised his voice. “Even bushi have to respect me, you…”

The governing official closed his mouth before he could even finish his words.

Because the gun in Houri’s hand was already raised and pointed at the head of the governing official.

“I see, is it the high officials of Aragane station?” Houri, as if nothing had happened, said with an unchanging smile to the governing official. “But what does that have to do with me?”

“You…?!” The governance official showed a shocked face.

Obviously, the governance official did not expect that after he reported his identity, the guy who was not even a bushi still dared to point a gun at himself.

Ignoring the shock of the governing official, Houri looked directly at him and said directly. “I don’t care if you are some high official and noble persons. Now is the moment of life and death, there’s only a living human here, with no distinction between status. If you still want to rely on your status to get your way, then I can let you enjoy them earlier. “

Saying this, Houri pushed the gun into the head of the governing official directly.

“Enjoy a free death journey.”

Hearing this, the governing officer looked at Houri’s harmless smile, felt the gun barrel resting on his forehead, and cold sweat was flowing from his forehead.

To be honest, it’s a bit hard for Houri to do this.

Holding a gun to threaten people, let alone an ordinary student, not many people have this experience?

However, Houri still has to do it.

After all, everyone here is equivalent to Houri’s extra rewards, and Kabane’s army is likely to come over at any time to kill them.

In order to prevent these people from spending time on useless things, which eventually slowing everything down, Houri has to act like a bad guy.

Punish those who refuse to conform to the rule, he believes that these people should be able to be a little more honest in the future.

However, the next second, something that even Houri didn’t expect happened.

“All right!”

With such a shout, a person separated from the crowd stepped forward and looked at Houri closely.

“He already knows what to do, quickly put down your gun, the gun in your hand is pointing at the wrong object!”

It was a teenager who said that.

A very weird teenager.

Why is this teenager very weird?

There are two reasons for this.

One: The other person is wearing a red cloak, and his skin is showing a somewhat creepy color. There are no other clothes under his cloak, but some metal can be seen. His weird appearance has attracted people’s attention.

Two: The other party holds a strange weapon in his hand.

It was like some kind of a rivet machine or a pile driver, and looked a bit like a submachine gun.

A weird boy with a weird weapon in his hand, and when he came out on this occasion, of course everyone would exchange doubtful glances.

However, some people were shocked when they saw this boy.


These people, who call the teenager Ikoma, appear to be workers in a smelter, wearing work clothes.

Obviously, these people know the boy.

In addition, Yomogawa Ayame, Konochi Kurusu, Araka Kibito, and others responded to the appearance of a teenager named Ikoma.

“It’s you?” Yomogawa Ayame surprised.

“Aren’t you the blacksmith in this morning’s ironworks who helped Ayame-sama repair the short barrel?” Araka Kibito’s expression was also full of surprise.

And Konochi Kurusu simply raised the steam gun in his hand and pointed at the boy named Ikoma, saying coldly.

“Why are you here?”

The atmosphere in the surrounding suddenly became tense.

Ikoma looked at Konochi Kurusu who pointed his gun at him, gritting his teeth said. “Didn’t I say it before? You pointed your gun to the wrong object!”

Konochi Kurusu didn’t say much, just silently put his fingers on the trigger, his eyes filled with coldness.

The sudden development made all the onlookers who didn’t know what exactly happened to be stunned.

Only Houri, after Ikoma’s appearance, did not look away from him.

Looking at the boy with a weird complexion but full of stubborn expression, Houri said inwardly in his heart.

(Appeared? Original work protagonist…)

The boy named Ikoma is the protagonist of the original work.

An ordinary steam forge worker living in Aragane station, which specializes in the production of iron and steam engines.

At the same time, he’s a hot-blooded teenager with a heart full of justice, vowed to bring down all Kabane, and look forward to one day to make people see him in a new light.

It sounds like this teenager seems to be just an ordinary worker who loves to dream, nothing special.

However, Houri knew that Ikoma had two special features.

One of them was the weird weapon Ikoma was holding currently.

It was Tsuranuki Zutsu, a weapon developed by Ikoma and his friend to defeat Kabane.

It was a weapon capable of firing a special bullet called Jet Bullet.

Utilizing the shock wave that hits the metal when the gunpowder exploded to generate a metal jet, with the principle of having sufficient power to penetrate the heart of the Kabane, thus a special weapon capable of defeating Kabane.

The weapon in Ikoma’s hand is exactly that.

The second special feature is Ikoma’s current body.

The body of shoujo in the arms of Houri, who regards Kabane as nothing and can easily kill the undying monsters.

So, in Houri’s arms, shoujo called Mumei slowly opened her sleepy eyes and stared at Ikoma.

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