Illimitable Until Death v1c32


With the sound of the blade rubbing against the scabbard, Konochi Kurusu slowly pulled out his katana.

“Kurusu?” Araka Kibito made a sound of surprise.

“What do you want to do!” Ikoma asked with questioning tone towards Konochi Kurusu.

The surrounding bushis also looked at each other, at a loss of what to do.

Even Houri saw Konochi Kurusu’s movement didn’t know what this guy wanted to do, and frowned slightly.

Ignoring the reaction of the people around him, Konochi Kurusu stepped forward and pointed his katana at Houri, his eyes become sharp.

“You want to save these two Kabaneri, right?”

Konochi Kurusu word made Houri wrinkled his brow even more, but he still answered truthfully.

“At least, I won’t watch these two die in your hands.”

Both Mumei and Ikoma have met Houri for less than an hour.

This period of time was so short that even becoming familiar was a problem.

In this case, Houri theoretically does not need to pay attention Mumei and Ikoma at all. As long as he obediently listens to the bushi, he can safely return to the MainGod space with a wealth of gains.

However, Houri has to manage this matter.

Houri, who is indifferent to ‘Death’, naturally does not have any sympathy to save the innocent Mumei and Ikoma.

However, Houri had to repay Mumei and Ikoma.

He might not be able to reach the garage and get on Iron Fortress without Mumei. Not to mention later on, Mumei also tried to cover Houri, allowing Houri to freely kill in Kabane’s army, and got great results.

Without Ikoma, Houri would have been bitten by the moment he was caught by Kabane, becoming a monster, and would even be attacked by the incoming Kabane army, and die with no place for burial.

Houri can survive to the present, and harvest more than 20,000 CP, and even complete Main Mission 2 was thanks to Mumei and Ikoma.

Houri must be returned this favor.

“What’s more, I have promised the little girl to take care of the rest.”

Houri looked at Konochi Kurusu, enunciating each word.

“So, I will keep these two people.”

The surrounding was suddenly quiet.

Ikoma’s look at Houri had completely changed.

Become full of gratitude.

Konochi Kurusu’s expression didn’t change much from beginning. When he heard Houri’s words, his eyes became sharper and sharper.

“That being the case, you must pass through me first.”

Saying this, Konochi Kurusu held the blade hilt in both hands, and sharp eyes shot at Houri.

“You still owe me a rematch.”

After hearing this, Houri finally understood what Konochi Kurusu was planning to do.

“I see, simple and crude method.” Houri chuckled, but leaned his hands behind his back and held the dagger, then said. “What if I win?”

“I won’t be involved in this matter anymore.” Konochi Kurusu said indifferently. “As for whether you can convince the rest, it’s none of my business.”

“Kurusu?” Araka Kibito was astonished.

“Kurusu!” The other bushi also shocked.

In response, Konochi Kurusu just said to the bushi.

“Don’t get in my way. This is a matter between me and him. You can do whatever you want after the winner has been decided, but I won’t let anyone intervene before that happen!”

Everyone was speechless.

At the same time, the system’s familiar sounds come in late.

“Number 11273 triggers B Rank Side Mission: Delayed rematch.”
“Mission: Battle the story character Konochi Kurusu.”
“Victory reward: 5000 CP.”
“Failure Penalty: None.”
“Note: In Transcript world, only the failure of Main Mission will be punished, while the failure of Side Mission will not be punished. But depending on the situation, the failure of the mission will also lead to the action of the story character.
“Remind MainGod envoy that if this mission fails, you will be treated as an enemy by the story character and shot with the story character Mumei and the story character Ikoma.”

The prompt from space makes Houri’s eyes start to sharpen as well.

“Wait!” Ikoma couldn’t help but stand up, shouted toward Houri. “This has nothing to do with you, you don’t need to do this for us!”

“Nothing to do with me?” Houri smiled in disagreement, shook his head, and said. “It’s not you who decides, but I do.”

Houri stopped giving Ikoma a chance to speak, and went straight to Konochi Kurusu.

It was like a confrontation on the arena three days ago.

Houri and Konochi Kurusu’s eyes quietly interlocked, sparked a strong spark that had not been before.

“Let me remind you,” Konochi Kurusu said coldly. “This time, I won’t stop even if you block with your hands.”

“Then, let me also remind you.” Houri silently pulled out his dagger, raised his head, and looked at Konochi Kurusu.

“This time, I won’t care if I will kill you.”

Just after he spoke this words, Houri’s eyes suddenly changed into Ice blue mystic eyes.

Death perception mystic eyes! Open!

“You…?!” Konochi Kurusu’s eyes suddenly solidified, and said in shock. “Your eyes…”

Houri raised the corner of his mouth slightly, and with the pair of Ice blue mystic eyes, it looked extremely evil.

“You have to be careful, this pair of eyes can definitely kill you!”

No sooner said than done.

As in the previous test, this time, the first person to act is still Houri.


With a crisp sound of Houri abruptly stepping, his body burst forth instantly, like a blurry shadow, rushed towards Konochi Kurusu.

That speed is naturally faster than the last test.

Unlike the previous one, this time, Houri gained skills and gained a double increase in movement speed and attack speed.

Konochi Kurusu who unaware of this had another thought after he saw this scene.

“He really hides his strength!”

While thinking this, Konochi Kurusu immediately raised the katana in his hand to meet the opponent, he similarly stepped on the ground and stormed out towards Houri.

Konochi Kurusu’s speed is not much weaker than Houri.

As a result, the charge from both sides shortened the distance of few meters in an instant.

The surrounding people just take a breath, and Houri and Konochi Kurusu had already met.


Within the shout, the sharp dagger and the sharp katana cut through the air at the same time.

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