Illimitable Until Death v1c36

The sky gradually began to brighten.

This night is very long for people at Aragane station.

The place where they used to live is gone.

Some of the family members died, and some of them became Kabane directly and will not return.

Even Yomogawa Ayame endure the sadness of losing her families, ushered in the end of this long night.

Therefore, for those who are still alive on Iron Fortress, today’s sunlight is extremely dazzling and feels like a long time.

People say that a new day is the same as a new beginning.

This sentence really fit the people of Aragane station.

It was equivalent to a new beginning for those that have escaped alive today.

Because not only do they need to find new places to live, they also have to think about their future lives.

The only thing that remains unchanged is probably the Hayajiro -Iron Fortress, which is made of steel.

Loaded with residents of the Aragane station, Iron Fortress was still driving on the railway, with the sound of a whistle, moving on.


Mumei woke up in the little harsh sunlight that shone down.

Opening her blurry sleepy eyes, and yawned in muddle-headedness, Mumei stretched out her waist comfortably.

“That was a good rest.”

Mumei’s energy was fully restored after a night of rest.

Then Mumei noticed her surroundings.

Under the sun’s rays outside the window, the entire compartment was in a fairly bright state.

The steam boilers are playing their role.

The sound of the train moving in a rumble.

In this compartment where the color of steel was everywhere, Mumei noticed two other breaths beside herself.

The first is the opposite boy.

Mumei didn’t remember his name, just knew that the other party was a Kabaneri like her.

Now this same kind as her, fell asleep leaning against the wall, seems to be more tired than her.

In fact, taking everything into account, the other person must be more tired than her, right?

For the other party, the station was occupied in one night, and he was no longer human and was rejected by the people around him. In addition, he seemed to have an inexplicable sense of justice, he must have a mental breakdown.

The other person present was asleep on the door to the front compartment.

Mumei is quite interested in this person.

He’s obviously not Kabaneri and just an ordinary human, but can kill Kabane with an ordinary dagger.

What is even more incredible is that Mumei, who is good at various combat techniques, can see that this man is just a layman in combat, but has a superb killing technique.

In summary, he knows how to kill the opponent, but does not know how to defeat the opponent.

Moreover, from him, Mumei also felt an unusual throbbing sensation.

That throbbing sensation is simply telling Mumei…

“Can’t look down on him, otherwise I will be killed…”

This is one of the reasons why Mumei is interested in this person.

Clearly looking so weak, but always making her feel very dangerous, how can this not make her curious?

“This is my first time meeting someone like this…”

Saying this, Mumei just wanted to stand up but felt dizzy in her head, and her body was a little weak.

“Ah…” Mumei immediately understood her condition.




Careful calculation, since yesterday, Mumei has not eaten until now.

“No, I can’t hold on anymore…”

Mumei’s pair of amber eyes gradually became dark red.

Immediately, Mumei set her sights ahead.

Cast her sights at the human who made her curious.

Then Mumei walks slowly.

Houri is actually more tired than Mumei and Ikoma.

Mumei’s fatigue comes from her own constitution, which is force majeure, but she does not consume much energy.

Ikoma’s fatigue comes from the impact of mental, the destruction of his home, and the change in the form of existence, making him exhausted and tired.

As for Houri, it is simply too much physical exertion.

Since the fall of Aragane station, Houri has basically not rested much and has experienced many battles, even fighting to the death.

Slaughtering hundreds of Kabane until hands go limp with exhaustion, this consumed much of his energy.

After that, Houri confronted the bushi of Aragane station in order to protect Mumei and Ikoma and confronted Konochi Kurusu, who was above his strength. It could be said that he was tired to the bone.

However, the gains are certainly gratifying.

Not only is the Main Mission complete, but he can also return to space at any time to get the rewards. He even earned an amazing number of 29,700 CP, almost 30,000 CPs. It can be said that he was fully loaded.

According to the guide information given by MainGod space, MainGod envoy will have additional privileges when experiencing the first Transcript world, which is reflected in the earning of CP.

Like Houri, killing a Kabane will give him 100 CP. This treatment will not be available after the first Transcript world.

This made Houri rejoices.

Fortunately, he was given the Innate skill of death perception mystic eyes.

For Houri to earn CP by killing Kabane without Death perception mystic eyes, he can only honestly suck on Ikoma, the protagonist of the original work, and hope to god that he will make him Tsuranuki Zutsu and supply him with the jet bomb, so he can earn CP by killing Kabane.

Of course, even if he has the means to kill Kabane, he still has to fight to really kill Kabane.

This level is very difficult for newcomers to the MainGod space.

After all, having a gun doesn’t mean one can use them. Even aiming was a problem, let alone the other factors.

Houri was born with a personality defect, no fear of death, no fear of getting injured from fighting, not shy on taking risk, no fear of consequences. Coupled with sensitivity to ‘Death’ that is different from ordinary people, and his self-taught killing method, he can easily passed this hurdle.

Therefore, the harvest of Houri is so gratifying.

For another newcomer, completing all the Main Missions in the first Transcript world is already a very good result.

And with such gains, that Houri has to pay a lot for the hard work. He immediately fell asleep after everything is over.

While in a drowsy state, Houri still perceives it.

Someone is approaching him.

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