Illimitable Until Death v1c38

Mumei didn’t know at all how easily she could be misunderstood by uninformed people.

No, even informed people know that Mumei needs blood to survive, I’m afraid they won’t understand, and realize that humans and Kabaneri are not the same.

Under such circumstances, people will subconsciously fear Mumei and Ikoma.

Therefore, it is definitely very difficult for Mumei and Ikoma to gain the trust of others.

By the same token, Ikoma who has not yet fully accepted the fact that his form of existence has changed, cannot understand Mumei’s blood-sucking behavior.

As a result, Ikoma’s expression looking at Mumei was very grim.

Instead, it was Mumei, who seemed unable to understand Ikoma’s inner thoughts at all, and still took it for granted. “You’d better suck some, or you won’t be able to hold it anytime soon?”

Hearing this, Ikoma said almost without even thinking. “I will never suck blood!”

“Is it?” Mumei glanced at Ikoma and said casually. “But, if Kabaneri does not suck blood for a certain period of time, not only will they lose their strength, but they will gradually become Kabane?”

“Wh-what ?!” Ikoma was suddenly hit hard.

Looking at Ikoma’s dull expression, Houri sighed and said. “Ikoma, you better discard your naive thoughts quickly and recognize the reality.”

Saying this, Houri watched Ikoma closely, emphasized every word. “After all, you are no longer human.”

Ikoma’s expression changed dramatically.

In the end, Ikoma bowed his head in a decadent manner, and could only keep quiet.

A heavy atmosphere pervades the surroundings.

Mumei didn’t seem to feel anything and continued to lick her fingers covered with Houri’s blood, looking like a cute shoujo licking sweet honey.

Unfortunately, Mumei didn’t lick honey, but blood. Making this shoujo’s cuteness adds a lot of evilness and bloodiness.

Houri also allowed the heavy atmosphere to permeate the air, watching the silence Ikoma. He no longer talks, but only takes out the potion bottle, water bottle, and biscuits packet from his leg bag.

Then, Houri first dumped half of the medicine in the medicine bottle on the wound on his arm.


The sound of burning iron being pressed into the skin was heard.

It was the sound of smoke from the wound on Houri’s arm.

After pouring out half of the Wound Recovery Medicine medicinal solution, the wound on Houri’s arm absorbed the medicinal solution directly, emitting steam-like smoke, and quickly healed at a rate visible to the naked eye.

It didn’t take long for the wound on Houri’s arm to completely disappear.

Mumei saw this were stunned.

Ikoma saw this also stayed in a daze.

Ignoring the stunned companions around him, Houri put back the remaining quarter of the Wound Recovery Medicine in the leg bag. He then opened the cap of the Water Bottle and unwrapped the energy compression biscuit, drank the water while eating the biscuit.

Houri has not eaten since following Mumei last night.

Houri had enough rest after such a fierce battle and fight, but his stomach is rumbling with hunger.

Now that Aragane station has fallen, the food and water loaded on Iron Fortress must be limited, and it is not easy to feed a large number of people.

With food and water being so tight, people will certainly not be willing to provide it to Houri’s group.

Fortunately, Houri traded food and water just in case before starting his Transcript world trip.

Water Bottle can hold ten liters of water, which is enough for Houri to use.

There are ten energy-compressed biscuits. One can provide nutrition to the user for one day so that Houri does not need to worry about food problems for ten days.

Besides, Mumei and Ikoma are not human and do not need human food. Of course, Houri does not need to beg others to give them some food and water.

After eating a biscuit and drank a few sips of water, his stomach finally became warmer and his body gradually became stronger. Houri put the biscuit and water bottle back into his leg bag and looked back at Mumei and Ikoma.

Houri then saw two stunned Kabaneri.

“Eh…” Houri said somewhat speechless. “What’s with that expression?”

Mumei and Ikoma stared at each other, and then looked at Houri full of curiosity, they are looking at Houri like a monster that was even more incredible than themselves.

“… It scared me.” Mumei said directly. “It’s my first time seeing a human being more resilient than Kabaneri.”

Kabaneri has almost the same physical characteristics as Kabane except for Kabane’s physical capabilities.

For example, they need to live on blood.

For example, the heart glows and becomes a weak point, but it was protected by a steel-like film.

Another example is strong resilience.

Like Houri’s injuries, humans need at least a few days to get it healed completely, but Kabaneri can heal it in minutes.

However, Houri just healed that kind of wound in an instant.

“Is it because of the bottle of medicine just now?” Ikoma murmured in astonishment. “What’s that? Why I never heard of it?”

“Hey,” Mumei said directly towards Houri. “Let me see…”

Mumei’s expression suddenly changed before she finished speaking.

Ikoma frowned from this and asked. “What happened to you?”

Mumei ignored Ikoma, but like being sure of something, her expression turned serious.

“Hey! What the hell are you doing?” Ikoma raised his voice. “Don’t you want to suck blood again…”

“Kabane!” Mumei interrupted Ikoma, speaking to herself. “Kabane’s breath ahead!”

Just after she spoke, Mumei rushed immediately to the front compartment door, stretch out her hand, and wanted to open the door.

But right at this moment, someone held Mumei’s shoulder with one hand.

Mumei slightly startled, turned her head and looked at her side.

There, Houri held Mumei’s shoulder tightly and looked at Mumei’s face, saying this.

“You can’t go out.”

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