Illimitable Until Death v1c39

“You can’t go out.”

When this sentence coming out of Houri’s mouth and passed into Mumei’s ear, Mumei was somewhat surprised.

Almost instinctively, Mumei asked out loud.


“I promise them,” Houri said bluntly. “As a condition for you guys to stay on Iron Fortress, you guys must stay in this last section of the compartment and are not allowed to go anywhere.”

“… Is it?” The surprise on Mumei’s face gradually disappeared, said. “But I have to, don’t stop me.”

Saying this, Mumei twisted her shoulders with force, freeing herself from Houri’s hand, continued to stretch out her hand, and held the doorknob of the compartment door.

However, Mumei stopped a moment later.

Because, the hand that was still holding Mumei’s shoulder a second ago, has now held a sharp dagger in a reverse grip, stretched out from behind Mumei, and put in front of her neck.

At the same time, a cold feeling rose in Mumei’s heart.

Mumei was familiar with this feeling.

Mumei has felt on Houri’s body more than once before.

This feeling will only send a message to Mumei.

That is -danger.

“I said, you can’t.”

Standing behind Mumei while reverse grips the dagger back and holding the dagger’s sharp blade in front of Mumei’s neck, Houri’s pair of dark eyes have turned into ice blue mystic eyes.

In Houri’s eyes, crack-like dead lines began to emerge.

Especially Mumei’s petite body, this dead line was imprinted everywhere and spread to Mumei’s heart.

As a matter of course, Mumei also has a dead line above her neck.

No matter what kind of creature, cut its head along the neck, then, only a special existence with undying nature can survive.

Mumei does not fall into this particular category.

Just cut off her head and this lovely shoujo will die immediately.

Therefore, as long as Houri exerts some force, the unusually cute shoujo in front of him will say goodbye to the world.

Ikoma has been completely overwhelmed by this sudden development.

On the contrary, even if Mumei felt extreme danger in her heart, there was still no trace of fear on her childish face or even any expression.

However, Mumei still said.

“Kabane is in this Hayajiro.” Mumei said without looking back. “There must be Kabane mixed in.”

“Is it?” Houri’s expression did not loosen even a bit, and ice blue mystic eyes looked at Mumei’s back, said. “But what does that have to do with you?”

“What does this has to do with me?” Mumei frowned and said. “Since Kabane has appeared, it should be defeated.”

In other words, Mumei wanted to rush into the front compartment just to defeat Kabane, not because she was worried about the lives and deaths of the Aragane station people inside the Iron Fortress.

“You acted just to defeat Kabane, isn’t it?” Houri closed his eyes.

Anyone will know what kind of turmoil and consequences Mumei will cause after she rushed into the front compartment.

At that time, the tense atmosphere that has been eased will be completely disrupted, which will only make Mumei and Ikoma’s position worse.

Of course, this is not the most important issue.

The most important issue is that Houri, who is familiar with the original work, knows what happened to Kabane’s breath that Mumei just felt.

So, Houri knows that even if Mumei rushes into the front compartment, that so-called Kabane can’t be found, it will only make the bushi of the Yomogawa clan find an excuse to shoot them.

Houri naturally will not let Mumei do such unnecessary behavior.

“Frankly speaking, I can actually leave at any time and leave you guys alone. I stayed just to return the favors.”

Houri’s expression looked very calm, said. “If you feel it’s unnecessary, I’ll take it as the debts I owe you guys have been paid off. But I must tell you that in the current situation, only I can provide you with blood. I won’t stop you if you want to become Kabane.”

After speaking, Houri reopened his eyes, but his death perception mystic eyes had been closed by him and had turned back to a dark color.

Immediately, Houri pulled his dagger out of Mumei’s neck, turned around, leaned directly against the wall, and then sat down.

Mumei’s frowned even more, and just like she didn’t want to think about such complicated issues anymore, once again reached out to the doorknob.

But this time, Mumei suddenly found.

Kabane’s breath she feels before had suddenly disappeared.

“Eh?” Mumei was stupified.

Clearly seeing this, Houri smiled subtly, then closed his eyes and made a sleeping sound.

Mumei turned around and just happened to see it.

Immediately, Mumei said with dissatisfaction. “Did you already know that this would happen, so you stopped me?”

Mumei’s questioning did not welcome any answer.

Houri, who was leaning against the wall, just breathed evenly, like have fallen asleep already.

This made Mumei feel a little bit itchy.

But this time, Ikoma can’t understand the situation asked. “What just happened?”

Mumei glared at Ikoma immediately, making Ikoma scared, and took a few steps back.

This seemingly young shoujo is extremely violent, he will get beaten black and blue once she is unhappy.

So Ikoma didn’t want to be a punching bag.

“Hmph.” Mumei snorted, ignoring Ikoma again, she also returned to the wall side, leaned against the wall, closed her eyes, and began to fall asleep.

Only Ikoma was left, watching Houri and Mumei, who were sitting opposite each other and sleeping against the wall, looking all confused.

Time passed quietly.

Iron Fortress is still traveling along the railway at a high speed, advancing forward that seemingly had no end.

In Iron Fortress’s last section of the compartment, Houri’s group occupies each corner respectively as they did at the beginning, slept against the wall, and never talked to each other again.

In this case, the sun outside the car gradually fell to the west, and everyone welcomed the evening.

At one moment, the three people in the compartment opened their eyes at the same time.

Ikoma looked in the direction of the door and whispered. “Somebody is coming.”

The sound of footsteps gradually became clear.

After a while, a pleasant voice sounded outside the door.


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