Illimitable Until Death v1c28

The blue ribbon tied around Mumei’s neck was no ordinary ornament.

That is similar to a ‘switch’.

As a Kabaneri, Mumei has been fighting with Kabane from childhood, and after very specialized training, not only she’s very good at close combat, but also very good at all kinds of weapons, and can be said to be a perfect combat expert.

But that is in the normal state.

Mumei has the ability to become much more than ordinary Kabane’s constitution after untied the blue ribbon tied around her neck.

Therefore, the blue ribbon can be said to be a switch for Mumei. Once released, Mumei’s strength will be elevated to the next level and become extremely powerful.

This is why she can fight hundreds or thousands of Kabane like nothing.

Possessing physical capabilities far beyond ordinary Kabane, and good at various combat techniques, Mumei is nothing but strong.

However, if she fights in this state for too long, it will cause a lot of burden on her body and make her become very tired.

Therefore, Mumei will fall asleep immediately if she fights for too long in this state.

This is the reason why Mumei would suddenly become so tired and feeling sleepy after coming to the garage.

Although Houri didn’t notice it at the beginning, presumably, Mumei had untied the ribbon when she opened the way and didn’t put it on again until they arrived in the garage?

Now, to support Houri, Mumei untied the ribbon around her neck.

“I don’t have much time.”

In the shock of Ikoma, Mumei aimed the steam gun in her hand forward, and the pair of eyes that originally appeared amber turned into scarlet.

That’s the physical characteristic of Mumei’s hyperactive state and intense concentration.

“Since you want to kill Kabane, then go for it. I’ll do a support fire from here.”

After all, given Mumei’s current physical condition, it would be hard for her to fight in the frontline.

“So, let’s start…”

The scarlet luster in Mumei’s eyes became more intense, and the muzzle of the two steam guns began to emit sparks.

Bang Bang!

The firing sound of the red steam gun is extremely clear even in the midst of the messy steam gun shooting.

Bullets that can’t be captured by the naked eye turned into a high-speed weapon, hitting Kabane one by one.

Clank Clank Clank-!

Every bullet the steam gun shot will cause a metal clashing sound.

Immediately, Kabane that got hit would suffer a huge impact, either stagnate or almost falling down.

“That’s it!”

Houri’s pair of Ice blue mystic eyes shone like never before.

With the Kabane under sniper, Houri rushed straight up when they could not be able to adjust their body at all.


The dagger slashed through, evoked countless blood.

Puchi– Puchi– Puchi-!

With the sound of tearing flesh, Houri completely transformed into a killer.

A figure like a shadow.

Fast like the wind.

The weapon in his hand was like the claws of a ghost, piercing through glowing hearts one after another.


Each Kabane issued a painful howl before dying, and then fell down one after another, with no further sound.

In this way, Houri relies on Mumei’s support shooting, shuttles through Kabane’s army, killed on the spot any Kabane that come to a stop after getting hits by Mumei’s steam gun bullets, massacre the monster one by one.

“Obtain 100 CP from killing Kabane.”
“Obtain 100 CP from killing Kabane.”
“Obtain 100 CP from killing Kabane.”
“Obtain 100 CP from killing Kabane.”
“Obtain 100 CP from killing Kabane.”

The mechanical sound of the system echoed in Houri’s mind.

However, Houri didn’t take notice of it anymore.

Houri now completely immersed in the blood and mourning of Kabane, leaving only the crack-like line as the target in his eyes, and only a voice echoed in his heart.




Just like hearing Houri’s inner roar.

The next second, the system prompt suddenly changed.

“No.11273 enters the killing state, and comprehend the skill -Killer.”

Killer (Lv.1)
-Passive skill.
-Attack speed + 10%.
-Movement speed + 20%.
-Skill level can be raised.


The sudden system prompt makes Houri break away from the massacre mode, both shocked and happy.


Actually a skill!

He actually comprehends a skill on his own under such circumstances!

This is really unexpected!

In the MainGod space, only various tools and items can be redeemed. Skills cannot be redeemed in the MainGod space.

Supposedly, that was a measure to encourage MainGod envoys to take action in various Transcript worlds.

In each Transcript world, a variety of skills appeared endlessly, with the characteristics of each world. MainGod space encourages MainGod envoys to personally enter them and earn this huge profit so that they become more powerful.

Therefore, MainGod envoys roamed various Transcript worlds. In addition to wanting to obtain CP, acquiring the unique skills of the world is also one of the goals.

In addition to acquiring skills in various Transcript worlds in various ways, MainGod envoys naturally have other ways to learn skills.

For example, learn it yourself like Houri.

This is a relatively rare way.

Therefore, Houri is shocked and joyful.

While he was surprised, Houri’s massacre did not stop.

Although not obvious, Mumei found it.

The speed of Houri shuttled through Kabane’s army actually improved a lot.

Whether it’s attack speed or movement speed.

“What happened?”. Mumei was surprised. “Why did he suddenly become stronger?”

Except for Mumei, the others were equally stunned.

Of course, the rest were stunned not because they found that Houri suddenly became stronger, but because they saw the bloody massacre scene.

“He…” Ikoma extremely astonished said the voice of all people present.

“Can he actually kill Kabane?”

This is why everyone is stunned.

“That guy…” Konochi Kurusu’s face turned hard.

“He’s hiding his strength…”

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