Illimitable Until Death v1c31


Witnessing how gratifying his harvest is, Houri’s tired face can’t help but revealed a little smile.

Moreover, now that Iron Fortress has been started smoothly and the people of Yomogawa Ayame and Aragane station are here, they will be able to escape from Aragane station as long as they follow the railway and pass the escape gate.

By that time, Houri’s Main Mission will be fully completed, and this trip to the Transcript world will come to an end in perfect form.

Frankly, this is no better than the situation that Houri originally envisioned.

Houri immersed in his joy didn’t find it.

Opposite, Ikoma was also leaning against the wall, watching Houri quietly beside the sleeping Mumei. His expressions changed a few times before he suddenly asked. “Aren’t you afraid?”

Houri can’t react to his sudden question.

After it registers to him, Houri turned his eyes to Ikoma and asked. “Should I be afraid?”

“… Should everyone be afraid?” Ikoma met Houri’s gaze and looked very serious. “After all, no one here is human except you.”


Ikoma hasn’t fully believed in this existence, let alone the rest.

This young man who was determined to defeat Kabane knows how much a beings like himself can cause fear to humans.

“Not to mention ordinary people, even bushi will be afraid of us, and won’t allow us to travel with them,” Ikoma whispered. “How about you? Are you really not scared at all?”

Houri was silent.

After a while, Houri sighed. “And here I was wondering what you gonna say.”

Houri’s words made Ikoma to be stunned.

“Well, it’s not that I don’t understand your sentiment.” Houri shrugged, saying with a smile that either ironic or calm. “Unfortunately, no matter what your existence is, if it can only bring me death, then I won’t be afraid.”

“Won’t be afraid?” Ikoma said somewhat surprised. “What does this mean?”

“Just what it means, don’t think too much.” Houri shook his head and changed the topic. “Speaking of which, I have not thanked you for saving me.”

“… No need to thank me.” Ikoma lowered his head and said. “Saving people is just a matter of righteousness. Our common enemy is Kabane, not human itself.”

Hearing this, Houri didn’t say anything on the surface but lamented in his heart.

Those who think so are obviously only Ikoma.

This guy is really a kind-hearted person.

“Anyway, I still have to thank you.” Houri looked directly at Ikoma, and his expression became serious. “Thank you for saving me.”

Although Houri has no feelings for death, and will not fear his own death, he has to say his gratitude after being saved.

Because it is not important to himself doesn’t mean he has no reason to thank the one who saved him. Houri does not have this arrogant thought at all.

Of course, Houri doesn’t know how rare this idea is in this age of everyone feels insecure.

There was a smile on Ikoma’s face, he said. “You are such a strange person.”

“Is it?” Houri smile wryly and said to Ikoma. “You’re one to talk.”

“You’re right.” Ikoma felt his glowing heart, his tone becoming a little more complicated. “I’m stranger than you.”

The compartment was silent again.

Seeing Ikoma’s complex eyes and expressions, Houri hesitated and then said.

“Do you want to change back to human?”

“What?” Ikoma was stunned again.

“I said, do you want to change back to human?” Houri said quite seriously. “If you want to change back to human, maybe I can…”

Houri and Ikoma’s ears moved before they could finish their talk.

Because a very messy footstep passed into the ears of Houri and Ikoma.

“This is…” Ikoma’s expression became a little surprised.

“They’ve arrived?” Houri seemed to know that this would happen, and his eyes turned directly to the door to the previous compartment.

The footsteps grew even louder, and it didn’t take long for them to just outside the door.


With a loud noise, the door to the front compartment was opened roughly.

Immediately afterward, a group of bushis holding steam guns all rushed into the compartment and raised the gun in their hands to Houri’s group.

Konochi Kurusu and Araka Kibito were among these bushi.

“You guys…?!” Ikoma suddenly stood up.

Houri also stood up slowly, raised his eyes, and looked at the bushi ahead.

In these bushi’s eyes, Houri can clearly perceive obvious hostility.

However, in this hostility, there is a hint of fear that is invisible to others.

Only Konochi Kurusu and Araka Kibito have different eyes than the rest of bushi.

Araka Kibito’s eyes were a little hesitant.

Konochi Kurusu’s eyes remained indifferent.

He glanced at the sleeping Mumei, then look at Ikoma with a serious expression. Finally, Konochi Kurusu set his sight on Houri.

Immediately after, Konochi Kurusu asked.

“Are you with them?”

The atmosphere in the compartment suddenly became extremely vicious.

Everyone focused on Houri.

Including Ikoma.

In this case, Houri did not answer, but smiled slightly and did not answer the question.

“Are you scared?”

Konochi Kurusu’s eyes became gloomy.

The rest of bushi become angry like their soft spot being poked.

“Do you really think you are a savior, wanderer?”

“Ignore him Kurusu, just shoot him together with them!”


“This guy must be not human since he wants to stay with those two monsters!”


With the bushi’s shouts, the atmosphere became more and more vicious.

Houri ignored these bushi and just looked at Konochi Kurusu.

Under Houri’s gaze, Konochi Kurusu closed his eyes, and his eyes become clear after he opened them again.

Konochi Kurusu then touched the katana in his waist.

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