Illimitable Until Death v1c26

“Not human?”

Ikoma was completely still.

At this time, Mumei suddenly rushed to Ikoma’s face, clutching his cloak tightly before Ikoma could respond.


With tearing clothes’ sound, Ikoma’s cloak was torn directly by Mumei, exposing Ikoma’s body under the cloak to the air.

When Ikoma’s body was exposed to the air, everyone present sucked a cold air.

Ikoma’s body was welded with metal iron plates, like a bandage that could not be twisted, and entangled nearly one third of Ikoma’s body.

What’s more, Ikoma’s skin is not only different from ordinary people’s skin, but also has a vein-like red texture spreading to Ikoma’s heart.

Then, in Ikoma’s heart, there were glowing objects.

That is the heart of Ikoma.

Glowing heart.

Like Kabane -heart.


The surrounding people all screamed.

“You…?!” Konochi Kurusu’s heart even gave a little jump of fear, and his expression was completely replaced by a murderous aura, said aloud. “You are really a Kabane!”

“I-I’m not!” Ikoma stepped back again and again, like being betrayed by the whole world, and shouted as if unwilling to acknowledge the facts. “I’m not Kabane! I’m not Kabane!”

Unfortunately, no one would believe Ikoma before the iron facts.

Konochi Kurusu had no intention of saying anything more. The steam gun in his hand aimed directly at Ikoma’s heart, and his fingers were buckled towards the trigger.

But before Konochi Kurusu’s gun was about to be fired, a hand suddenly reached out and pressed it down.

“Honestly, when can you change your seemingly calm but irritable temper?”

The person who pressed the steam gun in Konochi Kurusu’s hand was Houri.

“Don’t worry.” Houri did not look at Konochi Kurusu, but still looked at Ikoma, watching Ikoma’s wavering look, said. “Give him some time to explain.”

“Explain?” Konochi Kurusu’s expression didn’t change, he and Houri just stared at Ikoma, the coldness in his eyes did not subside. “What else needs to be explained? Isn’t that heart enough to prove that he is a Kabane?”

“But have you ever seen a Kabane so humane?” Houri pursed his lips, said. “Not to mention, someone just said that he isn’t a Kabane?”

When they heard Houri, it wasn’t the rest that reacted first, it was Ikoma.

Ikoma turned his head and looked at the side that caused the current situation, the yawning Mumei who torn off his cloak, yet act like it wasn’t her business, he subconsciously wanted to open his mouth.

But before Ikoma spoke, Mumei explained it herself.

“I have said many times, he’s not Kabane, and yet not human.”

Mumei seemed to have regained some of her energy, and her lazy eyes began to glow, looking around at everyone around.

“He… no, it should be us, are between human and Kabane -Kabaneri.”

With that said, Mumei turned her back and unbuttoned her coat all at once, exposing her back to everyone’s eyes.

At this moment, everyone’s complexion changed.

“You…” Ikoma said in shock. “You… you too?”

That’s right.

The same.

On Mumei’s slender and white back, at the position of the heart, impressively there is also a glowing heart.

Looking at Mumei and Ikoma’s heart, which can glow like Kabane, everyone lost their speech and could no longer react.

Only Houri knows everything.


As Mumei said, it is between humans and Kabane.

Those who were bitten by Kabane will be transformed into Kabane after death.

This is common sense that everyone in this world knows.

Even if there is no death after being bitten, one will gradually become Kabane after the hibernation period and become a monster.

However, the world is never short of particular and irregular.

When infected by Kabane bite and the virus does not reach the brain for various reasons, the person will not be completely transformed into Kabane but will become an existence between human and Kabane.

This existence is Kabaneri.

Kabaneri has Kabane’s physical abilities but also has a human heart.

The biggest reason why Mumei is so strong is here.

For some reason, this shoujo became Kabaneri and has an extremely powerful fighting force after special training.

Ikoma, however, was transformed into this kind of existence without even knowing the existence of Kabaneri.

In the original plot, when Aragane station fell, Ikoma escaped from prison to fight Kabane.

Returned home to take Tsuranuki Zutsu, and then fought Kabane, but was bitten.

In a hurry, Ikoma’s solution was to weld a piece of metal iron plate on his body to prevent Kabane’s virus from invading his brain and eventually succeeded, not becoming Kabane.

However, even though the brain was not invaded by the virus, Ikoma’s body was transformed into Kabane.

As a result, Ikoma became Kabaneri and became an inhuman being.

Of course, Ikoma still managed to keep himself as a human, without becoming a monster that can only attack people.

The rest of the people who didn’t know about this of course couldn’t accept it.

But at this time, Mumei suddenly put on her coat again, turned around, and looked at a distance, saying this.

“We can talk about this later. Kabane, which we have been talking about, is here now.”

Hearing this, everyone was all startled, instinctively turned their head and looked in the direction Mumei was looking.

There, a black stream came flooding.


The terrifying roar was unprecedentedly huge, turned into a sound wave, and spread throughout the air.

Hundreds of Kabane that densely packed, like a black stream, like galloping herds, coming towards this side.

Everyone’s heart began to tremble from seeing this, and fear rose.

“Quick!” Houri said without needing further explanation.

“Get on the Iron Fortress!”

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