Illimitable Until Death v1c3

When the introduction of Transcript world information was completed, Houri only felt that his whole body was being thrown into the air, and his field of vision was spinning and bending.

Not even have the time to be surprised, Houri felt giddy and dizzy from the violent swaying.

It felt really uncomfortable, it almost like being rotated a hundred times in the same place, make one’s head spin.

When this feeling finally subsided, Houri feels like falling from the air, with a down-to-earth feeling, and then the spinning vision finally recovered little by little.

Only then did Houri found out of his location, a very old house.

The house seems to be Japanese-style, although there are no tatami mats, there are wooden planks on the ground.

In the middle of the board, there is a small Irori.

The coal pit was slowly burning with flames, and an iron pot was hung from above. The pot was filled with boiling water, full of the sense of life in the Edo period.

Unfortunately, this sense of life cannot be felt by Houri at all.

It’s not that Houri has any perceptual flaws in life.

This happens for one reason.

That is, where Houri sees everything, everything is divided by crooked lines.

Lines like cracks, like children’s graffiti.

There are on the wall.

There are on the ground.

There are on the ceiling.

Even the burning coal pit and the wok filled with boiling hot water.


Houri groaned from the sudden felt of nausea.

In Houri’s current vision, the whole world seems to be a patchwork of defective pieces, as if it could be broken at any time.

Under such circumstances, how would an ordinary person feel?

It’s simple.

Just imagine that you are in an elevator hanging hundreds of meters high, and this elevator is gradually collapsing under your watch, so that your footing will be reduced little by little, with the feeling of falling at any time. Expand this situation thousands of times or tens of thousands of times.

The world may break at any time, everything will end in front of you. It felt like the world would collapse and fall apart in the next second. Just thinking about it could make people crazy.

And Houri now ‘live’ in such a tattered world. This world can be broken just by gently touching the lines.

“No wonder neither Ryougi Shiki nor Tohno Shiki can stand this situation.”

After all, who wants to live in a tattered world that can break with a touch?

People standing on the edge of the cliff will feel very scared, let alone stand in a world that will break at any moment.

That illusion is enough to torment a normal person into a lunatic.

“Interestingly, I don’t even feel anything.”

A world that can collapse anytime, anywhere?

It doesn’t matter.

Because if that happened, it would just be the end of the world itself, that is death.


Faced with this concept alone, Houri could not produce any emotion at all.

Even if the world is dead, that’s it.

However, it is really uncomfortable to look at such a broken world that like being pieced together.

“Since it’s Innate skill, should I be able to do it?”

With that in mind, Houri closed his eyes faintly, and there was only one thought in his mind.

“Close the eyes.”

The only people with Death perception mystic eyes are Ryougi Shiki and Tohno Shiki.

However, their situation is completely different.

After a period of adaptation and guidance from others, Ryougi Shiki was able to turn on Death perception mystic eyes at will.

Tohno Shiki has no way but to rely on tools called Mystic Eye Killers to control the activation of Mystic eyes.

What Houri is doing now is like Ryougi Shiki.

The results are gratifying.

By the time Houri opened his eyes again, the world before him had returned to its original state.

Without even looking, Houri also knows that the pair of Ice blue mystic eyes symbolizing ‘Death’ has disappeared, and his eyes have returned to their original black.

“It seems that my Death perception mystic eyes are closer in nature to Ryougi Shiki and different from Tohno Shiki.”

Just when Houri’s mind came up with such an idea, the door was suddenly pushed open.

“What the hell are you doing here, stranger?”

Two men wearing samurai clothes with katana around their waists, a samurai-dressed man came in from the door.


Houri immediately tightened his body.

The two bushi looked as if they hadn’t seen anything, staring at Houri.

“Unexpectedly, you still have time to be lazying around?”

“Hurry over to guard the city gate, don’t you wanna eat?”

In order for MainGod envoy to enter the Transcript world so as not to be too unexpected, when entering the Transcript world, the MainGod space will help MainGod envoy prepare a basic identity.

Of course, it is only the most basic identity, such as the residents of a certain city, the employees of a certain company.

This time, the identity that MainGod space prepared for Houri was a stranger who wandered here. Because there was no way to ensure food and clothing, he was requisitioned by bushi to work for three meals a day.

Obviously, today’s job is to guard the city gate.

“Guarding the city gate?” Houri brows slightly raised and said after a moment of silence. “In other words, is it possible for us to meet Kabane?”

The surrounding atmosphere changed after this word.

Both bushi’s expressions were slightly rigid, and then stared at Houri more fiercely.

That look only reminds one situation.

That is the hysteria that will be manifested by those who are pushed to the edge of a cliff.

It is conceivable that the word ‘Kabane’ in Houri’s mouth has given these bushi a lot of stimuli.

So Houri began to search out the memories of this world in his mind.

–Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress.

This is a world set in Japan after the 1860s.

In this era, the industrial revolution has begun, and gradually affects the world, so that all countries in the world began to change in modern times under the waves of the industrial revolution.

However, during this time, a kind of monster appeared.


From a supposedly dead human that suddenly resurrected and turned into a violent and bloodthirsty monster.

In short, it is the existence of the so-called ghoul, zombie.

However, this monster is different from ordinary ghoul and zombies.
They had an extraordinary physical ability and outstanding resilience. As long as their heart was not penetrated, they will not die.

However, their heart is protected by a film.

That film was as hard as steel, and not something that can be easily penetrated.

In such a situation, these almost undying monsters attacked the entire human world by virtue of their amazing ferocity, following the thirst for blood.

Once bitten by them, one will become infected and gradually become the same monster.

Human calls these monsters -Kabane.

In order to fight Kabane’s threat, the shogunate that ruled Japan built ‘station’ Iron Fortress everywhere to protect the only remaining human.

Today, the place where Houri is located is the Aragane station mentioned in Main Mission 2, which is also the Fortress that originally appeared in the original work.

However, this does not make Houri at easy.

Because people who have seen the original work know that Aragane station will soon be subject to Kabane’s aggression and then fall after the plot begins.

By that time, Houri will also face a group of cannibal monsters and fight those monsters.

Thinking of this, Houri touched the dagger around his waist, the pair of dark pupils flashed a hint of ice blue.

“Undying monster…?”

Wants to fight a monster like this with an ordinary dagger, isn’t that crazy?


“Is it really undying, let me confirm with this pair of eyes…”

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