Illimitable Until Death v1c25

Regardless of Mumei’s reaction, watching Konochi Kurusu with a vicious expression and pointing a gun at Ikoma, Houri who is familiar with the original plot, naturally knows why this happens.

As mentioned before, at the beginning of the plot, two Hayajiros entered the Aragane station during the day and night.

Among them, someone in the Hayajiro during the day was stigmatized as Kabane and was shot dead.

At that time, Ikoma stood up for this person.

This teenager with a sense of justice, who wanted to defeat Kabane, has long been disgusted with the bushis in this station.

Aside from being a coward, because the fear of Kabane has nowhere to vent, their gun muzzle is pointed at the weak person who is also human. This kind of bushi is nothing more than a coward to Ikoma.

As a result, Ikoma who stand up for this was also suspected by the bushis, believed to have also become Kabane, and then got imprisoned.

Under these circumstances, Ikoma should have nowhere to run and should be attacked and killed by Kabane.

However, Ikoma was here, and once again stood up.

A person who has been suspected of becoming Kabane suddenly appeared here. Who would not feel alert?

Konochi Kurusu pointed his gun at Ikoma because of this.

“You should be in jail,” Konochi Kurusu said coldly. “Why are you here?”

“… I broke the lock myself and escaped.” Ikoma’s tone was also unfriendly and with an ugly expression. “If it’s not the case, I would have died a long time ago and got bitten by Kabane in prison?”

“Almost get bitten by Kabane?” Konochi Kurusu’s eyes became more dangerous and said. “I see, you’ve been bitten by Kabane, right?”

The people around were all startled, and all subconsciously go far away from Ikoma and dared not approach anymore.

Including the governance officer who just Ikoma stand up for, also stayed away from Ikoma, looking at Ikoma’s eyes mixed with fear.

As for Yomogawa Ayame, this kind ojou-sama seemed to want to help Ikoma, but was caught by Araka Kibito.

“Ayame-sama, please don’t get involved,” Araka Kibito said with a serious expression. “Everyone will die if there’s Kabane mixed among us.”

Yomogawa Ayame was startled, then silent.

This agitated Ikoma and he shouted in a loud voice. “I’m not Kabane!”

It’s a pity that his agitation aroused everyone’s suspicion even more.

Now not only Konochi Kurusu, but even bushi of Yomogawa clan raised their guns one by one and pointed at Ikoma.

“You guys…” Ikoma looked pained.

That’s a matter of course.

This teenager with a sense of justice originally insisted that human’s enemies should be Kabane, not other humans, and extremely repulsive of internal fighting between human and human.

However, no matter in what era, the internal fighting between human and humans is inevitable.

Because human is intelligent, has a will, and has a variety of complex minds.

Without mutual understanding and tolerance, human internal fighting will never stop.

So, in essence, Ikoma is really a dreamer teenager.

Failed to see the situation clearly, and only relying on his cause of justice action. It sounds very positive, but to put it bluntly, he’s too reckless.

Without the protagonist halo, such characters are the earliest people to die.

However, for those who can see the situation clearly, such a guy is not annoying.

Seeing that Ikoma has become the target of criticism, Houri whispered to Mumei who had been watching Ikoma in his arms. “How is it? Not gonna help him?”

“Help him?” Mumei stunned, bowed her head, and said. “Why should I help him?”

“Is it?” Houri looked straight at Mumei, his tone was quite meaningful. “Are you sure you don’t want to help him?”

Listening to Houri’s meaningful words, Mumei felt as if she had been completely seen by this person.

This feeling is naturally not very comfortable.

Mumei stared at Houri with a resentful glance, then in the teasing eyes of Houri, she lifted up her weak body, raised her head, and looked ahead.

Immediately, Mumei’s voice sounded clear, breaking the tension on the scene.

“Let the guns go down,” Mumei said with a little weak voice, languidly said. “That person is not Kabane.”

Ikoma was pleased with Mumei’s words, and everyone around looked at each other.

“Not Kabane?” Konochi Kurusu didn’t lower his gun, his voice remained cold. “He’s not Kabane yet, but who knows if he will become Kabane in the future?”

“There is no way to rule out that he was not bitten by Kabane.” Araka Kibito echoed, but his words were a bit more humane than Konochi Kurusu’s coldness, as he said. “Unless we checked his body and proved that he had not been bitten by Kabane.”

This sentence made Ikoma’s expression froze directly.

Houri naturally knew why.

And Mumei obviously knew too.

“I can tell you if you want to know if he has been bitten by Kabane.” Mumei raised her eyesight slightly, and her childish voice sounded slowly.

“He’s been bitten.”

The temperature in the air dropped instantly to freezing point.


All the bushis with guns were as if they had suffered from a stimulus, aimed their gun toward Ikoma, with a frightened expression.

The people around them all screamed, letting the atmosphere of panic permeate.

“Wa-wait!” Ikoma took a step back. As if he didn’t want to accept the reality, he shook his head and said with a trembling tone. “I-I’m not Kabane… I’m not Kabane!”

However, no one believed.

It is a well-known fact that someone who was bitten by Kabane will become Kabane.

Only Mumei, her expression has not changed from the start.

“That’s right, you really are not Kabane.”

Mumei stepped forward and came to Ikoma’s side, looking straight at him, saying word by word.

“But you are no longer human.”

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