Illimitable Until Death v1c30


Under everyone’s attention, the blood that splashed into the mid-air fell from the sky and spilled the ground, stained the ground where Houri was.

In everyone’s eyes, that scene almost completely turned into slow motion, making everyone’s hearts tremble slightly.

Only Houri, holding the dagger in his hand tightly, his face was covered with astonishment watching the figure that suddenly appeared in front of him.


Show up out of nowhere, Ikoma rushed over and ride on Kabane clutching Houri’s feet, and stabbed Tsuranuki Zutsu’s rivets in the heart of Kabane with a roar.

Ikoma pulled the trigger of Tsuranuki Zutsu in his hand at once.


With a dull sound of an explosion, Tsuranuki Zutsu in Ikoma’s hand, like a pile driver, penetrated Kabane’s heart membrane and broke the glowing heart.

Only then did Houri come back to his senses.

He was saved.

By a teenager that just transformed into Kabaneri not long ago.

“Quick!” Ikoma shouted at Houri, ignoring Houri’s astonishment. “Get out of here!”

Houri took a deep breath, followed Ikoma without many considerations, running back as fast as possible.

It didn’t take long for Houri and Ikoma to escape to bushi’s side.

Seeing Ikoma rushing their way, many bushi subconsciously raised the gun in their hands but stopped because of Konochi Kurusu’s scolding.

“Back while shooting! Back to Iron Fortress!”

So, bushi started firing while retreating, centering on Konochi Kurusu and Araka Kibito.

Houri and Ikoma fled to Mumei’s side all the way to Mumei’s front.

“You…” Mumei raised her head, whispering tiredly as she looked at Houri who was bathing in blood. “Really rash…”

Looking at Mumei’s exhausted look, Houri gasped and while smiling bitterly, stepped forward, took the ribbon in Mumei’s hands and tied it into her neck himself, and said softly. “As I said, you are not qualified to say that me.”

“… Anyway, I’ll leave the rest to you.” Mumei obediently allowed Houri to fasten herself with the ribbon, or she had no strength to refuse. Her voice seemed to be getting lower and lower. “I… have reached the limit…”

“I know,” Houri said with a smile. “I hope you didn’t find me left on the side of the road when you woke up.”

Mumei glanced at Houri, then closed her eyes gently, and fell forward.

Houri took a step, took Mumei into his arms, and then carried her like a princess.

Fortunately, Mumei’s weight is extremely light, otherwise, he may not be able to carry her with his 1 STR.

“Okay,” Houri said to Ikoma next to him. “Let’s board Iron Fortress.”

“What about her?” Ikoma glanced at Mumei, who was quietly asleep in Houri’s arms and hesitated for a moment before asking tentatively. “What’s up with her?”

“It’s okay, just tired,” Houri replied lightly. “Wake up in a moment.”

Having said that, Houri held Mumei, who was asleep and walked towards Iron Fortress that starts to accelerate.

Ikoma couldn’t help whisper while looking at this scene.

“They are really close…”

However, this is just Ikoma’s imagination.

Houri’s relationship with Mumei is not all that good.

After all, the two haven’t known each other for more than an hour.

Dudu Dudu-!

Iron Fortress’s whistle sounded again over the entire Aragane station.

After firing and retreating, the bushis finally reached the Iron Fortress and escaped into this moving steel fortress.


Kabane’s army roared unwillingly, blocking inadvertently before Iron Fortress.

Under such circumstances, these Kabane naturally turned into pieces of meat under Iron Fortress’ wheels, like a pile of rubbish being crushed away.

In this way, Iron Fortress was moving faster and faster on the track, heading towards the escape gate.

Iron Fortress, compartment.

Here is the compartment in the last section of Iron Fortress.

There is no one in the compartment, only one working boiler that makes the temperature in the compartment somewhat high.

Houri while holding Mumei entered the compartment with Ikoma.

There was a little silence around, only the sound of steam in the boiler and the sound of the wheels of Iron Fortress.

Houri gently laid Mumei in his arms against the wall, took off his cloak, and stopped when he was about to cover Mumei’s body with it, he frowned and looked at Ikoma.

“Eh…” Ikoma asked, somewhat stunned. “What happened?”

“Are you using your cloak?” Houri said directly. “Lend it to me if not.”

“Cloak?” Ikoma just noticed one thing.

The cold-proof cloak on Houri’s body had been stained red with blood, and it was almost as scary as it was just taken out of the blood pool.

Houri obviously wanted to cover Mumei with something, and naturally he couldn’t use the cloak that was stained with blood.

“Here.” Without much hesitation, Ikoma took off his cloak and threw it to Houri.

This cloak is somewhat torn because it has been pulled by Mumei once. But it’s still useful enough to cover Mumei’s petite body.

After doing this, Houri took the dagger that he had been holding in his hands back to his waist, leaned back against the wall beside Mumei, breathing a sigh of relief.

His stamina has recovered somewhat.

However, excessive slashing still caused Houri’s muscles to be a little sore and makes his mind extremely tired.

However, despite it being exhausting and almost dead, the harvest was very pleasing.

Houri rampaging within Kabane’s army under the cover of Mumei and the group of bushi, not only he learned skills, he even gained a lot of CP.

So, what is Houri’s CP today?


Houri killed more than a hundred Kabane, raised his CP to a magical amount!

More than 20,000 CPs were harvested in the first Transcript world!

This result is definitely enough to overtake all MainGod envoys who have just entered the space!

Although this result is not the work of Houri alone, the benefits have definitely been taken by Houri!

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