Illimitable Until Death v1c27


“Run away!”

“Kabane is here!”

The people were completely panicked, and they could no longer care about Houri previous deterrence, and once again lost their calm and rushed to be the first in the direction of Iron Fortress.

At this time, Houri of course could no longer maintain any order, and could only hold his dagger tightly and sigh silently in his heart.

Houri would have done so much is just to be able to make the number of surviving people a little more, so that he can gain more reward.

He had done everything he can do, so he would no longer care about these ordinary people.

After all, what Houri really needs to protect is Yomogawa Ayame, not the ordinary people at these Aragane stations.

Right now, Houri said to Yomogawa Ayame. “Miss Ayame, please get on first.”

“Bu-but…” Yomogawa Ayame seemed to want to share the hardships with everyone and was unwilling to leave the people around her.

However, Houri said directly. “I know your feelings, but Iron Fortress is the valuable Hayajiro after all. Only the eldest daughter of Yomogawa clan has the master key. If you didn’t board, Iron Fortress can’t be started and everyone can’t leave, and everyone would die.”

“This guy is right, Ayame-sama.” Konochi Kurusu looked at Yomogawa Ayame very seriously and said. “Please board first and leave this place to us.”

“… I understand.” Yomogawa Ayame was silent for a moment, then nodded.

“Some of you!” Araka Kibito who hasn’t speak much until now ordered a few bushi and directed. “Take Ayame-sama up first!”

“Yes!” The bushi responded simultaneously, and go to support Yomogawa Ayame.

“Everyone…” Yomogawa Ayame glanced at Houri and Konochi Kurusu and other groups of bushi, and finally moved towards Iron Fortress with the support of several bushis.

“Set up the formation!” Konochi Kurusu immediately ordered and yelled loudly. “Don’t let any Kabane pass!”

The group of bushi immediately put up a line of defense, raised the steam gun in their hands, aimed at the incoming Kabane army, and continuously pulled down the trigger of the firearm.

Bang Bang-!

The chaotic gunshot keep sounding.

All the steam guns were fully fired, firing on Kabane’s army ahead.

Clang Clang Clang-!

The steam gun’s bullets landed on each of Kabane’s body and actually stirred up sounds like hitting steel, burst out sparks, knocking each Kabane down.

However, it didn’t take long for these Kabane to get up again and continue to charge.

At this time, even Konochi Kurusu had no time to say anything. Together with Araka Kibito, held a steam gun and fired continuously, making the gunfire sound endlessly.

Among the people present, in addition to the bushi who open fire, the only remaining were Houri, Mumei and Ikoma.

“Damn it!” Ikoma cursed to himself and wanted to rush forward.

However, before that, Mumei suddenly spun around, and sweep kick Ikoma’s leg.


While a dull hitting sound, Ikoma groaned in pain, his whole body was swept to the ground and hit the ground.

“You…” Ikoma glared at Mumei immediately. “What are you doing?!”

“Isn’t that what we should say?” Houri said to Ikoma speechlessly. “What did you just plan to do?”

“Of course I’m going to fight!” Ikoma said without hesitation. “The steam gun can’t defeat Kabane, only my Tsuranuki Zutsu can penetrate Kabane’s heart membrane, so I must fight!”

“Are you stupid?” Houri rolled his eyes and said extremely bluntly. “Let’s not mention what happened just now, when you readily stood up for others. Your identity as being not human has been exposed, if you rushed over just like that, believe it or not when you are fighting Kabane, those timid bushi will shoot them together with you and send you to hell with one shot?”

Ikoma was speechless for a moment, watching the Kabane army that still advancing in the rain of gunfire, said extremely indecisively. “But, if this goes on…”

“If this continues, Kabane will come here sooner or later.” Houri also looked ahead, said. “But what we want is to delay the time to start Iron Fortress, not to fight Kabane. As long as Iron Fortress starts smoothly before Kabane comes here, then we will win even if with the premise that we have to kill all Kabane.”

Ikoma can’t say anything now.

“Anyway, if you still want to live, then it’s best to get on the train honestly. Otherwise, you won’t be able to survive even if you are Kabaneri and get drowned by Kabane’s army.” Houri said directly. “After staying in the last section of the compartment, don’t get in contact with anyone.”

“So… what about you?” Ikoma said almost subconsciously. “You won’t board the train? That’s too dangerous!”

Houri was speechless, just staring at Ikoma, making Ikoma uncomfortable.

After a while, Houri smiled and said. “Clearly just confronted me, and now you’re worried about my safety. Sure enough, the so-called protagonists are all a good samaritan.”

“Eh?” Ikoma was stunned.


What does that mean?

“Okay, you better hurry.” Houri didn’t give Ikoma time to respond, his eyes turned ahead.

“I don’t hate people like you, so don’t die, Mr. nice guy.”

Houri suddenly stepped on the ground, crossed the line of defense of the bushi and rushed towards Kabane’s army.

“Wha…?!” Ikoma was taken aback.

Konochi Kurusu and Araka Kibito groups bushi were equally shocked.

Houri was as if he hadn’t noticed anything, looking at the Kabane army who was desperately advancing in the rain of gunfire, not afraid that the bullets of bushi would hit themselves, a pair of eyes suddenly turned into Ice blue mystic eyes.

Seeing that Houri rushing like there was nobody around, Kabane closest to him roared.


Just then, a gunshot sounded.

The roaring Kabane was shot directly, trembling all over, its front burst out with a spark and then suddenly stop moving.

Houri hardly ever had to look back to know who was shooting.


The shoujo named Mumei held the red steam gun and slowly untied the ribbon around her neck.

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