Illimitable Until Death v1c33

In terms of attributes, Konochi Kurusu is undoubtedly above Houri.

Including AGI that Houri has been relying on so far, have lost to Konochi Kurusu.

However, after gaining Killer, at least in terms of speed, Houri will not be weaker than Konochi Kurusu.

Therefore, the two just met, dagger and katana move at the same time, slashed through the air, and attacking each other at an amazing speed.

It then collides.


The crisp clash sound sounded immediately.

Bright sparks emerged at the collision.

In this situation, Konochi Kurusu gained an advantage.

This real bushi, with a lot of STR higher than Houri, easily deflected Houri’s dagger.

Houri suddenly felt a huge force came from the katana that hit him, the shock made his palms numb, and he could not help but retreat slightly.

This moment of flaw was clearly captured by Konochi Kurusu.

“Hah!” Konochi Kurusu shouted coldly, stepping forward and tightened his body, the katana in his hand slash down fast toward Houri.

It was a very standard slash.

Moreover, the power cannot be underestimated.

The powerful force caused a strong wind to wind around the blade, the sharp cutting wind caused a whirring sound.

Once hit, Houri will surely be cut beautifully with a slash-like wound start from the shoulder and under the rib on the other side.

As he just said.

This time, Konochi Kurusu will no longer show mercy.

Even if Houri really raised his hand to block again, then Konochi Kurusu would surely cut off that arm on the spot without hesitation.

Understanding this, feeling the oncoming oppressive sword wind, Houri’s expression was extremely calm. His toes abruptly hit the ground, and his body moved to the side at the fastest speed.


The sharp wind brushed Houri’s body, letting the sound of breaking wind linger in Houri’s ears so that the slash containing the strong force was completely avoided by Houri.

At this moment, Houri’s mystic eyes did not look at Konochi Kurusu but stared at the sharp katana.

Above the thin blade, crack-like Dead lines entangled there.

That is the ‘Death’ of this weapon.

“Right here!”

Houri held his dagger tightly, facing the Dead line on the katana blade, cut it down hard.

As long as the Dead line on the katana is cut, this weapon will be truly dead and cut off directly by Houri’s dagger.

Unfortunately, compared to the human body, the weapon in a high-speed swing is not only difficult to hit, but also much smaller than the human body, and the Dead line is much smaller than the human body. It is undoubtedly difficult to ‘kill’ it.

The evidence is that Konochi Kurusu was just instinctively raised it upwards, and the Dead line of Katana in his hands suddenly deviated from Houri’s goal.


Immediately, the dagger stabbed hard on the katana blade offset from the Dead line, arousing a sound like a bell.

“Is it really not that easy?” Houri has long speculated about this situation, but still can’t help being speechless.

“What? That’s the best you got?” Konochi Kurusu did not know why Houri did not attack him but directly attacked his weapon. But this did not prevent him from continuing to fight.

So Konochi Kurusu raised the katana in his hand, without any hesitation, waved his arm fast.

The sharp katana suddenly turned into a continuous strike like a wind wheel, creating a wave of afterimage in the air, and slash down severely against Houri’s whole body.

At this moment, Konochi Kurusu pushed his swordsmanship to the limit, the katana drew a mysterious trajectory directly in his hands, either straight or curved, covering Houri’s whole body like a storm shower.

Houri has no means to cope with such superb swordsmanship. He can only rely on mystic eyes to capture the Dead line on the katana, barely see through the track of the strike, and raised the dagger in his hand.


There a sound of collision and sparks flying.

Houri’s hand was numb once again from the shock of the powerful force, and his body retreats fast.

Clank Clank Clank-!

Konochi Kurusu didn’t give him time, his flurry of strikes did not stop and it struck from all directions. Houri can only block the furious strikes, evoking countless clash sounds that echoed in the air.

Under such circumstances, Houri who originally has less STR, has his hand weakened from the shock of Konochi Kurusu’s strike, while his body keeps retreating.

However, Houri’s expression has always been calm. Even if his arm started to hurt from the shock, the mystic eyes catching the katana Dead line that swing at fast speed began to ache, his expression did not shake at all.


Suddenly, Konochi Kurusu smacked his lips either from uneasiness or dislike.

Presumably, Konochi Kurusu also did not expect that his own attacks were actually blocked by Houri, right?

A wanderer without a martial arts foundation can saw through the strikes of bushi with superb swordsmanship, blocking each of his strike.

“Looks like his eyes are not just weird, but his eyesight is quite good.”

Konochi Kurusu thought so.

He got it half right.

Houri was able to see through Konochi Kurusu’s superb swordsmanship, thereby blocking his attack, by relying on his mystic eyes.

It’s just that Houri’s mystic eyes capture not the tangible weapons, but invisible Dead lines.
Although Houri missed the Dead line because of the katana’s speed, he had no problem seeing the Dead line.

As long as he can see the Dead line, Houri will know where Konochi Kurusu’s strike will come from.

By capturing the Dead line with death perception mystic eyes, Houri stopped the attack of Konochi Kurusu.


“This is the end!”

Konochi Kurusu grip the katana hard, poured all his strength and swing the most powerful strike toward Houri.

Ice blue mystic eyes successfully captured that strike.

However, from that whistling wind, Houri understood.

He couldn’t stop this blow.


As if confirming Houri’s idea, the extremely powerful strike fell on Houri’s dagger. Houri’s dagger was knocked away with the impact sound of steel and steel colliding with each other.

“It worked!”

Konochi Kurusu’s eyes were sharp, with a stride, he slashed through the air again, along with strong wind, slashed towards Houri’s body.

Houri suddenly raised his head, the mystic eyes glowed with dazzling light.

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