Illimitable Until Death v1c29

Although everyone was extremely shocked at Houri’s slaughter, they also saw hope.

Originally, bushi’s steam guns could only delay Kabane’s attack slightly, and could not play an actual role against the enemy at all. But with Houri’s slaughter, Kabane’s attack was suddenly slowed down.

Because of him being in the front line, in the end, almost all Kabane eyed Houri, roared and swarmed Houri.

Besieged by hundreds of Kabane, if Houri was alone, even if his attack speed and movement speed have been improved after comprehends Killer, Houri will certainly be torn to pieces in an instant.

Fortunately, Mumei’s support firing has been ongoing.

That precise shooting made each Kabane stagnate when attacking in front of Houri, followed by their heart being penetrated by Houri’s dagger.

Mumei also seems to understand that instead of spending her energy to aim at the same location and firing multiple times to penetrate Kabane’s heart, it would be better to just support and let Houri finish them off. So she can just devote all her energy to support Houri in his massacre.

Of course, this idea cannot be fully realized because the number of Kabane is too much.

Houri’s strength is still limited. If he gets besieged by multiple Kabane at the same time, even if one gets shot by Mumei’s support and he killed it instantly, one or two will be missed.

These Kabane must be solved by Mumei.

Therefore, Houri seemed to kill the Kabane’s army with thrilling power and shocked everyone, but the biggest contributor to this was Mumei.

The bushis also seem to be gradually aware of this, although they are still very surprised that Houri can penetrate Kabane’s heart membrane, but they have also taken action.

“Everyone!” Konochi Kurusu ordered immediately.

“Support the dumbass that rushes into the monster pack!”

Under Konochi Kurusu’s command, the group of bushi all followed Mumei for support fire.

As a result, Mumei’s pressure was greatly reduced, and Houri’s massacre was smoother, stopping Kabane’s army completely.

However, this situation did not last long.


With the sound of glass breaking, another Kabane’s heart lost its light, and the ferocious and terrible monster gradually fell.

However, at this instant, Houri suddenly stopped.

“Hu… hu… hu…”

A rapid sound of breathing came from Houri.

That was the breath of Houri.

At this moment, Houri’s chest was heaving, a pair of Ice blue mystic eyes still had the luster, but the hand holding dagger was shaking.

Maybe no one on earth has tried this feeling?

The feeling of killing until hands go limp with exhaustion.

Today, Houri was in that state.

Of course, it wasn’t just the mass-murdering that made Houri stop.

Houri stopped for obvious reasons.

“Not good!” Konochi Kurusu looks changed and exclaimed. “That guy’s exhausted!”

Araka Kibito’s expressions and the group of bushi also changed.

In that open space, Houri kept breathing hard, holding the dagger as hard as possible, and his mystic eyes of Ice blue swept around.




Kabane was like a beast that pushed its prey to the corner, their eyes flashed with a fierce light, approaching Houri step by step.

This time, Houri was completely surrounded.

“What… what should we do?” Ikoma remained on the spot, didn’t get on the train, watching Houri surrounded by Kabane’s army, and then yelled toward Mumei with an urgent tone. “Think of something quickly…”

Ikoma stopped before he finished his words.

Because Ikoma saw Mumei was in the same state.

“Hu… hu… hu…”

With a quicker breath than Houri, Mumei’s hand holding the steam gun was also shaking, and her eyes were very tired.

“You… what happened to you?” Ikoma shouted in surprise.

Mumei ignored Ikoma, supporting her weak body, looking at Houri surrounded by Kabane, biting her teeth and whispered. “We’ve reached our limit?”


Reaching their limit.

Whether it is Houri or Mumei, they have reached the limit.

“Why…” Ikoma’s expression was ugly.

On the contrary, Houri who was deeply trapped within the monsters, looked at Kabane that gradually approaching, while breathing, his expression was extremely calm.

“I prepared them just for this moment.”

Houri stretched his hand to his leg bag.

However, a second later, Houri’s hand stopped suddenly.

Dudu Dudu-!

With a loud whistle sound, everyone present was stunned, and then become delighted.

Then everyone saw it.

The steel train parked in the garage finally started, and slowly moved out of it.


Above the front of Iron Fortress, Yomogawa Ayame poked half her body out of the open roof and beckoned to everyone.

Seeing this, Konochi Kurusu turned his head and shouted towards Houri. “Hurry back! Start to retreat!”

Houri started to move without Konochi Kurusu’s reminder.

Squeezing out the last strength in his body, Houri suddenly rushed in the direction of Iron Fortress.

The surrounding Kabane all roared, and pounce towards Houri without hesitation.

Bang Bang-!

The chaotic gunshots sounded again, and each Kabane that pounced on Houri was shot down.

The first one to shoot was Mumei.

As for Yomogawa clan bushi, some continued to stay in place and fired to help Houri escape, while others fled directly to Iron Fortress.

But even that is enough.

Under the cover of everyone, Houri rushed all the way.

Just before Houri was about to escape the Kabane’s siege, a hand suddenly grabbed Houri’s foot.


Houri’s heart jumped, lowered his head to looking down at himself.

There, a Kabane that had just been knocked to the ground, lay on the ground while stretched out a hand, grasped Houri’s ankle tightly.


With a violent roar, Kabane that lying on the ground, opened its mouth to bit down at Houri’s feet.


Blood splatter.

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