Illimitable Until Death v1c37

Some people actually feel insecure when they are sleeping, so they lock the door and will not go into a deep sleep in unfamiliar places. Even if they fall asleep, they will immediately notice if someone approaches them.

Houri is such a person.

Therefore, when Houri noticed that someone was approaching him, his consciousness suddenly became clear.

Immediately, Houri opened his eyes slowly.

Houri’s expression shook when he opened his eyes.

This can’t be helped.

Anyone will be scared when they just wake up and suddenly find a face in front of themselves.

It was more so if this face is unusually cute.

As soon as Houri opened his eyes, a cute face as refined as a doll appeared in front of him.

It was so close that they can feel each other’s breathing.


Houri was seriously frightened by the sudden event.

Mumei didn’t know when she came to Houri, crouching down and staring at Houri’s frightened face, an innocent smile gradually appeared on her face.

Dark red eyes flashed with strange colors.

Carrying a devilish temperament.

Under such circumstances, Mumei opened her red lips and said.

“Hey, can you give me some blood?”

This sentence made Houri’s heart tighten suddenly and calm down extremely quickly.

This feeling was like being thrown into the refrigerator then being poured with cold water.

Moreover, Houri is certain that whoever hears Mumei in this situation will feel like Houri.

After all, an existence between humans and Kabane spoke to himself.

Want a little blood.

“You…” Houri frowned while looking at Mumei.

“I want your blood.” Mumei did not avoid Houri’s sight, looking directly at Houri, the childish and lovely face still had its innocence, the tone seemed so taken for granted.

“I’m hungry. I won’t be able to hold it if I don’t drink it.”

Doesn’t need to guess what Mumei wants to drink.


Mumei wants to drink blood.

Because she was hungry.

Only then did Houri remember an important thing.

Being between human and Kabane, Kabaneri needs to eat to survive.

However, perhaps because the body other than the head has completely become Kabane. Kabaneri eats not human food, but Kabane’s food, which is blood.

Kabaneri needs blood to survive.

If they don’t suck blood in time, Kabaneri will lose their humanity and become Kabane after a period of time.

So as Mumei said, she will not be able to hold it if she doesn’t drink it.

Realizing this, Houri’s frowns gradually subsided and looked at Mumei with dark red eyes, sighing.

Immediately after, Houri pulled out a dagger.


The sharp dagger slashed through Houri’s wrist, leaving Houri’s hand with an open wound.

Blood spilled from the wound.

Mumei’s eyes could no longer move away from the blood flowing from Houri’s hand.

A moment later, without the need for Houri’s urging at all, Mumei took Houri’s arm and move her small lips closer.

Gulp gulp…

The swallowing sound rang softly within the compartment.

It was the sound of Mumei drinking Houri’s blood.

Mumei hugged Houri’s arm tightly with her mouth sucking fresh blood, and her throat kept gulping, allowing Houri’s blood to flow into her body.

Maybe because Houri was too rough on himself and cut the wound too much, or because Mumei sucked a bit harder, dark red blood flowed from the corner of her mouth and stained the ground.

Houri felt the softness of Mumei’s body who holding him tightly, and the lips clinging to the wounds of his arms were allowed to suck on his skin, making him felt a little itchy, covering the pain caused by the wounds.

“This…” Houri was speechless for a moment.

Is this girl intentional?

Is she trying to seduce him?

She wasn’t afraid that he can’t hold it and become a wolf?

Well, there’s no need for her to be afraid.

After all, simply by relying on strength, ten Houri wouldn’t be enough to fight one Mumei.

“What a sin…” Houri can only endure the itching in his heart, lamenting in his heart.

But for third parties, this scene is not very amusing.

Then, the next moment, a sound of shock and anger was heard.

“You… what are you doing ?!”

The voice owner is naturally Ikoma.

Don’t know since when he woke up, watching Mumei holding Houri’s hand to suck blood, the expression on his face was both shocked and angry.

Ikoma was dubious about Kabaneri’s existence. It wasn’t even clear why he became such an existence.

Naturally, Ikoma also didn’t know that Kabaneri didn’t need to eat human food, but needed to drink blood.

As a result, Ikoma naturally misunderstood the scene of Mumei sipping Houri’s blood.

“What Kabaneri! You are just Kabane! Let him go quickly!”

Shouting like this, Ikoma rushed straight towards them.

“Wai…” Houri said in a hurry.

Unfortunately, before he could finish his words, Mumei moved first.

Without even turning her head, Mumei seemed to be able to see Ikoma coming from behind, her hand suddenly swung backward like a hammer.


With a muffled sound, Ikoma who rushed forward was hit in the face by Mumei, and his whole body fell heavily on the ground.

Such pitiful sight, Houri’s whole body trembles like he was experiencing the same thing, he couldn’t help but turn away.

Mumei stopped and released Houri’s hand, wiped the blood off the corner of her mouth, and put it in her mouth to lick clean.

Looking at Ikoma lying on the ground, covering his nose while rolling, Mumei said with dissatisfaction. “What are you doing?”

“What am I doing?” Ikoma covered his redden nose, glaring at Mumei. “This is what I want to say?!”

“What?” Mumei’s tilted her head, whispering for unknown reasons. “You are really weird.”

“The weird one is you!” Ikoma stared at Mumei and asked. “What were you doing?”

“Still need to ask?” Mumei answered without any hesitation.

“Of course sucking blood.”

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