Illimitable Until Death v1c35

Konochi Kurusu’s words make the eyes of the surrounding bushi suddenly became dangerous again.

Obviously, most people still have a fear of Mumei and Ikoma and are reluctant to travel together with them.

Houri has always been on the side of Mumei and Ikoma and has long been regarded as an enemy by the bushi.

Therefore, with the exception of Konochi Kurusu and Araka Kibito, bushi slowly raised their gun one by one.

“Dammit…” Ikoma gritted his teeth and looked at Houri with full of hesitation.

Seeing that the situation had become irreparable again, Ikoma no longer wanted to affect Houri anymore.

So, the only thing Ikoma wants to do now is to let Houri go over there so he’ll stop fighting the bushi for them.

That way, Houri can at least survive.

Unfortunately, Ikoma doesn’t know that for Houri, living is definitely not the most important thing.

He’s not afraid of death, then being alive is not that important to him.

But even so, that doesn’t mean Houri is unwilling to live.

So, looking at the bushi who slowly raised their guns, Houri thought silently in his heart.

“It’s almost time for the condition that turn this around.”

The match between Houri and Konochi Kurusu was triggered to become a Side Mission.

This Side Mission reminded that only if it fails, will Houri be shot and killed by bushi.

In other words, by space judgment, once Houri wins, there should be an event that changes this result.

It turns out that Houri’s conjecture is correct.

Just as the bushi were about to shoot Houri and others, a voice suddenly sounded.

“Stop it!”

The sweet, crisp voice suddenly caught everyone’s attention.

A second later, everyone saw it.

Through the front compartment door, Yomogawa Ayame came with two followers and walked in through the door.


The group of bushi was all shocked.


Konochi Kurusu and Araka Kibito were just as surprised, and approached in a hurry to protect Yomogawa Ayame.

“Ayame-sama, how did you get here?” Konochi Kurusu’s expression was extremely serious, and he said to Yomogawa Ayame. “It’s too dangerous here, please go back!”

Although the confrontation with Houri ended with the defeat of Konochi Kurusu, which made Konochi Kurusu decide not to intervene in this matter. But anyway, there are two existences that are not human, with Yomogawa Ayame’s presence here, it couldn’t be ruled out the possibility of encountering danger.

Yomogawa Ayame naturally understood this but shook her head.

“Sorry, Kurusu, let me be the referee this time.”

Yomogawa Ayame looked at Houri, her pretty face has no playfulness like a few days ago, with only a sense of mission remains.

A sense of mission as the only survivor of Yomogawa clan.

“Aragane station has fallen, and the news of my father’s death has been confirmed. Now, the only people in the Yomogawa clan are me. For the people in this Iron Fortress, I will take the responsibility of the manager.”

Yomogawa Ayame’s expression was a little sad, but she kept her eyes on Houri, saying. “Houri-san, personally, I’m willing to believe that you are not harmful. But for the people on Iron Fortress, I must ensure that you are all harmless.”

“…I know.” Houri greeted Yomogawa Ayame’s gaze and asked directly. “What do you want to do?”.

Yomogawa Ayame didn’t answer immediately, but glanced at the unsettled Ikoma, and looked at Mumei, who was asleep against the wall. She devised a plan after a while.

Immediately, Yomogawa Ayame said.

“I can let you guys stay on Iron Fortress.”

Her words brightened Ikoma’s eyes and raised the corner of Houri’s mouth.

The bushi were anxious.

“No! Ayame-sama!”

“Can’t let those two monsters stay on Iron Fortress!”

“That’s too dangerous!”

Bushis dissuasion made Yomogawa Ayame couldn’t bear to say. “All three have fought with Kabane. Without them, we would probably not have escaped. You guys want to disregard this good deed?”

The bushi was suddenly speechless.

This matter, the bushi personally saw Houri group activities very clearly.

“But they are not human after all, and they are likely to harm us…”

Anyway, the bushis have brought the problem back to this most fundamental source.

In short, it’s a matter of security.

Fear of death.

Fear of monsters.

Fear of the future.

Fear of the status quo.

All kinds of fears have obliterated the ambitions of these bushis.

In Ikoma’s case…

“It’s all coward…” Ikoma whispered.

Fortunately, this sentence was not heard by the bushis.

Otherwise, these bushi’s reactions will become more intense, right?

Houri watched as the whole atmosphere as a result of Yomogawa Ayame’s appearance become somewhat eased, immediately make use of the opportunity.

“You guys are worried that Mumei and Ikoma will attack, right?” Houri then said. “In that case, let me watch over them.”

“You are going to watch over them?” Yomogawa Ayame’s group all turned their eyes to Houri, with a stunned expression.

“On Iron Fortress, Mumei and Ikoma will only stay in this last compartment and will not enter the front compartment.” Houri looked at Yomogawa Ayame and said. “I will stay here and watch over them. I will stop them if they intend to enter the front compartment, so you guys can rest assured?”

Konochi Kurusu and Araka Kibito frowned.

The bushis were obviously reluctant to trust Houri, and they still dissuade Yomogawa Ayame.

However, Yomogawa Ayame agreed with Houri’s proposal.

“I see. I’ll lend you guys this compartment.” Yomogawa Ayame said to Houri. “I hope you guys will comply with the agreement.”

So Houri’s group stayed on Iron Fortress smoothly.

In this way, Iron Fortress slowly exited Aragane station and escaped smoothly.

At this moment, the sound of the system prompt echoed back into Houri’s mind.

“No.11273 completes all Main Missions. You can choose to return to the MainGod space at any time, or you can choose to stay in the Transcript world.”

“If you choose to return, task evaluation will be conducted and you will receive the rewards.”

“If you choose to stay, you can stay in Transcript world for three more days.”

Without much hesitation, Houri chose to stay.

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