Illimitable Until Death v1c34


The dagger that was knocked away by Konochi Kurusu was spinning like a windmill at high speed in midair and whirling upward within the whistling sound.

Soon after, the tip of the dagger pierced the ceiling of the compartment, directly inlaid on it.


Against Houri who has lost his weapon, Konochi Kurusu’s eyes were sharp, and the katana in his hand along with the sound of cutting wind, like a bright arc, turning into a crescent-like slash, chopping down toward Houri’s body.

But precisely, Houri kept retreating that he had retreated to the wall and could no longer step back half a step.

In other words, Houri cannot escape this strike.

And all at once, a sound of exclamation sounded from all around.

Ikoma in particular watched this scene helplessly with his eyes almost opened to the fullest that they could pop out.

Konochi Kurusu did not show any reaction, his expression was indifferent and his eyes were fierce, the katana in his hand looked like thunder, relentlessly slash down toward Houri.

At this moment, Konochi Kurusu affirmed his victory.

However, just when Konochi Kurusu’s strike was about to fall on Houri, Houri’s figure suddenly tightened, and he jumped up directly into the air.


Along with ear piercing’s metal clashing sound, Konochi Kurusu’s winning strike fell on the wall Houri retreated to, sparking a strong spark and leaving a white trace.

This time, Konochi Kurusu let out a groan when his palm was numb from the shock of his own attack.

However, Konochi Kurusu still raised his head and looked up.

There, Houri jumped directly into the air and hung his body upside down, his feet fell on the ceiling of the compartment, and while hanging upside down, his ice blue mystic eyes swept towards Konochi Kurusu.


Konochi Kurusu felt cold all over his body, and a shadow of death rose in his heart.

At this time, Houri had reached out and held the dagger in the side tightly.

Gravity finally began to work on Houri’s body, pulling Houri’s body down.

However, before that, Houri stepped heavily on the ceiling, and his whole body was like an arrow falling from the sky, shot toward Konochi Kurusu below. The dagger in his hand flashed colds light like a sharp fang.

“Too naive!”

Konochi Kurusu’s expression turned cold, immediately holding up the katana in his hand, to fend off an attack from above.

Unfortunately, Konochi Kurusu didn’t know that Houri clearly wanted him to defend like this.

“I should be able to cut it now?!”

Houri lifted the dagger in his hand to the sky, and the ice-blue of mystic eyes clearly saw the dead line on the katana blade in Konochi Kurusu’s hand that he used to block.

“Even if it is a weapon, if I can see ‘Death’ directly, I can kill it!”

Just as he spoke, Houri while falling down held the dagger in his hand and slice down fast.

This time, Houri hit the dead line of katana in Konochi Kurusu’s hand very smoothly.

As a result, the sharp dagger seemed to be submerged in a fragile paper, easily cut off the steel weapon.


Like a broken branch, the katana in Konochi Kurusu’s hands was cut cleanly.

“What?!” Konochi Kurusu was shocked.

At this moment, Houri had landed on the ground, leaned forward with one step, and his body squeezed into the arms of Konochi Kurusu, who had lost his weapon.

Konochi Kurusu’s complexion changed drastically.

However, it is too late to react at this time.

The cold touch hit Konochi Kurusu’s nerve.

The dagger flashing cold lights clung to Konochi Kurusu’s throat tightly, piercing the skin slightly, causing Konochi Kurusu’s throat to seep a little blood.

Tick Tick…

The beads of blood ran down from the wound the dagger created, and slowly dropped on the ground.

Konochi Kurusu looked at the face close at hand, his eyes changed dramatically.


Houri pants slightly, his ice blue mystic eyes faded away, revealing a pair of dark pupils filled with tiredness.

The surrounding sound suddenly lost completely, showing a dead silence.

Everyone looked at the scene of Houri’s dagger on Konochi Kurusu’s throat and couldn’t say a word for a long time.

What a familiar scene.

Three days ago, at the martial gathering’s arena, Houri won by placing a dagger in front of Konochi Kurusu’s throat.

However, at that time, Houri outsmarted Konochi Kurusu rather than defeating him.

Houri won that victory at the cost of injury.

After three days, Houri once again won against Konochi Kurusu.

But this time, Houri won it fair and square.

So, everyone has nothing to say, only Ikoma had a look of surprise.

As a result, no one broke the silence on the scene for a long time.

In the end, the first to spoke was Houri.

Houri suddenly smiled at Konochi Kurusu who has an uncertain expression.

“So I won?”

The same scene of the arena competition three days ago.

The same lines at the end of the test.

Konochi Kurusu stared at Houri and closed his eyes after a while.

“You win…”

His word established Houri’s victory.

“Gained 5000 CP from completing B Rank Side Mission.”

When the sound of the system prompt in Houri’s mind, Konochi Kurusu had turned his back and walked towards the compartment exit.

“Kurusu,” Araka Kibito couldn’t help but ask. “Are you planning to stay out?”

Konochi Kurusu stopped and said without looking back. “This is my agreement with him.”

Araka Kibito has nothing more to say.

However, the surrounding bushis started to make noises.

“But Kurusu, that guy is with the two monsters!”

“If we let them go, who knows if they will turn everyone on Iron Fortress into Kabane?!”

“We will all die by then!”

Bushi’s voice made Konochi Kurusu suddenly open his eyes and look around.

His eyes are sharp like a knife.

The bushi’s voice came to an abrupt end.

In such cases, Konochi Kurusu said coldly.

“I’m a bushi, don’t let me give up even the most basic dignity of bushi.”

The bushi are speechless.

“Bu-but they are Kabane!”

Only a few remain still struggling to argue.

Konochi Kurusu said blankly. “I have promised not to step in. The rest has nothing to do with me.”

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